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Czech pension reform: how to reconcile equivalence with fiscal discipline

:// Holub, M. (2010). Rozhodnutí Ústavního soudu nemusí nutně znamenat dramatický zásah do důchodového systému. [Decision of the Constitutional Court need not signify a dramatic intervention into the pension system.]. FÓRUM sociální politiky [FORUM of Social Policy], 4, pp. 16-20. Holub, M. (2010). Solidarita versus ekvivalence v českém důchodovém pojištění pohledem Ústavního soudu. [Solidarity versus equivalence in the Czech pension insurance from the perspective of the Constitutional Court.]. FÓRUM sociální politiky [FORUM of

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Mandatory Pension System and Redistribution: The Comparative Analysis of Institutions in Baltic States

’s grammar. Political Research Quarterly , 63 (3), 523–537. Casey, B. H. (2004). Pension Reform in the Baltic States: Convergence with ‘Europe’ or with’ the World’? International Social Security Review, 57 (1), 19-45. Cerami, A. (2011). Ageing and the politics of pension reforms in Central Europe, South-Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. International Journal of Social Welfare, 20 (4), 331-343. Clement, F., & Amezaga, J. M. (2009). Afforestation and forestry land allocation in northern Vietnam: analysing the gap between policy intentions and

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Contemporary Citizenship: Four Types

information network and their connections with the market are no longer mediated by trade unions or artisans associations, because their working lives are likely to be based on casual and shortterm employment in global corporations. ‘Facebook’ becomes society for the isolated consumer. However, while they enjoy low personal taxation and easy credit, their wages from casual employment are often insufficient to provide for long-term benefits such as pension. With the financialisation of capitalism and the spread of advanced consumerism, the consumer-citizenship is often

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Laboratory Experiments in Teaching Public Economics and Policy

classroom experiments: A symposium. Southern Economic Journal, 603-610. Holt, C. A., & McDaniel, T. (1996). Experimental economics in the classroom. Retrieved from Jahoda, R., & Špalek, J. (2009). Pension Reform through Voluntary Opt-Out: The Czech Case. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 59(4), 309−333. Ledyard, J. (1995). Public Goods: A Survey of Experimental Research. In Roth, A. E., & Kagel, J. h. (1995). The handbook of experimental economics (Vol. 1). Princeton

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A Review of Family Demographics and Family Policies in the Nordic Countries

(Ed.), Gender and Welfare State Regimes (pp. 75-114). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Skevik, A., 2001. Family ideology and social policy: policies towards lone parents in Norway and the UK . Oslo: NOVA, report no. 7 Skevik, A., 2004. Family economy workers or caring mothers? Male breadwinning and widows’ pensions in Norway and the UK. Feminist Economics, 10 (2), 91-113. Skevik, A., 2006a. ‘Absent fathers’ or ‘reorganized families’? Variations in father-child contact after parental break-up in Norway. Sociological Review, 54 (1), 114

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The quantitative and qualitative analysis of public administration reforms in post-communist countries

Administration, Public Performance & Management Review, 37(4), pp.577-604. Peters, B.G. (Ed.), 2008. Mixes, Matches and Mistakes: New Public Management in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics. Open Society Institute, Budapest. Pollitt, C. and Bouckaert, G., 2011. Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis - New Public Management, Governance, and the Neo-Weberian State. 3rd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Potůček, M. and Rudolfová, V., 2016. Rivalry of Advocacy Coalitions in the Czech Pension Reform, The NISPAcee

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