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Public Debt and Its Impact on the Polish Economy and Society

References BBC (2009). Crisis Cost US $10,000 Each, (04.03.2013). (2014) Szczurek: po przekazaniu aktywów z OFE dług publiczny spadł o 9 proc. PKB, (11.12.2014). Cain, J.G. and Surdej, A. (1999). Transitional Politics or Public Choice? Evaluating Stalled Pension reforms in Poland. In: M. Rueschemeyer, L. Cook and M. Orenstein, Left Parties and Social Policy in Postcommunist Europe. Colorado: Westview Press. Central Statistics

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Critical Analysis on the Amendments Discussed, Concerning Changes in Accounting Estimates

. 15, issue 4, pp. 779-807; Lo A.l. (2017), Adaptive Markets Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought , Princeton University Press, NEW Jersey, Canada; Menzefricke U., Smieliauskas W. (2016), Are all accounting estimates auditable? Some evidence on estimated returns in pension accounting , working paper, available on ; Myddleton D.R. (2009), Margins of Error in Accounting , Palgrave, New York; Nobes C.W., Stadler C. (2015), The qualitative characteristics of financial information and managers’ accounting decisions

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Analysis of Ineffectiveness Arising in “Investor-government” Relations

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The Assessment of Determinants of Credit Services’ Choices among Students

: Results of the OECD // OECD Working Papers on Finance, Insurance and Private Pensions. No. 15. doi: 10.1787/20797117. 4. Bahovec, V., Barbic, D., Palic, I. (2015). Testing the Effects of Financial Literacy on Debt Behavior of Financial Consumers Using Multivariate Analysis Methods // Croatian Operational Research Review, CRORR. Vol. 6, pp. 361-371. doi: 10.17535/crorr.2015.0028. 5. Barth, J. R, Hilliard, J., Jahera, J. S. (2014). Banks and Payday Lenders: Friends or Foes? // International Advances in Economic Research. Vol. 21. Issue 2, pp. 139-153. doi: 10

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Impact of the January Effect on Return Rates in the Markets of the 2004 EU Enlargement

)90025-9 Kramer, Ch. (1994). Macroeconomic Seasonality and the January Effect. The Journal of Finance , 49 (5), Kuznets, S. (1933). Seasonal Variations in Industry and Trade. National Bureau of Economic Research . Lakonishok, J., Shleifer, A., Thaler, R. and Vishny, R. (1991). Window Dressing by Pension Fund Managers. American Economic Association , 81 (2), Lakonishok J., Shleifer A. and Vishny R. (1994). Contrarian Investment, Extrapolation, and Risk. The Journal of Finance, 49 (5). https

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Gender and Financial Risk: The U.S. and Brazil

), “Risk taking propensity of entrepreneurs”, Academy of Management Journal , Vol. 23 No. 3, pp. 509-520. Brown, D. A. (2007), “Pensions and risk aversion: The influence of race, ethnicity, and class on investor behavior”, Lewis and Clark Law Review , Vol. 11, pp. 385. Byrnes, J. P., Miller, D. C., and Schafer, W. D. (1999), “Gender differences in risk taking: A meta-analysis”, Psychological Bulletin , Vol. 125 No. 3, pp. 367. Campbell, K., and Mínguez-Vera, A. (2008), “Gender diversity in the boardroom and firm financial performance”, Journal of

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