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Enikő Bitay, Irén Kacsó and Erzsébet Veress

(letöltve: 2018. május 15.) [17] Plodinec M. J.: Development of glass compositions for immobilization of Savannah river plant waste. In: Scientific basis for nuclear waste management (Szerk.: McCarthy G.J.), Springer, 1979. 31–35. [18] Wicks G. G., McKibben J. M., Plodinec M. J., Ramsey W. G.: SRS vitrification studies in support of the US program for disposition of excess plutonium. In: Disposal of weapon plutonium–Approaches and prospects. NATO Advanced Science Institute Series, Subseries, 1, (Szerk.: Merz E. R

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Z. Ranachowski, D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, P. Ranachowski, M. Dąbrowski, S. Kudela and T. Dvorak

-1675 (2001). [6] Y. Nakashima, S. Kamia, Mathematica Programs for the Analysis of Three-Dimensional Pore Connectivity and Anisotropic Tortuosity of Porous Rocks using X-ray Computed Tomography Image data, J. of Nuclear Science and Technology 44 , 9, 1233-1247 (2012). [7] J.L.Provis, R.J. Myers, C.E. White, X-ray microtomography shows pore structure and tortuosity in alkali-activated binders, Cement & Concrete Research 42 , 855-864 (2012). [8] E. Gallucci, K. Scrivener, A. Groso, M. Stampanoni, G. Margaritondo, Experimental investigation of the

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J. Okrajni and A. Marek

REFERENCES [1] G.A. Webster, R.A. Ainsworth, High Temperature Component Life Assessment, Chapman & Hall, 1994 London. [2] FITNET Report (European Fitness-for-service Network) Edited by M. Kocak, S. Webster, J.J. Janosch, R.A. Ainsworth, R. Koers, Contract No. G1RT-CT-2001-05071, 2006. [3] Nuclear Electric Ltd, Assessment Procedure for the High Temperature Response of Structure, Proc. R5 Issue 2, UK, 1997. [4] A. Hernas, Żarowytrzymałość stali i stopów, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, 1999 Gliwice (in Polish). [5] RWTÜV Replicas

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A. Zieliński, M. Sroka, A. Hernas and M. Kremzer

References [1] J. Dobrzański, Open Access Library, Materials science interpretation of the life of steels for power plants, Gliwice 2011. [2] Z. Brytan, J. Niagaj, Chiang. Mai. J. Sci. 40, (5), 923-937 (2013). [3] L.A. Dobrzanski, R. Maniara, J. Sokolowski, W. Kasprzak, M. Krupiński, Z. Brytan, J. Mater. Process. Tech. 192, 582-587 (2007). [4] The Preparation of the Polish Industry for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants, the current state of activities of the Ministry of Economy, Warsaw