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Jared Schroeder

, Learned Hand , 75 H ARV . L. R EV . 1, 1 (1961). Judge Hand, as a federal district judge in New York, had constructed a different approach to similar cases in 1917, basing his ruling on the question of whether the speakers’ expressions were a “direct incitement.” Masses v. Patten, 244 F. 535, 540 (SDNY 1917); M ENAND , supra note 12, at 427-29. His test, which was overturned on appeal, substantially narrowed the field of speech that could be prosecuted under the Espionage Act. Justice Holmes flatly disagreed with him, contending it was the context of the action

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Valentina Rita Scotti

-334. • Harder Lois and Patten Steve (eds), 2015, Patriation and its consequences. Constitution Making in Canada , University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver. • Huntington Samuel P., 1993, ‘The Clash of Civilizations?’, F oreign Affairs LXXII(1): 22-49 • Huntington Samuel P., 1997, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order , Simon & Schuster, New York • Jamieson Kathleen, 1978, Indian Women and the Law in Canada: Citizens Minus , Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Ottawa. • Kymlika Will, 1995, Multicultural citizenship

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Tiago de Melo Cartaxo

&no-ist>. · Harder Lois and Patten Steve (eds), 2015, Patriation and its Consequences: Constitution Making in Canada, UBC Press, Vancouver. · Hartz Louis, 1955, The Liberal Tradition in America: An Interpretation of American Political Thought since the Revolution, Harcourt Brace and Co., New York. · Hathaway Oona Anne, 2009, “Presidential Power over International Law: Restoring the Balance”, The Yale Law Journal, CXIX(2): 143-268. · Hening William Waller, 1821, The statutes at large: being a collection of all the laws of Virginia

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Peter Price

References • Adams Eric M., 2006, ‘Canada’s “Newer” Constitutional Law and the Idea of Constitutional Rights’, McGill Law Journal , LI(3): 435-474. • Adams Eric M., 2015, ‘Constitutional Nationalism: Politics, Law, and Culture on the Road to Patriation’, in Harder Lois and Patten Steve (eds), Patriation and its Consequences: Constitution Making in Canada , UBC Press, Vancouver, 49-68. • Ajzenstat Janet, 1990, ‘Canada’s First Constitution: Pierre Bédard on Tolerance and Dissent’, Canadian Journal of Political Science , XXIII(1): 39