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Ewa Szczuka, Irena Giełwanowska, Irena Pidek, Aleksandra Seta, Marcin Domaciuk and Wiesław Kołodziejski

References Dorozhkina M. 2007 a. Results of monitoring annual pollen influx on the King George Island, Antarctica. [In:] Pollen Monitoring Programme. 6 th International Meeting, 3 rd -9 th June 2007, Jurmala, Latvia. Volume of Abstracts: p.13. Dorozhkina M. 2007 b. Long-distance transported pollen and spores in the moss polsters from the King George Island, Antarctica. [In:] Pollen Monitoring Programme. 6 th International Meeting, 3 rd -9 th June 2007, Jūrmala, Latvia. Volume of Abstracts: p.14

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Nan Pang and Feixiong Zhang

–9. K atsuhara M, and K awasaki T. 1996. Salt stress induced nuclear and DNA degradation in meristematic cells of barley roots. Plant Cell Physiology 37: 169–173. K err JFR, W yllie AH, and C urrie AR. 1972. Apoptosis: a basic biological phenomenon with wide-ranging implications in tissue kinetics. British Journal of Cancer 26: 239–257. K rishnamurthy KV, K rishnarai R, C hozhavendan R, and C hristopher FS. 2000. The program of cell death in plants and animals – A comparison. Current Science 79: 1169–1181. M unne -B osch S, and A

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Dorota Bądziul, Barbara Januszanis, Joanna Jakubowicz-Gil, Ewa Langner, Tomasz Piersiak, Wojciech Rzeski and Antoni Gawron

(4), 323-328. Lamson D. W., Brignall M. S., 2000. Antioxidants and Cancer III: Quercetin. Altern. Med. Rev. 5 (3), 196-208. Mizushima N., Yoshimori T., 2007. How to interpret LC3 immunoblotting. Autophagy 3 (6), 542-545 Nur-E-Kamal A., Gross S. R., Pan Z., Balklava Z., Ma J., Liu L. F., 2004. Nuclear translocation of cytochrome c during apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem. 29 (24), 24911-24914. Tanida I., Ueno T., Kominami E. 2004. LC3 conjugation system in mammalian

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Chiara Mengoni, Iñigo Zuberogoitia, Nadia Mucci, Giovanni Boano, Tomáš Urban, Enrico Guzzo and Maurizio Sarà

. J., Enderson, J. H., Thelander, C. G. & White, C. M. 1988. Peregrine Falcon populations: their management and recovery. – Boise, Idaho Ellegren, H. 1992. Polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR) analysis of microsatellites – a new approach to studies of genetic relationships in birds. – Auk 109: 886–895. DOI: 10.2307/4088163 Gainzarain, J. A., Arambarri, R. & Rodríguez, A. F. 2002. Population size and factors affecting the density of Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus in Spain. – Ardeola 49: 67–74. Goudet, J. 2001. FSTAT, a program to estimate and test

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Agnieszka Kiedrowicz, Mariusz Lewandowski and Anna Skoracka

information relating to the condition of forests and the implementation of the National Afforestation Programme in 2010 in Poland – contribution to the construction of the National Forest]. Sylwan 156: 723‒731 [In Polish]. P etanovic R. U., B oczek J., J ovanovic S., S tojnic B. 1996. Eriophyoidea (Acari: Prostigmata). In: Fauna Dormitora (Karaman G., Ed), vol. 32(18), pp. 5‒42, Crnogorska Akademija Nauka i Umjetnosti, Podgorica. S an -M iguel -A yanz J., S tåhl G., V idal C., B onhomme C., L anz A., S chadauer , K. 2011. Criterion 1: Maintenance and

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Hieronim Golczyk

. 1956. Chromosomal interchanges in plants. Bot. Rev. 22, 419-552. 9. Burns J. H., Faden R. B., Steppan S. J. 2011. Phylogenetic studies in the Commelinaceae subfamily Commelinoideae inferred from nuclear ribosomal and chloroplast DNA sequences. Syst. Bot. 36, 268-276. 10. Carniel K. 1960. Beitrage zum Sterilitäts- and Befruchtungsproblem von Rhoeo discolor . Chromosoma 11, 456-462. 11. Church K., Moens P. B. 1976. Centromere behaviour during interphase and meiotic prophase in Allium fistulosum from 3-D E

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József Gyurácz, Károly Nagy, Tibor István Fuisz, Zsolt Karcza and Tibor Szép

courtship-feeding in the European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster). - Behaviour Ecology and Sociobiology 23: 61-67. Bagdi, A. 1999a Gyurgyalag (Merops apiaster) és partifecske (Riparia riparia) állományfelmérő program 1997-1998 [Survey of European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) and Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) populations 1997-1998]. - Hír-Körlevél (Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület Komárom-Esztergom megyei Helyi Csoport) 1: 2-3. (in Hungarian) Bagdi, A. 1999b Gyurgyalag (Merops apiaster) és partifecske (Riparia riparia

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Irene Muñoz and Pilar De la Rúa

-430. Garnery L., Solignac M., Celebrano G., Cornuet J. M. (1993) - A simple test using restricted PCR-amplified mitochondrial DNA to study the genetic structure of Apis mellifera L. Experientia , 49: 1016-1021. Goudet J. (2001) - FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixation indices (version 2.9.3). Heredity , 86: 485-486. Guo S., Thompson E. (1992) - Performing the exact test of Hardy-Weinberg proportion for multiple alleles. Biometrics , 48: 361-372. Jensen A. B

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Katarzyna Krawczyk, Tadeusz Korniak and Jakub Sawicki

References AVISE JC. 1994. Molecular Markers, Natural History and Evolution. Chapman & Hall, New York. BALDWIN BG. 1992. Phylogenetic utility of the internal transcribed spacers of nuclear ribosomal DNA in plants: An example from the Compositae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 1: 3-16. BALL PW. 1972. Lamium L. In: Tutin TG, Heywood VH, Burges NA, Moore DM, Valentine DH, Walters SM, and Webb DA [eds.], Flora Europaea, vol. 3, 147-148.Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. BENDIKSBY M

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Mohamed A. Ashour, Tawab E. Aly and Haitham M. Abueleyon

: Status and Trends, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Nairobi: 117. Greenlee L.F., Lawler D.F., Freeman B.D., Marrot B., Moulin P., 2009, Reverse osmosis desalination: water sources, technology, and today’s challenges, water research, Water Res. 43(9): 2317–2348. Gupta J., van der Zaag P., 2008, Inter basin water transfers and integrated water resources management: Where engineering science and politics interlock, Phys. Chem. Earth 33(1–2): 28–40. Grover V.I. (ed.), 2007, Water: A Source of Conflict or Cooperation?, Science Publishers Inc