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Anita Sierocka, Katarzyna Kalbarczyk, Jan Pawlus, Tadeusz Sulikowski and Marek Ostrowski

: 1213-24. 4. Nelson A, Millington T, Sahani D et al.: Hepatic portal venous gas. Arch Surg 2009; 144(6): 575-81. 5. Siciliani L, Riccardi L, Favuzzi A et al.: A case of non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia and hepatic portal venous gas: not everyone knows that. Intern Emerg Med 2011; 6: 563-65. 6. Liebmann PR, Patten MT, Manny J et al.: Hepatic- portal venous gas in adults: etiology, pathophysiology and clinical significance. Ann Surg 1978; 187: 281-87. 7. Kirsch M, Bozdech J, Gardner DA

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Nelson Sousa, Romeu Mendes, Catarina Abrantes and Jaime Sampaio

-3034. Fiatarone, M., E. O'Neil, N. Ryan, K. Clements, G. Solares, M. Nelson, S. Roberts, J. Kehayias, L. Lipsitz, and W. Evans. Exercise Training and Nutritional Supplementation for Physical Frailty in Very Elderly People. N Eng J Med, 1994; 330: 1769-1775. Clark, D., C. Patten, K. Reid, R. Carabello, E. Phillips and R. Fielding. Muscle Performance and Physical Function Are Associated With Voluntary Rate of Neuromuscular Activation in Older Adults. J Gerontol a-Biol, 2011; 66: 115-121. Clark, D., C. Patten, K. Reid, R

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Anthony Maher

Curriculum Council consultation report. Great Britain: NCC. Oliver, M. (1996). A sociology of disability or a disablist sociology? In L. Barton (Eds.), Disability and society: Emerging issues and insights (pp. 18-42). New York: Longman. Oliver, M., & Barnes, C. (1998). Disabled people and social policy: From inclusion to exclusion. London: Longman. Patten, J. (1993). Letter to Ron Dearing. In R. Dearing (Eds.), The national curriculum and its assessment interim report. Great Britain: NCC

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Felipe José Aidar, Dihogo Gama de Matos, Ricardo Jacó de Oliveira, André Luiz Carneiro, Breno Guilherme de Araújo Tinôco Cabral, Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas and Victor Machado Reis

, Phillips E, Stein J, Frontera WR, Fielding RA. High-intensity resistance training improves muscle strength, self-reported function, and disability in long-term stroke survivors. Stroke, 2004; 35(6): 1404-1409 Pang MY, Eng JJ, Dawson AS. Relationship Between Ambulatory Capacity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Chronic Stroke Influence of Stroke-Specific Impairments. Chest Journal, 2005; 127(2): 495-501 Patten C, Lexell J, Brown HE. Weakness and strength training in persons with poststroke hemiplegia: rationale, method, and efficacy. J

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Milena Z. Zivkovic, Sasa Djuric, Ivan Cuk, Dejan Suzovic and Slobodan Jaric

2015 25 265 72 Markovic S, Mirkov DM, Nedeljkovic A, Jaric S. Body size and countermovement depth confound relationship between muscle power output and jumping performance. Hum Mov Sci , 2014; 33: 203-10 10.1016/j.humov.2013.11.004 Markovic S Mirkov DM Nedeljkovic A Jaric S. Body size and countermovement depth confound relationship between muscle power output and jumping performance Hum Mov Sci 2014 33 203 10 Pojednic RM, Clark DJ, Patten C, Reid K, Phillips EM, Fielding RA. The specific contributions of force and velocity to muscle