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J. Berka, D. Marušáková and J. Kalivodová

LITERATURA 1. A technology roadmap for Generation IV Nuclear Energy System, U.S. DOE Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee and the Generation IV International Forum 2002 , [online]. ( accessed 1 Jan 2018 ). 2. Kissane M. P., Nuclear Engineering and Design 2009 , 239, 3076–3091. 3. ARCHER final meeting. [online] . ( accessed 1 Jan 2018 ). 4. Berka J., Paliva 2013 , 5(4), 136–141. 5. Natesan K., Purohit A., Tam S. W., report

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J. Stoulil, M. Kouřil and D. Dobrev

Nuclear Waste Disposal Containers. Corrosion 2019 (available ). 5. Rosborg, B., et al., Corrosion rate of pure copper in an oxic bentonite/saline groundwater environment. Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology 2011 , 46 (2), 148-152. 6. Hall, D. S.; Keech, P. G., An overview of the Canadian corrosion program for the long-term management of nuclear waste. Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology 2017 , 52 (S1), 2-5. 7. Kremer, E. P., Durability of the Canadian used fuel container

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J. Bystrianský, V. Šefl, P. Sajdl, J. Fojt and P. Bábková

-434. 7. Bystrianský,J. et al. Determination of conditions leading to localized corrosion initiation on UNS 32100 (AISI 321) stainless steels in nuclear power environments. Nuclear Engineering and Design 1995, 157, 123-136. 8. Vejvoda, S.; Bystrianský, J. Program DIALIFE _ KE; Blok - vysokoteplotní oxidace austenitických ocelí. 9. Aspden, J.D. et al. Some Aspects of Combined Oxygenated Treatment, Proceedings of VGB Conference, Mittwoch, 2001. 10. Kowaka, M. Metal Corrosion Damage and Protection Technology. Ch 5.3 Steam

Open access

Z. Ranachowski, D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, P. Ranachowski, M. Dąbrowski, S. Kudela and T. Dvorak

-1675 (2001). [6] Y. Nakashima, S. Kamia, Mathematica Programs for the Analysis of Three-Dimensional Pore Connectivity and Anisotropic Tortuosity of Porous Rocks using X-ray Computed Tomography Image data, J. of Nuclear Science and Technology 44 , 9, 1233-1247 (2012). [7] J.L.Provis, R.J. Myers, C.E. White, X-ray microtomography shows pore structure and tortuosity in alkali-activated binders, Cement & Concrete Research 42 , 855-864 (2012). [8] E. Gallucci, K. Scrivener, A. Groso, M. Stampanoni, G. Margaritondo, Experimental investigation of the

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V. Šefl

References 1. Yao, J.; Munse, W. Low-cycle Fatigue of Metals. Literature Review; Defense Technical Information Center, 1961. 2. Deardorf, K. K. C. J., Fujikawa A.F. A survey of current US nuclear plant fatigue issues. 3rd International Conference on Fatigue of Reactor Componentss. 2004. 3. Materials Reliability Program: Operating Experience Regarding Thermal Fatigue of Piping Connected To PWR Reactor Coolant Systems (MRP-85). 4. Ehrnsten, U.; Ivanchenko, M.; Nevdacha, N.; Yagozinskyy, Y

Open access

J. Okrajni and A. Marek

REFERENCES [1] G.A. Webster, R.A. Ainsworth, High Temperature Component Life Assessment, Chapman & Hall, 1994 London. [2] FITNET Report (European Fitness-for-service Network) Edited by M. Kocak, S. Webster, J.J. Janosch, R.A. Ainsworth, R. Koers, Contract No. G1RT-CT-2001-05071, 2006. [3] Nuclear Electric Ltd, Assessment Procedure for the High Temperature Response of Structure, Proc. R5 Issue 2, UK, 1997. [4] A. Hernas, Żarowytrzymałość stali i stopów, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, 1999 Gliwice (in Polish). [5] RWTÜV Replicas

Open access

A. Zieliński, M. Sroka, A. Hernas and M. Kremzer

References [1] J. Dobrzański, Open Access Library, Materials science interpretation of the life of steels for power plants, Gliwice 2011. [2] Z. Brytan, J. Niagaj, Chiang. Mai. J. Sci. 40, (5), 923-937 (2013). [3] L.A. Dobrzanski, R. Maniara, J. Sokolowski, W. Kasprzak, M. Krupiński, Z. Brytan, J. Mater. Process. Tech. 192, 582-587 (2007). [4] The Preparation of the Polish Industry for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants, the current state of activities of the Ministry of Economy, Warsaw