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Dominik Kryzia and Lidia Gawlik

model of the US uranium market. Materials and Society 8, pp. 137–152. Owen, A.D. 1985. The Economics of Uranium . Praeger, New York. Patterson, J.A. 1970. World Uranium Supply and Demand . IAEA publishing, Paris, France. PPEJ 2014. Program of the Polish Nuclear Energy (Program polskiej energetyki jądrowej). Accepted by Ministers Council on 24.06.2014. Warszaw ( in Polish ). [Online] Available at: ( ) [Accessed: 3.03.2016]. Strategic… 2010 – Strategic Environmental

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Dariusz Botor

Namurian in the Marklowice region. Rocznik Polskiego Towarzystwa Geologicznego 42, s. 309-326. Chodynicka, L. i Sankiewicz J. 1978. Bazaltes from Suminy area (Rybnik Coal Area). Kwartalnik Geologiczny 22, s. 119-130. Donelick i in. 2005 - Donelick, R.A., O’Sullivan, P.B. i Ketcham, R.A. 2005. Apatite fission-track analysis. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 58, s. 49-94. Dumitru, T. 1993. A new computer-automated microscope stage system for fission-track analysis. Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements 21, s

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Lucia Husenicova

References Bernholz, P. (2007) Ideology, sects, state and totalitarianism. In Maier, H., & Schäfer, M. Totalitarianism and Political Religions, Volume II. Concepts for the comparison of dictatorship, 246-271. London: Routledge. Buzo, A. (2003). Partyzánská dynastie. Politika a vedení Severní Koreje. Praha: BB Art Cheon, S. (2013). The Kim Jong-un Regime’s „Byungjin“ (Paralled Development) Policy of Economy and Nuclear Weapons and the ‘April 1st Nuclearization Law‘, Korean Institute for National Unification

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Răzvan Voicu, Doru Bănăduc, Larry Greenberg and Angela Curtean-Bănăduc

Passage Program: Summary of Existing Inventory and Assessment Data and Gap Analysis, September 2009. Special Publication No. 10-17. 19. Gumpinger, C. and Scheder, C., (2008) Decline of biodiversity as a result of various human impacts related to river regulation - exemplified by several small river catchments (Austria), Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research 6. The Wetlands Diversity, Sibiu, 141-148. 20. Jeeva, V., Kumar, S., Verma, D., Rumana, H. S., (2011) River fragmentation and connectivity problems in Gange

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Maja Remic, Gašper Žerovnik and Janez Žerovnik

-227. Zhang, G, Cai, X, Wong, C. K. (2000), "Lineartimeapproximation algorithms for bin packing", Operations Research Letters, Vol. 26, No. 5, pp. 217222. Železnik, N, et al. (2004), "Program razgradnje NEK in odlaganja NSRAO in IJG" ("Program of NPP Krško Decommissioning and SF & LILW Disposal"), Study, No. T-1123-03, Agency for Radwaste Management, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Agency for Hazardous Waste, Zagreb, Croatia. Žerovnik, G, Snoj, L, Ravnik, M. (2009), "Optimization of Spent Nuclear Fuel Filling in Canisters for

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Fawzy Soliman

(Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC. Liebowitz, J. and Suen, C. Y. (2000): Developing knowledge management metrics for measuring intellectual capital, Journal of intellectual Capital, 1(1): 54-67. Maier, R. and Remus, U. (2003): “Implementing process-oriented knowledge management strategies”, Journal of Knowledge Management, 7(4): 62-74. Malone, M. (1997), “New metrics for a new age', Forbes Magazine, April 7. Mehrez, A. (2010): The role of quality gaps in assessing the performance of management programs, Ph. D. thesis, University of Newcastle. Australia

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Graham E. Heaslip and Elizabeth Barber

. Whilst there are clear distinctions between United Nations (UN) Agencies such as the World Food Programme (WFP), and World Health Organisation (WHO); the Red Cross movement; and NGOs, for convenience the latter abbreviation will be used to refer to all such entities except where the context dictates a differentiation. The majority of funds donated to humanitarian operations through NGOs responding to natural disasters are directed to logistics purposes. Development aid since 2004 to 2011 has increased approximately 60% (at current prices and exchange rates, last

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Laviniu Bojor

-storyarchive/intelligence-human-intelligence.html [10] Nuclear spy ring consists of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Harry Gold, Klaus Fuchs, David and Ruth Greenglass [11] Kim Plilby [12] [13] [14] Dangle - A person sent by the intelligence agency of his or her own country who approaches an intelligence agency in the hope of being recruited as a spy so as to allow a double agent operation