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Issue of Actual Chronology of a Romanesque Chapel at the Wlen Castle (Lower Silesia, Poland) in the Light of Mortar Radiocarbon Dating

, Czernik J, Goslar E, 2004. Low-energy 14 C AMS in Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory, Poland. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 223: 5-11. Heinemeier J, Jungner H, Lindroos A, Ringbom A, von Konow T and Rud N, 1997. AMS 14 C dating of lime mortar. Nuclear Insttruments and Methods in Physics Research B 123: 487-495. Michniewicz J, 1997. Stone materials, mortars and ceramics applied in the Middle Ages and Rènaissance on the example of the castle in Wleń. PhD thesis. Adam Mickiewicz

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Numerical modelling in research on geothermal systems

University Geothermal Training Programme, Iceland. KAPUŚCIŃSKI J., 2011, Modele transportu ciepła. [in:] Dąbrowski S., Kapuściński J., Nowicki K., Przybyłek J., Szczepański A. (eds.), Metodyka modelowania matematycznego w badaniach i obliczeniach hydrogeologicznych. Bogucki Publ., Poznań: 333–349. KĘPIŃSKA B., BUJAKOWSKI W. (eds.), 2011, Wytyczne projektowe poprawy chłonności skał zbiornikowych w związku z zatłaczaniem wód termalnych w polskich zakładach geotermalnych. Patria Publ., Kraków. KLESZCZ A., TOMASZEWSKA B., 2013, Prognozowanie scalingu na

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Preliminary results towards the equivalence of transformed continuous-wave Optically Stimulated Luminescence (CW-OSL) and linearly-modulated (LM-OSL) signals in quartz

[1] Bailey RM, Smith BW, Rhodes EJ, 1997. Partial bleaching and the decay form characteristics of quartz OSL. Radiation Measurements 27(2): 123–136, DOI 10.1016/S1350-4487(96)00157-6. [2] Balian HM, Eddy NW, 1977. Figure-of-merit (FOM): An improved criterion over the normalized Chi-squared test for assessing goodness-of-fit of gamma-ray spectral peaks. Nuclear Instruments and Methods 145(2): 389–395, DOI 10.1016/0029-554X(77)90437-2.

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Selection of Suitable Data Sets Improves 230Th/U Dates of Dirty Material

230 and C 14 ages for carbonate materials from lakes Lahontan and Bonneville. Journal of Geophysical Research 70: 4039-4054. Ku TL and Liang ZC, 1984. The dating of impure carbonates with decay-series isotopes. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 223(2-3): 563-571, DOI 10.1016/0167-5087(84)90710-5. Ludwig KR and Titteringon DM, 1994. Calculation of 230 Th/U isochrons, ages, and errors. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 58: 5031-5042. Luo S and Ku T-L, 1991. U

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Chemical U-Th-Pb geochronology: A precise explicit approximation of the age equation and associated errors

Geology 254(3–4), 197–215, DOI 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2008.05.016. [10] Kato T, Suzuki K and Adachi M, 1999. Computer program for the CHIME age calculation. Journal of Earth and Planetary Sciences Nagoya Univ. 46: 49–56. [11] Le Roux LJ and Glendenin LE, 1963. Half-life of 232Th. Proceedings of National Meeting on Nuclear Energy, Pretoria, 83–94. [12] Lisowiec N, 2006. Precision estimation in electron microprobe monazite dating: Repeated

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The Basis of the Study of the Age of the Holocene Diluvium on Loess Areas of Polish Highlands

San-Solinka river). Kraków, PAN: 63-68 (in Polish). Borek H, 1988. Górny Śląsk w świetle nazw miejscowych (The Upper Silesia in the light of locals names). Opole, Instytut Ślaski: 41 pp. (in Polish). Bronk Ramsey C, 1995. Radiocarbon Calibration and Analysis of Stratigraphy: The OxCal Program Radiocarbon 37(2): 425-430. Bronk Ramsey C, 2001. Development of the radiocarbon calibration program OxCal, Radiocarbon 43 (2A): 355-363. Dwucet K and Śnieszko Z, 1997

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Chronology of Aeolian Events Recorded in the Karczmiska Dune (Lublin Upland) in the Light of Lithofacial Analysis, 14C and TL Dating

S, 1992. Regression analysis of ESR/TL dose-response data. Nuclear Trucks and Radiation Measurements 20: 595-599, DOI 10.1016/1359-0189(92)90010-S. Buraczyński J, 1994. Rola procesów eolicznych w rozwoju pokryw piaszczystych na Roztoczu Tomaszowskim (Role of aeolian processes in the development of cover sands on Tomaszów Roztocze Upland). In: Vistuliańsko-holoceńskie zjawiska i formy eoliczne (wybrane zagadnienia). Poznań, SGP: 13-23 (in Polish). Clemmensen LB and Abrahamsen K, 1983. Aeolian stratification

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Contribution of Radiocarbon Dating to the Chronology of Eneolithic in Campania (Italy)

). Brown TA, Nelson DE, Vogel JS and Southon JR, 1988. Improved collagen extraction method by modified Longin method. Radiocarbon 30(2): 171-177. Bronk Ramsey C, 2001. Development of the radiocarbon program OxCal. Radiocarbon 43(2A): 355-63. Bronk Ramsey C, 2005. Improving the resolution of radiocarbon dating by statistical analysis. In: Levy TE and Higham TFG, eds., The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating: Archaeology, Text and Science. London, Equinox: 57-64. Bronk Ramsey C, Higham T, Bowles A

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Mesopleistocene loess deposits in the Mamalyha 2 profile of Ukraine — interlaboratory comparison of the thermoluminescence dating results

palaeogeography). Wyd. Centr. LUN im. I. Franko, Lviv: 147–193 (in Ukrainian). [15] Bogucki (Boguckyj) AB, Łanczont M, Łącka B, Madeyska T and Nawrocki J, 2009. Quaternary sediment sequence at Skala Podil’ska, Dniester River basin (Ukraine): Preliminary results of multi-proxy analyses. Quaternary International 198(1–2): 173–194, DOI 10.1016/j.quaint.2008.05.010. [16] Brumby S, 1992. Regression analysis of ESR/TL dose-response data. Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurement 20

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Early Late Miocene Murine Rodents from the Upper Part of the Nagri Formation, Siwalik Group, Pakistan, with a new fossil calibration point for the Tribe Apodemurini (Apodemus/Tokudaia)

References Aghova, T., Gauthier, D., Granjon, L., Kimura, Y., Bryja, J. (2016): Integrative phylogeography of rodents from Sudanian savanna. – In: Tkadlec, E. (ed.), Programme and Abstract Book, 15 th Rodens et Spatium: International Conference on Rodent Biology, July 25th–29th, Olomouc, the Czech Republic, p. 17. Badgley, C., Flynn, L. J., Taylor, L. H., Jacobs, L. L. (2004): A consideration of the paleontological contributions of Will Downs with a general correlation of Chinese fossil localities. – Vertebrata PalAsiatica, 42: 340–344. Barry

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