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Kateřina Kozlová, Karla Barčová and Jan Kubíček

: Computer Press. ISBN 978-80-251-2358-4. (in Czech) Kubíček, J., Dedera, O. 2011. Collection and analysis of data describing the activity of the CR operators during the emergency scenarios simulated on the Dukovany NPP simulator. Řež: ÚJV Řež a.s. (in Czech) Laurenčík, M. 2013. Programming in Excel 2010 & 2013, recording, editing and programming macros. Praha: Grada. ISBN 978-80-247-5033-0. (in Czech) NEA Halden Reactor Project [online]. NEA NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY, 2017 [cit. 2017-08-18]. Available at: https

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Lucia Husenicova

References Bernholz, P. (2007) Ideology, sects, state and totalitarianism. In Maier, H., & Schäfer, M. Totalitarianism and Political Religions, Volume II. Concepts for the comparison of dictatorship, 246-271. London: Routledge. Buzo, A. (2003). Partyzánská dynastie. Politika a vedení Severní Koreje. Praha: BB Art Cheon, S. (2013). The Kim Jong-un Regime’s „Byungjin“ (Paralled Development) Policy of Economy and Nuclear Weapons and the ‘April 1st Nuclearization Law‘, Korean Institute for National Unification

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Nick Shykinov, Robert Rulko and Dariusz Mroz

References [1] World Nuclear Association, , 2015. [2] International Atomic Energy Agency, Preparation of Feasibility Study for New Nuclear Power Projects , IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NG-T-3.3, Vienna, Austria, 2014. [3] Schneider M., Froggatt A. et al., World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014 , Mycle Schneider Consulting, Washington, D.C, U.S.A, 2014. [4] Province of Ontario, Ontario Moving Forward with Nuclear Refurbishment at Darlington and Pursuing Continued Operations at Pickering to 2024

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Juraj Králik

, J. Dynamics of structures, Mc Graw-Hill, Inc.1993. [4] IAEA, Technical Report, Guidelines for WWER 440/213 Containment Evaluation, IAEA/TA-2488, RER/9/035, WWER-SC-170, Vienna, 1996. [5] IAEA, Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Requirements, No. NS-R-1, Vienna, 2000. [6] JCSS-OSTL/DIA/VROU-10-11-2000, Probabilistic Model Code, Part 1 Basis of Design, Working material,, 2001. [7] KALA, Z. Sensitivity analysis of steel plane frames with initial imperfections, Engineering

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Ivan Němec and Šárka Sychrová


The presented article is a contribution to the discussion concerning nuclear safety which has intensified after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. A parametric study concerning various materials, containment wall thicknesses and different aircraft speeds at the time of impact was performed. The aim of this study was to establish damage extent of various variants of a containment structure. Containment damage was evaluated by means of the value of maximum permanent deformation and plastic strain extent. The purpose of this study was also to foster experiential suggestions for improving the explicit method in the RFEM program in order to release it for RFEM users.

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Jakub Navařík, Petr Novák, Jiří Pechoušek, Libor Machala, Dalibor Jančík and Miroslav Mašláň

Physics - HINP16C, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A No. 573 (2007), 418. [4] PROCHAZKA, R.—MASLAN, M.—PECHOUSEK, J.—JANCIK, D. : Optimizing the Features of the Single-Channel Analyzer towards Improvement of Productivity of Mössbauer Spectra, Czechoslovak Journal of Physics No. 56 (2006), E133. [5] PROCHAZKA, R.—PECHOUSEK, J.—FRYDRYCH, J. : Development of the Fast Scintillation Detector with Programmable High Voltage Adjustment Suitable for Möossbauer Spectroscopy, AIP Conference proceedings, 2010, p. 143. [6] KWANG, H. K.—IN, S. J.—HO-SIK, Y

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Kazimierz Kosmowski and Marcin Śliwiński

. Strategic Research Programme (in Polish). Polish Technology Platform on Safety at Work in Industry (PPT BPP), Central Research Institute of Labor Protection-State Research Institute (CIOP-PIB). Warsaw, January 2006. Group 5: Preventing from major accidents; updating December 2009. EN 62061: Safety of machinery - Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems, 2005. IEC 61508: Functional safety of electrical/ electronic/ programmable electronic (E/E/PE) safety

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Vladimir Aleshin and Vadim Seleznev

References [1] Accounting for Natural and Technology-Related Effects on Nuclear and Radiation- Dangerous Sites. PNAE G-05-035-94. Gosatomnadzor of Russia, Moscow, 1995 (in Russian). [2] Design Guidelines for Aseismic Nuclear Power Plants. NP-031-01. Gosatomnadzor of Russia, Moscow, 2001 (in Russian). [3] Seismic Analysis of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures and Commentary. ASCE 4-98. ASCE Standards, USA, 2000. [4] Code for Seismic Design of Buildings. National Standard of the People

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Maciej Zaorski and Krzysztof Rogowski

:// , [10.12.2014]. PELLOWSKI Witalis (2013). Radiation protection with the elements of radiometry. Higher Land Forces Military Academy of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko's name. Wrocław 2013. 160 p. ISBN 978-83-63900-24-3. Polish NPP, 2010; The Polish Nuclear Power Program in September 2010. Issued by the Ministry of Economy of Poland. Polish Nuclear Power Program elaborated by the Ministry of Economy, , [30.09.2013]. Regulation of the Council of Ministers dated 27 April 2004. On intervention levels for particular types

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Heinz-Peter Berg and Nicole Fritze

high-rise building. Thesis, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2007. 5. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA): OECD FIRE Database, Version 2012:1, Paris, December 2012. 6. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): OECD/NEA/CSNI, FIRE Project Report: Collection and Analysis of Fire Events (2002-2008) - First Applications and Expected Further Developments, NEA/CSNI/R(2009)6, Paris, 2009. 7. Berg, H.P., Fritze, N., Forell, B