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Perceived Organizational Support, Stress Coping Behaviors and Mediating Role of Psychological Capital: Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers

, B., 2001. Stress et Adaptation Chez L’Enfant . Quebec: Presses de l’Universite du Quebec. Eisenberger, R., Armeli, S., Rexwinkel, B., Lynch, P. D., and Rhoades, L., 2001. Reciprocation of perceived organizational support. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 86 (1), 42-51. doi: Eisenberger, R., Cummings, J., Armeli, S., and Lynch, P., 1997. Perceived organizational support, discretionary treatment, and job satisfaction. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 82 (5), 812-820. doi:

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Job Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior: A Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment

Literature Ababneh, K. I., & Hackett, R. D. (2019). The direct and indirect impacts of job characteristics on faculty organizational citizenship behavior in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Higher Education, 77 (1), 19-36. Afsar, B., Shahjehan, A., Cheema, S., & Javed, F. (2018). The Effect of perceiving a calling on Pakistani nurses’ organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior, and job Stress. Journal of Transcultural Nursing , 29(6), 540-547.

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Occupational Stress, Symptoms of Burnout in the Workplace and Work Satisfaction of the Age-diverse Employees

References Adams, G. A., DeArmond, S., Jex, S. M., Webster, J. R. (2013). Older Workers, Occupational Stress and Safety. Retrieved from (Accessed 7.1.2019). Ahola, K., Honkonen, T., Virtanen, M., Aromaa, A., Lönnqvist, J. (2008).Burnout in Relation to Age in the Adult Working Population. Journal of Occupational Health , 50 (4), 362-365, Campanelli, L. (1990). The Ageing Workforce: Implications for Organisations

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Relationship Between the Intensity of the Internal and External Locus of Control and Relation to the Property of the Subjects

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Burnout of Older and Younger Employees – The Case of Slovenia

). Burnout, Perceived Stress, and Cortisol Responses to Awakening. Psychosomatic medicine, 61 (2), 197-204, Rumbles, S., & Rees G. (2013). Continuous Changes, Organizational Burnout and the Implications for HRD. Industrial and Commercial Training, 45 (4), pp. 236-242, Shirom, A. (1989). Burnout in Work Organizations. International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York: Wiley, Suner-Soler, R., Grau-Martína, A

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The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Work Engagement

. International Journal of Human Re-source Management, Vol. 8(3), pp.263-276. [7] Hobfoll, S.E., 1989. Conservation of Resources: A New Attempt at Conceptualizing Stress. American Psychologist, 44, pp.513-524. [8] Karatepe, O.M., 2013. High-Performance Work Practices and Hotel Employee Performance: The Mediation of Work Engagement. International Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 32 March, pp.132-140. [9] London, H., Higgot, K., 1997. An Employee Reward and Recognition. The TQM Maga

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Perspective Taking in Workplaces

psychology. Work and Stress , 22 , 187-200. Bass, B. M. (1997). Does the transactional transformational leadership paradigm transcend organizational and national boundaries? American Psychologist, 52 , 130–39. Bateman, T. S., Organ, D. W. (1983). Job satisfaction and the good soldier: The relationship between affect and employee citizenship . Academy of Management Journal, 26 , 587-595. Brief, A. P., Motowidlo, S. J. (1986). Prosocial organizational behaviors. Academy of Management Review, 11 , 710-725. Cannon-Bowers, J., Salas E., Converse S. (1993). Shared

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Investigation Influence of Store Type on Emotional State of Consumer in the Urban Purchase

Intervening Effect of Price Fairness and Perceived Affect. Journal of Business Research , 56(7), pp.541-551. [8] Baevsky R.M., 1984. Mathematical Analysis of Changes in Heart Rate During Stress . Moscow: Nauka. [9] Baevsky, R.M., Ivanov, G.G., Chirejkin L.V., etc., 2001. Analysis of Heart Rate Variability with use Various Electrocar Diographical Systems (Methodical Recommendations). The Bulletin of Arrhythmology , 24, pp.65-85. [10] Bakker, J., Pechenizkiy, M., Sidorova, N., 2011. What's Your Current Stress Level? Detection of Stress Patterns from GSR

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Psychological Empowerment, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Among Lecturers in Higher Education: Comparison of Six CEE Countries

-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 114, 154-158, Avolio, B. J., Zhu, W., Koh, W., & Bhatia, P. (2004). Transformational leadership and organizational commitment: Mediating role of psychological empowerment and moderating role of structural distance. Journal of organizational behavior, 25(8), 951-968, Avram, E., Ionescu, D., & Mincu, C. L. (2015). Perceived safety climate and organizational trust: the mediator role of job satisfaction. Procedia-Social and Behavioral

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Counterproductive Work Behaviors: a Socio-Demographic Characteristic-Based Study among Employees in the Nigerian Maritime Sector

? Journal of Vocational Behaviour 68(3): 446–460. Struwig, F. W.; Stead, G. B. (2001). Planning, designing and reporting research . Cape Town: Pearson. Uchenna, C. O. (2013). Counterproductive work behaviour among employees in emotionally demanding jobs: the roles of perceived organisational support, job burnout, and age. Nigerian Journal of Applied Behavioural Sciences 1: 105–114. Vardi, Y.; Weitz, E. (2004). Misbehaviour in organisations: theory, research, and management . NJ: London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Vigoda, E. (2002). Stress

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