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Phylogenetic analysis of selected representatives of the genus Erica based on the genes encoding the DNA-dependent RNA polymerase I

). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 56: 343-354. G len H. F. 2002. Cultivated Plants of Southern Africa. 428 pp. Jacana, Johannesburg. H all T. A. 1999. BioEdit: A user-friendly biological sequence alignment editor and analysis program for Windows 95/98/NT. Nuclear Acids Symposium Series 41: 95-98. H ansen I. 1950. Die europäischen Arten der Gattung Erica L. Bot. Jarhb. 75: 1-81. H ulsenbeck J. P. & R onquist F. 2001. MRBAYES: Bayesian inference of phylogenetic trees. Bioinformatics 17: 754-755. J effroy O., B rinkmann H., D elsuc

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Bibliography on birds of prey and owls in Slovakia. Part 5. General references and supplements to previous parts

rehabilation station in Zázrivá]. Vtáky 2(3): 1 0-11 . [In Slovak] RO [1345] Madarász J 1 884: Die Raubvögel Ungarns. Zeitschrift für die gesammte Ornithologie 1 : 91-97. SA [1346] Maderic B 1 989: Výskyt dravých vtákov v CHKO Ponitrie a návrh opatrení na ich ochranu [Birds of prey occurrence in Ponitrie PLA and proposals for their protection]. Thesis, 11 8. [Depon. in Department of environmentalistics and microbiology, Agriculuture University, Nitra]. [In Slovak] QP [1347] Maderic B 2008: Schválený Program rozvoja

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Temporal Analysis of the Genetic Diversity in a Honey Bee Mating Area of an Island Population (La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain)

-430. Garnery L., Solignac M., Celebrano G., Cornuet J. M. (1993) - A simple test using restricted PCR-amplified mitochondrial DNA to study the genetic structure of Apis mellifera L. Experientia , 49: 1016-1021. Goudet J. (2001) - FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixation indices (version 2.9.3). Heredity , 86: 485-486. Guo S., Thompson E. (1992) - Performing the exact test of Hardy-Weinberg proportion for multiple alleles. Biometrics , 48: 361-372. Jensen A. B

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Impact of forest management on genetic diversity of Quercus petraea populations: a case study from the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area (Czech Republic)

Research Programme Molecular Tools for Biodiversity. Muir G., Lowe A. J., Fleming C. C. & Vogl J. 2004. High nuclear genetic diversity, high levels of outcrossing and low differentiation among remnant populations of Quercus petraea at the margin of its range in Ireland. Ann. Bot. 93: 691-697. Nei M. 1978. Estimation of average heterozygosity and genetic distance from a small numberof individuals

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Genetic structure and diversity in Juniperus communis populations in Saxony, Germany

(8): 2611-20. Feng Y. H., Yang Z. Q., Wang J., Luo Q. F. & Li H. G. 2014. Development and characterization of SSR markers from Pinus massoniana and their transferability to P. elliottii, P. caribaea and P. yunnanensis. Gen. Mol. Res., GMR 13(1): 1508-13. Ferreira M. & Eriksson G. 2006. A programme for the management of forest three genetic resources in the Azores islands. Silva Lus. 14(1): 59-73. Furnier G. & Stine M. 1995. Interpopulation differentiation of nuclear and chloroplast loci in white spruce. Can. J. For. Res. 25

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Taxonomy of the Subtribe Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) revised

(Orchidaceae). Richardiana 2(1): 41-65. DOUZERY E. J. P., PRIDGEON A. M., KORES P., LINDER H. P., KURZWEIL H. & CHASE M. W. 1999. Molecular Phylogenetics of Disease (Orchidaceae): A Contribution from Nuclear Ribosomal ITS Sequences. Am. J. Bot. 86: 887-899. DRESSLER R. L. 1993. Phylogeny and Classification of the Orchid Family. 312 pp. Dioscorides Press, Portland OR. GALTIER N., GOUY M. & GAUTIER C. 1996. SEAVIEW and PHYLO_WIN: two graphic tools for sequence alignment and molecular phylogeny. Computer Applications in the

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Morphological Discrimination of Greek Honey Bee Populations Based on Geometric Morphometrics Analysis of Wing Shape

., Cornuet J. M. (1993) A simple test using restricted PCR-amplified mitochondrial- DNA to study the genetic-structure of Apis mellifera L. Experientia 49: 1016-1021. Garnery, L., Franck P., Baudry E., Vautrin D., Cornuet J. M., Solignac M. (1998) Genetic diversity of the west European honey bee (Apis mellifera and A. m. iberica). I. Mitochondrial DNA. Genetics Selection Evolution 30: 31-47.DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-30-S1-S31 Hall H. G. (1990) Parental Analysis of Introgressive Hybridization Between African and European Honeybees Using Nuclear

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Characterization of morphological traits and RAPD polymorphism in selected forms of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.)

cech biologicznych a potencjał nasienny Poa pratensis (Poaceae). Fragm. Flor. Geobot. Polonica, Suppl. 9: 147-154. Hamp l V., Pavlíček A. & Flegr J. 2001. Construction and bootstrap analysis of DNA fingerprinting-based phylogenetic trees with the freeware program FreeTree: application to trichomonad parasites. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 51: 731-735. DOI: 10.1099/00207713-51-3-731 Hinzen J. J. A. & va n Wijk J. P. 1985. Ecotype breeding and hybridization in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.). Proceedings of the 5th International

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Reclassification of the Angraecum-alliance (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) based on molecular and morphological data

-19. Nylander J. A. A. 2004. MrModeltest v2. Program distributed by the author. Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University. Pfitzer E. H. 1889. Orchidaceae. In: A. Engler & K. Prantl (eds.). Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien 3: 52-220. Wilhelm Engelmann Verlag, Leipzig. Reeves G., Chase M. W., Goldblatt P., Rudall P., Fay M. F., Cox A. V., Lejeune B. & Souza-Chies T. 2001. Molecular systematics of Iridaceae: evidence from four plastid regions. Amer. J. Bot. 88: 2074-2087. Ronquist F. & Huelsenbeck J.P. 2003. MrBayes

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Re-Evaluation of Morphological Characters Questions Current Views of Pinniped Origins

. Molecular phylogeny of the Arctoidea (Carnivora): effect of missing data on supertree and supermatrix analyses of multiple gene data sets. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 41, 165-181. Fyler, C. A., Reeder, T. W., Berta, A., Antonelis, G., Aguilar, A., Androukaki, E. 2005. Historical biogeography and phylogeny of monachine seals (Pinnipedia: Phocidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNS data. Journal of Biogeography, 32, 1267-1279. Gambarjan, P. P., Karapetjan, W. S. 1961. Besonderheiten im Bau des Seelöwen (Eumetopias

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