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Genetic evaluation of Cryptomeria japonica breeding materials for male-sterile trees

, Ujino-Ihara T, Uchiyama K, Futamura N, Saito M, Ueno S, Matsumoto A, Tani N, Taira H, Sninohara K, Tsumura Y (2012) The construction of a high-density linkage map for identifying SNP markers that are tightly linked to a nuclear-recessive major gene for male sterility in Cryptomeria japonica D. Don. BMC Genomics 13:95. Queller DC, Goodnight KF (1989) Estimating relatedness using molecular markers. International Journal of Organic Evolution 43:258–275. Saito M

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A Review of Extant Croatian Freshwater Fish and Lampreys
Annotated list and distribution

revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers. Archives of Biological Sciences, 65, 1463-1467. Jakšić, Ž., Hamer, B., Landeka, N., Batel, R. (2008): Western mosquitofish as a bioindicator of exposure to organochlorine compounds. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 71, 426-435. Jakšić, G. (2016): Biological, ecological and genetic characteristics of invasive Ponto-Caspian gobies (Gobiidae) in the Sava River Basin in Croatia. PhD thesis. Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb. Jakšić, G., Jadan, M., Piria, M. (2016): The review of ecological

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Genetic status of Norway spruce (Picea abies) breeding populations for northern Sweden

. and E. A. THOMPSON (1992): Performing the exact test of Hardy-Weinberg proportions for multiple alleles. Biometrics 48: 361-372. HAMRICK, J. L., M. J. W. GODT and S. L. SHERMAN-BROYLES (1992): Factors influencing levels of genetic diversity in woody plant species. New For. 6: 95-124. HANNERZ, M. and B. HANELL (1997): Effects on the flora in Norway spruce forests following clearcutting and shelterwood cutting. For. Ecol. Manage. 90: 29-49. HARDY, O. J. and X. VEKEMANS (2002): SPAGeDi: a versatile computer program to

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Genetic Variation in Growth and Blister-Rust Resistance in a Pinus strobus x P. wallichiana Hybrid Population

.: Relative blister-rust resistance of native and introduced white pines in Romania, pp. 415-416. In: HEYBROEK et al (Eds.) Resistance to diseases and pests in forest trees. PUDOC, Wageningen, the Netherlands, 503 p. (1982) BLADA, I.: Genetic resistance to Cronartium ribicola and height growth in some five needle pines and in some interspecific hybrids. Ph.D. Thesis, Agricultural and Forestry Academy of Science, Bucharest, 146 p. (1987). - BLADA, I.: Nuclear and extra nuclear genetic effects in F1 reciprocal hybrids between Pinus strobus and

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Genetic analysis of European common ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) populations affected by ash dieback

.2): a computer program to calculate F-statistics. Journal of Heredity 86: 485-486. GÖMÖRY, D., L. PAULE, D. KRAJMEROVÁ, I. ROMSÁKOVÁ and J. PIECKA (2012): Gene exchange across a postglacial contact zone in Fraxinus excelsior L. Silvae Genetica 61: 18-27. HARTL, D. L. and A. G. CLARK (1997): Principles of Population Genetics (3rd edn). Sinauer Associates, Sunderland MA. HEBEL, I., E. ALDINGER, R. HASS, M. KAROPKA, A. BOGENRIEDER and A. DOUNAVI (2006a): Untersuchungen zur Pollenverbreitung und Pollenkontamination in einer

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Deterministic Simulation of Gains for Seedling and Cloned Main and Elite Breeding Populations of Pinus radiata and Implications for Strategy

strategy for the New Zealand Radiata Pine Breeding Cooperative. Silvae Genet. 49: 82-90. ISIK, F., B. LI and B. GOLDFARB (2004): Clonal progeny testing and selection in forest tree improvement programs. p. 111 in Proc. 2004 Joint Conference of Division 2 “Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding in the Age of Genomics: Progress and Future”, edited by B. LI and S. McKeand. November 1-4, 2004, Charleston, SC, USA. JEFFERSON, P. A. and S. WEAVER (1997): Gains from clonal testing in the breeding population, pp. 226-230 in “IUFRO’97 Genetics of

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Development and characterization of chloroplast simple sequence repeat markers for Prunus taxa (eleven Japanese native taxa and two foreign taxa)

References Arroyo-García R, Lefort F, de Andrés MT, Ibáñaez J, Borrego J, Jouve N, Cabello F, Martínez-Zapater JM (2002). Chloroplast microsatellite polymorphisms in Vitis species. Genome 45: 1142-1149. Goudet J (2001). FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixa­tion indices (version 2.9.3). Available from Hamilton MB (1999). Four primer pairs for the amplification of chloroplast inter­genic regions with

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Optimisation of a multiplex PCR assay of nuclear microsatellite markers for population genetics and clone identification in Robinia pseudoacacia L.

- MEYER, J.-P. VÄHÄ, E. VERSPOOR, V. WENNEVIK and J. R. STEVENS (2011): Microsatellite standardization and evaluation of genotyping error in a large multi-partner research programme for conservation of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). Genetica 139: 353-367. GERBER, S. and F. RODOLPHE (1994): Estimation and test for linkage between markers: a comparison of lod score and X2 test in a linkage study of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.). TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics 88: 293-297. GUICHOUX, E., L. LAGACHE, S. WAGNER, P. CHAUMEIL, P

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Comparative Analysis of Karyotypes from the Strezelecki Ranges Race of the Complex Eucalyptus globulus Labill. ssp. globulus (Myrtaceae) and a Population in Central-Southern Chile

. and F. D. CRUICKSHANK (1937): The Male Meiotic Cycle in the Genus Eucalyptus. Paper & Proc. Roy. Soc. Tasmania: 41-44. MORA, F., C. PALMA-ROJAS and P. J. SEGUEL (2005): Comparación del cariotipo de Eucalyptus globulus y Eucalyptus cladocalyx (Myrtaceae). Agricultura Técnica 65: 20-25. POKE, F. S., D. P. MARTIN, D. A. STEANE, R. VAILLANCOURT, and J. B. REID (2006): The impact of intragenetic recombination on phylogenetic reconstruction at the sectional level in Eucalyptus when using a single copy nuclear gene (cinnoanyl CoA reductase

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Population Genetic Structure of Laurus nobilis L. Inferred From Transferred Nuclear Microsatellites

-326. GLAUBITZ, J. C., L. C. EMEBIRI and G. F. MORAN (2001): Dinucleotide microsatellites from Eucalyptus sieberi: inheritance, diversity, and improved scoring of singlebase differences. Genome 44, 1041-1045. GOUDET, J. (1995): Fstat version 1.2. A computer program to calculate F-statistics. Journal of Heredity 86, 485-486. HANSSON, B. and L. WESTERBERG (2002): On the correlation between heterozygosity and fitness in natural populations. Molecular Ecology 11 (12), 2467-2474. JARNE, P. and P. J. L. LAGODA (1996

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