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Student Socioeconomic Status and Teacher Stroke: A Case of Female Students in Iran

, L., Jahns, M., ... Wellmann, C. (2015). UN global action programme and education for sustainable development: A critical appraisal of the evidence base. Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education , 6 (1), 5–20. Foster, K. C. (2008). The transformative potential of teacher care as described by students in a higher education access initiative. Education and Urban Society , 41 (1), 104–126. Francis, D., & Woodcock, M. (1996). The new unblocked manager: A practical guide to self-development. Surrey, United Kingdom: Gower Publishing

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Exploring the Role of Future Perspective in Predicting Turkish University Students’ Beliefs About Global Climate Change

levels. Society and Natural Resources: An International Journal, 27 (12), 1304–1320. doi:10.1080/08941920.2014.928393. Chew-Hung, C. (2014). Climate change education: Knowing, doing and being. London, New York: Taylor and Francis, Routledge. Cinan, S., & Doğan, A. (2013). Working memory, mental prospection, time orientation, and cognitive insight. Journal of Individual Differences, 34 (3), 159–169. doi: 10.1027/1614-0001/a000111. Corner, A., Venables, D., Spence, A., Poortinga, W., Demski, C., & Pidgeon, N.F. (2011). Nuclear power, climate change

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The Content of Professional Training of Masters in National Security at the UK Universities

Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review. A Secure and Prosperous United Kingdom. Retrieved from . 8. King’s College London. (2018a). Master of Arts in National Security Studies. Programme Specification. Retrieved from . 9. King’s College London. (2018b). National Security Studies MA

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Normal Values of Tissue-Muscle Perfusion Indexes of Lower Limbs Obtained with a Scintigraphic Method

REFERENCES 1. Niewiadomski D, Tryniszewski W, Marzec W, Brocki M, Mikosiński J, Raciborska I, Maziarz Z. The own method and program of isotope quantitatively assessment of perfusion in muscles of upper limbs (initial report). Nuclear Med Rev 2014;17,1:13-17 2. Tryniszewski W, Gadzicki M, Maziarz Z. The assessment of the range of normal values of lower limb perfusion indicators at rest and stress with the own radio isotopic method and program. ClinExp Med Lett 2008; 49(2): 107-113 3. Miles KA, Barber RW, Wraight EP, Cooper M, Appleton DS. Leg

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Structure and Management of the National Automated System for Permanent Control of the Radiation Gamma Background in Bulgaria

References Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency. (2016). Annual report of 2015, Sofia: Bulgarian nuclear regulatory agency, available at: The Council of Ministers. (2011). National programme on disaster the 2014 -2018, Sofia: the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers. (2013). National report on the status and protection of the environment in Bulgaria in 2012 of the EEA, Sofia: The Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers

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