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Numerical modelling in research on geothermal systems

University Geothermal Training Programme, Iceland. KAPUŚCIŃSKI J., 2011, Modele transportu ciepła. [in:] Dąbrowski S., Kapuściński J., Nowicki K., Przybyłek J., Szczepański A. (eds.), Metodyka modelowania matematycznego w badaniach i obliczeniach hydrogeologicznych. Bogucki Publ., Poznań: 333–349. KĘPIŃSKA B., BUJAKOWSKI W. (eds.), 2011, Wytyczne projektowe poprawy chłonności skał zbiornikowych w związku z zatłaczaniem wód termalnych w polskich zakładach geotermalnych. Patria Publ., Kraków. KLESZCZ A., TOMASZEWSKA B., 2013, Prognozowanie scalingu na

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Understanding a continuous inland aeolian deposition: a closer look into a chronological and sedimentary record of the north-eastern European Sand Belt

reviewers are thank for their comments. Financial support The study was supported by the Postdoctoral Research Grant ERMOS (22) (FP7 Marie Curie Cofund the “People” programme) “Age and climatic signature of coversands deposits distributed on glaciolacustrine basins along the Scandinavian Ice Sheet margin southeast of the Baltic Sea” in the years 2010–2013”. Disclosure statement No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. References AMON L, SAARSE L, HEINSALU A and VESKI S, 2016, Timing of the deglaciation and the late

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Solar Energy Industry as a Part of the Romanian Renewable Energy Industry: A Multi-level Territorial Approach

Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, (2012). Green Economy - A new economic miracle , Press Releases, 117, Berlin. Fthenakis V., Chul Kim H., Alsema E., (2008). Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles. CrystalClear European Commission Project. Golovanov N., Albert H., Gheorghe S., Mogoreanu N., Lăzăroiu G.C. (2015). Surse regenrabile de energie electric în sistemul energetic, seria Energii neconvenţionale, Ed. AGIR. Hernandez R., Hoffacker M., Field C. (2014). Land-Use Efficiency of Big Solar. Environmental Science

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Auswahldokumentation neuer Literatur
Neuzugänge und aktuelles periodisches Schrifttum zur Raum- und Siedlungsentwicklung aus der Bibliothek des Bundesamts für Bauwesen und Raumordnung

, International, Strukturpolitik, EU, Fondsfinanzierung, Problemraum, Agrarpolitik, Arbeitsmarktpolitik, Wirtschaftswachstum, Zukunft Mittelosteuropa, Irland, Griechenland, Großbritannien 4.6 Raumwirksame europäische Fachpolitiken Petersen, Rudolf; Böhler, Susanne; Dalkmann, Holger; Ahrens, Andreas Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy GmbH (Bearb.); Ökopol Hamburg (Bearb.); Federal Environmental Agency, Berlin (Hrsg., Auftr.); Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Bonn (Auftr.); Latvia, Ministry of

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Distance matters. Assessing socioeconomic impacts of the Dukovany nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic: Local perceptions and statistical evidence

References: BAROCH, P. (2010): Obec Temelín nevzkvétá. I když ČEZ vydělává miliardy [online]. [cit. 10.10.2015] Available at: BAZILE, F. (2012): Social impacts and public perception of nuclear power. In Alonso, A. [ed.]: Infrastructure and Methodologies for the Justification of Nuclear Power Programmes. A Volume in Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy, 549–566. BEZDEK, R. H., WENDLING, R. M. (2006): The impacts of nuclear facilities on

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Water for agriculture and natural environment

: 277-290. Human Development Report, 2006. Geneva, UNESCO. Implementation of the water policy and strategy of the United Nations Environment Programme. 2008. United Nations UNEP/GC.25/9. Indicator and indices for decision making in water resources management, 2009. Kędziora A., 2006. Kształtowanie krajobrazu rolniczego dla zachowania zrównoważonej gospodarki wodnej. (Agricultural landscape management to maintain

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On the spatial differentiation of energy transitions: Exploring determinants of uneven wind energy developments in the Czech Republic

, L., KOTIKALAPUDI, C. K., WLOKAS, H. (2017): New frontiers and conceptual frameworks for energy justice. Energy Policy, 105: 677–691. STAID, A., GUIKEMA, S. D. (2013): Statistical analysis of installed wind capacity in the United States. Energy Policy, 60: 378–385. SUN, C., ZHU, X., MENG, X. (2016): Post-Fukushima public acceptance on resuming the nuclear power program in China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 62: 685–694. SUŠKEVIČS, N. B., EITER, S., MARTINAT, S., STOBER, D., VOLLMER, E., DE BOER, C. L., BUCHECKER, M. (2019): Regional

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Post-industrial university towns and the triple helix concept: case studies of Bristol, Sheffield, Novosibirsk and Tomsk

and innovation within Novosibirsk”, aims to support the high-tech industry – which is facing stiff competition – for the years 2016–2020 ( Municipal support, 2016 ). Since 2008, the city’s Electronic Novosibirsk programme has aimed to use telecommunication technologies for more effective interaction between the city authorities and the local population ( Program Electronic Novosibirsk, 2010 ). Thus, mechanisms for direct interaction of universities, business and authorities are formed. Bristol’s experience is of interest to Novosibirsk. NSU and NSTU campuses are

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Environmental values in the petrochemical industry: A Q-method study in South West Iran

developing countries under its Natural Resources Systems Programme (project no R8280). Davies B.B., Hodge I.D. 2007. Exploring environmental perspectives in lowland agriculture: A Q methodology study in East Anglia, UK. J. Ecol. Econ., 61: 323-333. Del Angel-Perez A.L., Villagomez-Cortes J.A. 2014. Environment Perceptions and Conservation Preferences along the Coatepec-La Antigua Watershed, México. J. Human Ecol., 46 (3): 309-318. Dibrell C., Craig J,B., Hansen E.N. 2011. How managerial attitudes toward the natural

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Tools for Resilience Building and Adaptive Spatial Governance
Challenges for Spatial and Urban Planning in Dealing with Vulnerability

initiated in the context of the programmes: "Spatial development strategies for climate change" Modellvorhaben der Raumentwicklung (MORO), Raumentwicklungsstrategien zum Klimawandel; see 12.04.2012). and "Urban strategies on climate change" Experimenteller Wohnungs- und Städtebau (ExWoSt), Urbane Strategien zum Klimawandel; see 12.04.2012). as well as larger projects in the BMBF-programmes "klimazwei" (Research for climate protection and protection from climate impacts) See http

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