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The EU’s Potential Role in the Six Party Talks and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

interested in Iran-style nuclear talks,’ CNN , 21 July 2015. Retrieved from [accessed 22 Jul 2015] Munroe, T. & Blanchard, B. (2015), ‘North Korea’s Neighbors push to resume six-party talks,’ Reuters , 26 March. Retrieved from [accessed 7 Jul 2015] Niksch, L. A. (2004), ‘North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program,’ CRS Issue Brief for Congress, 28 September 2004

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Mitigating Risks of Hybrid War: Search for an Effective Energy Strategyin The Baltic States

Bibliography Associated Press 28 May 2018, Poland says Russian gas pipeline is a ‘new hybrid weapon’. Available at: [Accessed 20 October 2018] Bankauskaite, D, 2017, Disinfo Goes Nuclear in the Baltics, CEPA Stratcom Program. Available at: Dickel et al. (2014) Dickel, R., Hassanzadeh, E., Henderson, J., Honoré, A., El-Katiri, L., Pirani, S., Rogers, H., Stern, J., Yafimava, K. “ Reducing European Dependence on Russian Gas: distinguishing natural gas security from geopolitics ” (pp 87

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Estonia’s comprehensive approach to national defence: origins and dilemmas

Military Studies, 7/2018 Smith, E. A. (2006): Effects-based Operations: Applying Network-Centric Warfare in Peace, Crisis, and War. Washington, DC: Command and Control Research Program. Stone, M. (2009): Security according to Buzan: A Comprehensive Security Analysis. Sciences Po: Security Discussion Paper Series 1, Spring. Sulovic, V. (2010): Meaning of Security and Theory of Securitization. Belgrad Centre for Security Policy.

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How Long Before NATO Aircraft Carrier Force Projection Capabilities Are Successfully Countered? Some effects of the fiscal crises

. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Blanchard, B. and Lim, B., 2011. China boosts naval power with carrier program. Reuters, [online] (last updated 27 July 2011). Available at: [accessed 1 June 2014] Cavas, C. P., 2013. A US Navy with only 8 carriers? The drastic consequences of Hagel’s fleet options. DefenseNews, [online] (last updated 4 August 2013). Available at:

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Can Institutions of Autonomy Become Potentially “Subversive Institutions”?

(2): 328–347. Greer, S. L., 2007. Nationalism and Self-Government. The Politics of Autonomy in Scotland and Catalonia. Albany: State University of New York Press. Hague, R., Harrop, M., and Breslin, S., 2001. Komparativna vladavina i politika. Politička misao: Zagreb. Hale, H. E., 2004. Divided we stand: Institutional Sources of Ethnofederal State Survival and Collapse. World Politics, 56: 165–93. Hobsbawm, Eric J., 1993. Nacije i nacionalizam. Program, mit, stvarnost. Zagreb: Novi Liber. II Plan Director del Euskera de la UPV

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Contemporary Citizenship: Four Types

( Dahrendorf, 2008 : 28). Citizenship requires the underpinning of law, and law typically means national law. These notions of a unitary pattern of citizenship are challenged by ethnic diversity, cultural differences and the prospect of legal pluralism in, for instance, the European Union on the one hand and by post-colonial societies on the other. In his book Life Chances , Dahrendorf (1979 : 53) had asked, ‘how do open societies remain open, and how do others become that way?’ The answer to that question was ‘a minimal programme of freedom’. The two societies in which

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Structure and Management of the National Automated System for Permanent Control of the Radiation Gamma Background in Bulgaria

References Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency. (2016). Annual report of 2015, Sofia: Bulgarian nuclear regulatory agency, available at: The Council of Ministers. (2011). National programme on disaster the 2014 -2018, Sofia: the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers. (2013). National report on the status and protection of the environment in Bulgaria in 2012 of the EEA, Sofia: The Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers

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