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Sergio Piraino and Fidel Alejandro Roig

(USA) varied with tree position in the floodplain ( Stromberg and Patten, 1996 ), while the eastern white pine ( Pinus strobus L.) growth response to environmental variability is modulated by differences in hydrological settings among floodway and terrace sites ( Chhin et al., 2013 ). 5. Conclusions In this research, we explored for the first time the role of stream-flow as a potential influencing factor on the radial growth variability of riparian Prosopis woodland. The presented results evidenced a strong dependence of the P. flexuosa radial growth

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Putu Indra Christiawan

Forest Reserve, Busia District. Research Journal of Applied Sciences . Patten, D. T. (2016). The Role of Ecological Wisdom in Managing for Sustainable Interdependent Urban and Natural Ecosystems. Landscape and Urban Planning , 155 , 3–10. Remegie, N., & Yansheng, G. (2008). Participation in Sustainable Tropical Forest Management. Journal of Economic Theory , 2 (3), 95–100. Sardiana, I. K., & Dinata, K. K. (2010). Study of the Use of Plants in Ritual Activities (Upakara) by Hindus in Bali (in bahasa). Jurnal Bumi Lestari , 10 (1), 123

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Petr Maděra, Jan Šebesta, Radomír Řepka and Martin Klimánek

, Materiály. sv. 44, č. 24, s. 101-110. Saccone, P., Brun, J.J. & Michalet, R. (2010). Challenging growth-survival trade-off: A key for acer negundo invasion in European floodplains? Canadian Journal of Forest Research , Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1879-1886 pp. Shafroth, P.B, Stromberg, J.C. & Patten, D.T. (2002). Riparian vegetation response to altered disturbance and stress regimes. Ecological Applications 12(1):107-123 Stohlgren, T. J., Bull, K. A., Otsuki, Y., Villa, C. A. & Lee, M. (1998

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Petr Maděra, Radomír Řepka, Tomáš Koutecký and Jan Šebesta

. The botanical review , 63, 1: 40–64. Schnitzler, A., Hale, B.W., Alsum, E.M. (2007). Examining native and exotic species diversity in European riparian forests. Biological Conservation , 138: 146–156. Shafroth, P.B, Stromberg, J.C, Patten, D.T (2002). Riparian vegetation response to altered disturbance and stress regimes. Ecological Applications 12(1):107–123. Stohlgren, T. J., Bull, K. A., Otsuki, Y., Villa, C. A., Lee, M. (1998): Riparian zones are havens for exotic plant species in the central grasslands. Plant Ecology , 138: 113

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Petr Suvorov and Jana Svobodová

countryside. Conservation Biology. 21 (2), pp. 482-494. Shochat, E., Patten, M. A, Morris, D. W., Reinking, D. L., Wolfe, D. H., Sherrod, S. K. (2005). Ecological traps in isodars: effects of tallgrass prairie management on bird nest success. Oikos. 111, pp. 159-169. Smith, L. A., Nol, E., Burke, D. M., Elliott, K. A. (2007). Nest-site selection of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in southern Ontario. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 119 (2), pp. 151-161. Soderström, B, Pärt, T., Ryden, J. (1998). Different predator faunas and

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Andra Costache

REFERENCES Alexander, D. E. 2013, Resilience and disaster risk reduction: an etymological journey. Natural hazards and earth system sciences , 13 (11), 2707-2716. Berkes, F., J. Colding, Folke, C. (edit.) 2003, Navigating social–ecological systems: building resilience for complexity and change . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. Carpenter, S., Walker, B., Anderies, J. M., Abel, N. 2001, From metaphor to measurement: resilience of what to what? Ecosystems , 4 (8), 765-781. Costanza, R., Patten, B. C. 1995, Defining and