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Arūnas Molis, Claudia Palazzo and Kaja Ainsalu

References Associated Press 28 May 2018, Poland says Russian gas pipeline is a ‘new hybrid weapon’. Available at: eba0b8e4ba8e4a9b9b107cf166213508 [Accessed 20 October 2018] Bankauskaite, D, 2017, Disinfo Goes Nuclear in the Baltics, CEPA Stratcom Program. Available at: Dickel et al. (2014) Dickel, R., Hassanzadeh, E., Henderson, J., Honoré, A., El-Katiri, L., Pirani, S., Rogers, H., Stern, J., Yafimava, K. “Reducing European Dependence on Russian Gas: distinguishing

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Viljar Veebel and Illimar Ploom

:// Shlapak, D.A.; Johnson, M. (2016): Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank: Wargaming the Defense of the Baltics. RAND Corporation. Sliwa, Z.; Veebel, V., Lebrun, M. (2018). Russian Ambitions and Hybrid Modes of Warfare, Estonian Journal of Military Studies, 7/2018 Smith, E. A. (2006): Effects-based Operations: Applying Network-Centric Warfare in Peace, Crisis, and War. Washington, DC: Command and Control Research Program

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Josip Lučev

. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Blanchard, B. and Lim, B., 2011. China boosts naval power with carrier program. Reuters, [online] (last updated 27 July 2011). Available at: [accessed 1 June 2014] Cavas, C. P., 2013. A US Navy with only 8 carriers? The drastic consequences of Hagel’s fleet options. DefenseNews, [online] (last updated 4 August 2013). Available at:

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Hrvoje Ćurko

(2): 328–347. Greer, S. L., 2007. Nationalism and Self-Government. The Politics of Autonomy in Scotland and Catalonia. Albany: State University of New York Press. Hague, R., Harrop, M., and Breslin, S., 2001. Komparativna vladavina i politika. Politička misao: Zagreb. Hale, H. E., 2004. Divided we stand: Institutional Sources of Ethnofederal State Survival and Collapse. World Politics, 56: 165–93. Hobsbawm, Eric J., 1993. Nacije i nacionalizam. Program, mit, stvarnost. Zagreb: Novi Liber. II Plan Director del Euskera de la UPV