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Is Brain Emulation Dangerous?

, report of The Singularity Institute, San Francisco, CA. Available at files WBE-Superorgs.pdf Shulman, C.; Sandberg, A. 2010. Implications of a Software-Limited Singularity. In ECAP10: VIII European Conference on Computing and Philosophy, Munich. ed. Klaus Mainzer. Available at Smith S. W.; Weingart S.; 1999. Building a high-performance, programmable secure coprocessor, Computer Networks 31:831-860 Siegelmann, H. T.; Sontag, E. D. 1991. Turing

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Causal Mathematical Logic as a guiding framework for the prediction of “Intelligence Signals” in brain simulations

: novel implications for hippocampal rhythmicity. J Physiol. 551, 927-43. Stephan, K.E.; Harrison, L.M.; and et al. 2007. Dynamic causal models of neural system dynamics: current state and future extensions. J Biosci. 32(1):129-44. Staudacher, T.; Shi, F.; and et al. 2013. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy on a (5- Nanometer)3 Sample Volume. Science. 2013; 339 (6119): 561 Still, S.; Sivak, D. A.; and et al. 2012. Thermodynamics of Prediction. Phys. Rev. Letters. 109, 120604 Striegel, D.A.; and Hurdal

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References [1] FANG X., MISRA S., XUE G., YANG D., Smart grid - the new and improved power grid: A survey, IEEE Commun. Surveys Tutorials, 2012. [2] BAYINDIR R., HOSSAIN E., VADI S., The path of the smart grid -the new and improved power grid, International Smart Grid Workshop and Certificate Program (ISGWCP), 2016, 1-8. [3] FARHANGI H., The path of the smart grid, IEEE Transactions on Power and Energy, 2010, 8, 1, 18-28. [4] ZHOU X., Development prospects of power grid and power system

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