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The Principle of Proportionality and Its Implementation in Lithuanian Administrative Law

Lithuania, 2001, no. 11/2000. Ruling on State Social Insurance Pensions. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania, 2002, no. 41/2000. The Consultation of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania. The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, Practice of Administrative Courts, 2001, no. 2 // UAB Bitė v. The Communications Regulatory Authority. The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, 2004, no. P 1 -12

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Anonymization of Court Decisions: Are Restrictions on the Right to Information in “Accordance with the Law”?

.B. v. National Health Service Pensions Agency and Secretary of State for Health . The Court of Justice of the European Union, 2004, C-117/01. 5. Kruslin v. France . The European Court of Human Rights, 1990, no. 11801/85. 6. Law on Courts of the Republic of Lithuania . Official Gazette, 1994, no. 46-851. 7. P v. S and Cornwall County Council . The Court of Justice of the European Union, 1996, C-13/94. 8. Resolution No. 13P-378 On the Publishing of Judicial Decisions, Judgments, Rulings on the Internet . Judicial Council (September 9, 2005

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Ensuring Freedom of Labor in Ukraine in the Context of Labor Emigration

zahal’noobov”yazkove derzhavne pensiyne strakhuvannya (On Compulsory State Pension Insurance) . Zakon Ukrayiny vid 09.07.2003 No. 1058-IV. VVR, 2003, No. 49-51, St. 376 // . 8. Pro zatverdzhennya Litsenziynykh umov provadzhennya hospodars’koyi diyal’nosti z poserednytstva u pratsevlashtuvanni za kordonom (On Approval of Licensing Conditions for Conducting Business Activity on Mediation in the Employment of Abroad) . Postanova Kabinetu Ministriv Ukrayiny vid 16.12.2015 No. 1060 // http://zakon2.rada

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The rise of working pensioners: the Swedish case

1 Introduction This paper describes and analyzes the impact of taxes on the choices people make about working and collection of pension benefits. One rationale for the paper is the recent sharp increase in the number of employed older workers in Sweden. The paper emphasizes the increase of older workers who have both labor and pension income. A main aim of this paper is to explain how much financial incentives have had to do with this change. The evaluation proceeds from both natural experiments and structural models. One evaluation is based on the effect

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Scalia’s Legacy: Originalism and Change in the Law of Standing

federal statute that assigned naturalization duties to courts of record. For an account, see James E. Pfander & Theresa Wardon, Reclaiming the Immigration Constitution of the Early Republic: Prospectivity , Uniformity , and Transparency , 96 Va. L. Rev. 359, 394-95 & nn. 155-58 (2010) (describing naturalization practice in federal court under the 1790 act). Other examples abound. Thus, Congress provided for pension benefit claimants to file ex parte applications in the federal courts, called upon revenue officials to seek by ex parte petition a warrant to search

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Founding-Era Socialism: The Original Meaning of the Constitution’s Postal Clause

Excise officers. Subsidized newspapers, known as Pension Papers, were also circulated to meet the growing demand of gentry, innkeepers, and provincial editors. E LLIS , supra note 1, at 47-48. The postal system enabled officials to collect as well as distribute communications. By having the post send newspapers to them, officials could monitor activities throughout the country. Id . at 61; R OBINSON , supra note 1, at 120; J OYCE , supra note 1, at 7 (“[I]t is a fact beyond all question that the posts in their infancy were regarded and largely employed as an

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Fascism-lite in America (or The Social Ideal of Donald Trump)

Council Law No 22 (10 Apr. 1946) Works Councils, for (2) see Joint Trusteeship Bill of 1989 HR 2664 for pensions, and by analogy the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 §957 for brokers (which could be extended to all asset managers), and (3) by analogy see the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, which could be extended to education institutions, and add wealth as a protected trait. In these problems, it should not be thought the United States is alone. Movements similar to the ‘Trumped-up’ Republican Party have been spreading. The ‘United Kingdom Independence Party’ and the

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The U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clauses: How History, Behavioral Psychology, and the Framers’ Understanding of Corruption All Require an End to President Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

businesses, powerful players, and the people. Business has not taken over the state, nor vice versa; the two have merged in a union of total and seamless corruption . (emphasis added). For U.S. judicial system, however, this seamless union is probably not sufficient to recognize that Russian funds supplied to Trump outside the regular banking system were “emoluments” from the government of Russia or “instrumentalities” of Russia. Federal prosecutors in Brazil are in the middle of a sensitive criminal investigation into whether two pension funds that invested in the Trump

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A Historical Perspective on Administrative Jurisdiction in Latin America: Continental European Tradition versus U.S. Influence

heavily influenced by the European tradition than by the spirit of the laws of due process. In Latin America, the system of undivided jurisdiction prevails and its courts commonly make up for the absence of prior due process of law by means of broad judicial review in which those same guarantees are provided. See TRF2, AC 2003.51.03.002508-3, Fed. App. Reporting Judge Aluisio Mendes: [...] despite the fact that the judgement and now the decision appealed against acknowledged an irregularity in the administrative act which split [the deceased’s] pension to the benefit of

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Basic Income—an early Icelandic experiment

union members were not the big beneficiaries of tax-credit transfers. The workers’ unions probably did not see the tax-credit system as their baby. It is a remarkable fact that the workers’ unions and employers’ associations were, at the same time, in the process of consolidating a pension fund system that they had taken the initiative to establish outside both the tax system and the social security system, that is, totally beyond government control. The tax deductions soon became a matter of discussion between the state, the labor unions, and the employers’ unions

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