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Solar Energy Industry as a Part of the Romanian Renewable Energy Industry: A Multi-level Territorial Approach

Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, (2012). Green Economy - A new economic miracle , Press Releases, 117, Berlin. Fthenakis V., Chul Kim H., Alsema E., (2008). Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles. CrystalClear European Commission Project. Golovanov N., Albert H., Gheorghe S., Mogoreanu N., Lăzăroiu G.C. (2015). Surse regenrabile de energie electric în sistemul energetic, seria Energii neconvenţionale, Ed. AGIR. Hernandez R., Hoffacker M., Field C. (2014). Land-Use Efficiency of Big Solar. Environmental Science

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Thermographic Method Based Accelerated Fatigue Limit Calculation for Steel X5CrNi18-10 Subjected to Rotating Bending

. Radaj, D.: Design and analysis of fatigue resistant welded structures. Abington, Woodhead Publishing (1990). 9. Szala, J.: Application of programmed fatigue tests to evaluating fatigue limit. Mechanika Teoretyczna i Stosowana, 3, 26, 523-539 (1988) - in Polish. 10. Lipski, A.: Determination of Fatigue Limit by Locati Method using S-N Curve Determined by Means of Thermographic Method. Solid State Phenomena, 223, 362-373 (2014). 11. Lipski, A.: Impact of the Strain Rate during Tension Test on 46Cr1 Steel Temperature Change

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Water for agriculture and natural environment

: 277-290. Human Development Report, 2006. Geneva, UNESCO. Implementation of the water policy and strategy of the United Nations Environment Programme. 2008. United Nations UNEP/GC.25/9. Indicator and indices for decision making in water resources management, 2009. Kędziora A., 2006. Kształtowanie krajobrazu rolniczego dla zachowania zrównoważonej gospodarki wodnej. (Agricultural landscape management to maintain

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Environmental values in the petrochemical industry: A Q-method study in South West Iran

developing countries under its Natural Resources Systems Programme (project no R8280). Davies B.B., Hodge I.D. 2007. Exploring environmental perspectives in lowland agriculture: A Q methodology study in East Anglia, UK. J. Ecol. Econ., 61: 323-333. Del Angel-Perez A.L., Villagomez-Cortes J.A. 2014. Environment Perceptions and Conservation Preferences along the Coatepec-La Antigua Watershed, México. J. Human Ecol., 46 (3): 309-318. Dibrell C., Craig J,B., Hansen E.N. 2011. How managerial attitudes toward the natural

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