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New trends in training nuclear power plant employees: probabilistic safety analysis

-177). Reading: Academic Conferences and Publishing International. (IAEA), I. (2017). E-learning - Nuclear Power - IAEA. [online] Leary-Joyce, J. (2014). "International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate" Programme. PRA procedures guide. (1983). Washington, D.C.: Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. OpenLearn. (2017). Managing and managing people. [online] Available at: http

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Energy Research in the Czech Republic and Abroad - International Cooperation in Research and Development

:// [6] Kučera Z., Vondrák T: Energetický výzkum v ČR a zahraničí - výdaje na výzkum a vývoj a jeho výsledky. Ergo č. 3 (2013) [7] Seventh Framework Programme. [8] European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) [9] Germany's new energy policy. Heading towards 2050 with secure, affordable and environmentally sound energy. Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, 2012 http

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Nature or Nurture – Will Epigenomics Solve the Dilemma?

, 2005, pp. 1466-1469. 6. Arai, J. A., Li, S., Hartley, D. M., Feig, L. A. Transgenerational rescue of a genetic defect in long-term potentiation and memory formation by juvenile enrichment. Journal of Neuroscience 29, 2009, pp. 1496-1502. 7. Bale, T. L. Lifetime stress experience: transgenerational epigenetics and germ cell programming. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience 16(3), 2014, pp. 297-305. 8. Barker, D., Barker, M., Fleming, T., Lampl, M. Developmental biology: Support mothers to secure future public health

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How Long Before NATO Aircraft Carrier Force Projection Capabilities Are Successfully Countered? Some effects of the fiscal crises

. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Blanchard, B. and Lim, B., 2011. China boosts naval power with carrier program. Reuters, [online] (last updated 27 July 2011). Available at: [accessed 1 June 2014] Cavas, C. P., 2013. A US Navy with only 8 carriers? The drastic consequences of Hagel’s fleet options. DefenseNews, [online] (last updated 4 August 2013). Available at:

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Botching Human Factors in Cybersecurity in Business Organizations

(2007), 143-154. [25]Kraemer, S., Carayon, P. &Clem, J. (2009). Human and organizational factors in computer and information security: Pathways to vulnerabilities. Computers &Security, 28, 509-520. [26]Lawton, R. (1998). Not working to rule: Understanding procedural violations at work. Safety Science, 28(2), 77-95. [27]Lee, Y. H., Park, J., &Jang, T. I. (2011). The human factors approaches to reduce human errors in nuclear power plants. In Nuclear Power-Control, Reliability and Human Factors . InTech. [28]Maglaras, L., He, Y., Janicke, H., &Evans, M

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Can Institutions of Autonomy Become Potentially “Subversive Institutions”?

(2): 328–347. Greer, S. L., 2007. Nationalism and Self-Government. The Politics of Autonomy in Scotland and Catalonia. Albany: State University of New York Press. Hague, R., Harrop, M., and Breslin, S., 2001. Komparativna vladavina i politika. Politička misao: Zagreb. Hale, H. E., 2004. Divided we stand: Institutional Sources of Ethnofederal State Survival and Collapse. World Politics, 56: 165–93. Hobsbawm, Eric J., 1993. Nacije i nacionalizam. Program, mit, stvarnost. Zagreb: Novi Liber. II Plan Director del Euskera de la UPV

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