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Open Pension Funds in Poland: The Efects of the Pension Privatization Process

References Antia F., Lanzara A.P., 2011, Multi-pillared Social Systems: Te Post-reform Picture in Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, International Social Security Review, Vol. 64, No. 1 Barley R., 2010, Hungary`s Unorthodox Economic Bet, Te Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition, New York), Dec. 4 Barr N., 2001, Te Truth About Pension Reform, Finance and Development, September, Vol. 38, No. 3 CENDA, 2010, La Gran Ilusión. Perspectiva de la rentabilidad de lago plazo de los fondos de pensiones AFP comparada con los mercados fnancieros internacionales, Centro de

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Individual Pension Funds and Capital Market Development in Turkey

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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy

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Assessment of Financial Investors’ Assets Level and Importance on Financial Market in Poland

emerytalnych [ Pension funds’ Investment efficiency ], CeDeWu, Warszawa. Jacob A., Klein J. (1998), Investment banking , Poltext, Warszawa. Marcinkowska M. (2007), Ocena działalności instytucji finansowych [Appraisal of operations of financial institutions] , Difin, Warszawa. Owsiak S. (2002), Podstawy nauki finansów [ Learning basics of finance ], PWE, Warszawa. Proniewski M., Niedźwiedzki A.M. (2001), Rynek pieniężny i kapitałowy. Podstawy teorii i praktyki [ Monetary and capital market. Theory and practice basics ], Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i

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Private Saving Determinants in Portugal

References Abel, A. B., Bernanke, B. S., & Croushore, D. (2014). Macroeconomics (8 th Ed.), Pearson Education. Aghion, P., Comin, D., & Howitt, P. (2016). When does domestic saving matter for economic growth?, IMF Economic Review , Palgrave Macmillan; International Monetary Fund, 64(3), 381-407, August. Alessie, R., Angelini, V., & Santen, P. (2013). Pension wealth and household savings in Europe: Evidence from SHARELIFE, European Economic Review , 63(October), 308-328. Ando, A., & Modigliani, F. (1963). The “life cycle” hypothesis of

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Analysis of the Demand for Private Healthcare in South Africa


Access to a good and healthy life is a human right recognised globally. The fight to deal with poverty and food insecurity as the top two sustainable development goals (SDGs) under the global agenda 2030 can only be achieved if a majority of the world population is able to participate in economic activities. However, the provision of healthcare is complicated by the nature of the demand and supply function. There is inefficient provision due to the positive externalities associated with healthcare provision and consequently the social efficiency is not achieved, especially when private provision is considered, and therefore the need for government involvement. This paper analyses the demand for private healthcare in South Africa, using the data collected from a general household survey with a sample of 21601 households. The results of the logistic regression model show that the gender of the head of a household, income, food security status, age of head of household and social grant and pension status were among the significant predictors of demand for private healthcare. The study provides insights on how provision of healthcare should be tailored so as to achieve maximum efficiency in public provision of healthcare.

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The Effect of the Changes in Accounting Estimates of the Discount Rate to the Costs on Account of Creating Provisions

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Do Legal Barriers Really Protect the Labor Markets? Empirical Evidence of Polish Migrants after 2004

., French, S. (2005), The impact of free movement of workers from central and eastern Europe on the UK labour market: early evidence, Department of Work and Pensions Working Papers no. 18, London. Skedinger, P. (2007), The Design and Effects of Collectively Agreed Minimum Wages: Evidence from Sweden, IFN Working Paper, No. 700, Stockholm. Sumption, M. (2009), Social Networks and Polish Immigration to the UK, Economics of Migration Working Paper 5, Institute for Public Policy Research, London. Szwabe, M. (2012

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Critical Analysis on the Amendments Discussed, Concerning Changes in Accounting Estimates

. 15, issue 4, pp. 779-807; Lo A.l. (2017), Adaptive Markets Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought , Princeton University Press, NEW Jersey, Canada; Menzefricke U., Smieliauskas W. (2016), Are all accounting estimates auditable? Some evidence on estimated returns in pension accounting , working paper, available on ; Myddleton D.R. (2009), Margins of Error in Accounting , Palgrave, New York; Nobes C.W., Stadler C. (2015), The qualitative characteristics of financial information and managers’ accounting decisions

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Book Review – “Putinomics. Power and Money in Resurgent Russia” by Chris Miller

social contract was one of the three main pillars of Putin’s policy—constantly rising salaries and pensions were to ensure domestic stability as well as to build trust in Putin and fear of him losing power, in which case the situation could deteriorate. Next, the author describes the reform of the Soviet social security system as well as the way it was organized under Putin’s rule, treated as one of the important tools of “putinomics” and maintaining high public support. Naturally, keeping the existing pension system in Russia in the long run became more and more

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