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Emilie Janots, Fabrice Brunet, Bruno Goffé, Christophe Poinssot, Michael Burchard and Lado Cemic

. Part XIV. The solubility of rare earth element phosphates from 23 to 150 degrees C. Chemical Geology 217(1-2), 147-169. CHAIRAT C., OELKERS E. H., SCHOTT J., LARTIGUE J. E., 2006: An experimental study of the dissolution rates of Nd-britholite, an apatite-structured actinide-bearing waste storage host analogue. Journal of Nuclear Materials 354(1-3), 14-27. DIAKONOV II, TAGIROV B. R., RAGNARSDOTTIR K. V., 1998: Standard thermodynamic properties and heat capacity equations for rare earth element hydroxides. I. La

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Igor Stríček, Vladimír Šucha, Peter Uhlík, Jana Madejová and Igor Galko

layer charge of smectites. Applied Clay Sci. 34, 2-13. Delay J., Vinsot A., Krieguer J.M., Rebours H. & Armand G. 2007: Making of the underground scientific experimental programme at the Meuse/Haute-Marne underground research laboratory, North Eastern France. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 32, 2-18. Drits V.A., Eberl D.D. & Środoń J. 1998: XRD measurement of mean thickness, thickness distribution and strain for illite and illite/smectite crystallites by the Bertaut-Warren-Averbach technique. Clays and Clay

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Marek Osacký, Miroslav Honty, Jana Madejová, Thomas Bakas and Vladimír Šucha

References Arthur R., Apted M. & Stenhouse M. 2005: Comment on Long-Term Chemical and Mineralogical Stability of the Buffer. SKI Report 2005: 09, Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate , Stockholm, Sweden. Betancur J. D., Barrero C. A., Greneche J. M. & Goya G. F. 2004: The effect of water content on the magnetic and structural properties of goethite. J. Alloys. Compounds 369, 247-251. Börgesson L., Karnland O., Hökmark H. & Sellin P. 2002: Buffer and Safety Assessment for KBS-3H

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Dalibor Matýsek and Petr Skupien

clay. Geochim . Cosmochim. Acta 71, 5731–5749. Cornelis G., Johnson C.A., Van Gerven T. & Vandecasteele C. 2008: Leaching mechanisms of oxyanionic metalloid and metal species in alkaline solid wastes: A review. Appl. Geochem . 23, 955–976. De Cannière P., Maes A., Williams S., Bruggeman Ch., Beauwens T., Maes N. & Cowper M. 2010: Behaviour of selenium in Boom clay. External report of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. SCK.CEN-ER-120, 10/PDC/P-9, 1–328. Online: Jiang X., Lin X., Yao D., Zhai S. & Guo W

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Aneta Agnieszka Anczkiewicz, Jan Środoń and Massimiliano Zattin

. Mineral. Geochem . 58, 49-94. Dumitru T.A. 1993: A new computer automated microscope stage system for fission-track analysis. Nucl. Tracks and Radiat. Meas. 21, 575-580. Dunkl I. 2002: TRACKKEY: A Windows program for calculation and graphical presentation of fission track data. Comput. Geosci . 28, 2, 3-12. Galbraith R.F. 1981: On statistical models for fission track counts. Math. Geol . 13, 471-438. Galbraith R.F. 1990: The radial plot; graphical assessment of spread in ages. Nucl. Tracks and Radiat

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Silvia Králiková, Rastislav Vojtko, Ubomír Sliva, Jozef Minár, Bernhard Fügenschuh, Michal Kováč and Jozef Hók

-70. Delvaux D. & Sperner B. 2003: New aspects of tectonic stress inversion with reference to the TENSOR program. In: Nieuwland D.A. (Ed.): New insights into structural interpretation and modelling. Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Publ. 212, 75-100. Delvaux D., Moeys R., Stapel G., Petit C., Levi K., Miroshnichenko A., Ruznich V. & San’kov V. 1997: Paleostress reconstructions and geodynamics of the Baikal region, Central Asia. Part 2. Cenozoic rifting. Tectonophysics 282, 1-38. Donelick R.A. 1993: Apatite etching characteristics versus chemical

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Rastislav Vojtko, Silvia Králiková, Paul Andriessen, Roberta Prokešová, Jozef Minár and Petr Jeřábek

. & Vozár J. 1997a: Geological map of the Poľana Mts. (1:50,000). GSSR , Bratislava. Dublan L., Bezák V., Biely A., Bujnovský A., Halouzka A., Halouzka R., Hraško Ľ., Köhlerová M., Marcin D., Onačila D., Scherer S., Vozárová A., Vozár J. & Žaková E. 1997b: Explanations to geological map of the Poľana Mts. (1:50,000). GSSR , Bratislava, 1–238. Dunkl I. 2002: TRACKKEY: a Windows program for calculation and graphical presentation of fission track data. Comput. Geosci. 28, 3–12. Evans J.S., Oakleaf J., Cushman S. A. & Theobald D. 2014: An Arc-GIS Toolbox

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Heike R. Gröger, Matthias Tischler, Bernhard Fügenschuh and Stefan M. Schmid

potential of the Romanian areas. Bucharest Geoscience Forum, Spec. Vol. 1, 36-70. Dicea O., Dutescu P., Antonescu F., Mitrea G., Botez R., Donos I., Lungu V. & Morosanu I. 1980: Contributii la cunoasterea stratigrafiei zonei transcarpatice din maramures. D.S. Inst. Geol. Geofiz. LXV (1977-1978)(4. Stratigrafie), 21-85. Dumitru T. 1993: A new computer-automated microscope stage system for fission-track analysis. Nucl. Tracks Radiat. Meas. 21, 4, 575-580. Dunkl I. 2002: Trackkey: a Windows program for calculation and graphical

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Slavomír Nehyba, Jiří Otava, Pavla Tomanová Petrová and Adéla Gazdová

., Deschamps R., Roquin C. & Duringer P. 2017: From outwash to coastal systems in the Portneuf–Forestvilledeltaic complex (Quebec North Shore): Anatomy of a forcedregressive deglacial sequence. Sedimentology 64, 1044–1078. Dlabač M. 1976: Neogene on the se. margin of the Bohemian–Moravian Highlands. Výzk. Práce. Ústř. Úst. geol . 13, 7–21 (in Czech). Doveton J.H. 1991: Lithofacies and geochemical facies profiles from nuclear wireline logs: new subsurface templates for sedimentary modelling. In: Franseen E.K., Watney W.L., Kendall C.J. & Ross W. (Eds

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Sina Asadi, Farid Moore, Alireza Zarasvandi and Majid Khosrojerdi

-magmatic belt. National Iranian Copper Industries Company Internal Report (258/M/90/D) 2, 22-45. Asadi, S., Moore, F. & Fattahi, N., 2013. Fluid inclusion and stable isotope constraints on the genesis of the Jian copper deposit, Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic zone, Iran. Geofluids 13, 66-81. Bakker, R.J., 2003. Package FLUIDS 1. Computer programs for analysis of fluid inclusion data and for modelling bulk fluid properties. Chemical Geology 194, 3-23. Bodnar, R.J., 1993. Revised equation and table for determining the freezing point