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Jamie P. Halsall and Ian G. Cook

). Kibbutz-diary: socialism for the 21 st century, Accessed June 14th 2017. Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2015). World Population Aging 2015 . United Nations: New York. Dummer, T. J. B., Halsall, J. P. & Cook, I. G. (2011). Longevity in the 21 st Century: A Global Environmental Perspective. International Journal of Society Systems Science , 3(4): pp. 307-24. Glicksman A. &Aydin, M. J. (2009).Introduction to Special Issue of Journal of Cross Cultural Gerontology on Aging and the Middle East. Journal of

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Mahmood Messkoub

. (2007) Generation and Globalization: Youth, Age and Family in the New World Economy . Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. Dhillon, N. and Yousef, T. (Eds) (2009) Generation in Waiting: The Unfulfilled Promise of Young People in the Middle East. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution. EU (2017) Eurostat - Archive:Youth statistics - North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean. . Accessed: 10 March 2017

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Merril Silverstein and Ling Xu

of the middle generation and the kinship status of the grandparent. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 12 , 1–15. doi: 10.1080/15350770.2014.929936 Xu, X. H., & Ji, J. J. (1999). Supports for the aged in China: A rural-urban comparison. Journal of Asian and African Studies, 34 , 257–278. Zhang, Q., & Wang, L. (2010). Factors influencing psychological well-being in urban empty-nested elders [In Chinese]. Chinese Journal of Gerontology , 30 , 2334–2336. Zhang, Y., & Goza, F. W. (2006). Who will care for the elderly in China? A review of

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Abla Mehio Sibai, Aline Semaan, Jiana Tabbara and Anthony Rizk

-418. Sharara, S.L. and Kanj, S.S. (2014). War and Infectious Diseases: Challenges of the Syrian Civil War. PLoS Pathogens. Doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1004438. Sibai, A., Fletcher, A., Hills, M., & Campbell, O. (2001). Non-communicable disease mortality rates using the verbal autopsy in a cohort of middle aged and older populations in Beirut during wartime, 1983-93. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 55(4): 271-276. Sibai, A.M. and Kronfol, N. (2009). Older people in Lebanon: voices of the caregivers. Policy Brief, Center for Studies on Aging, Issue 1

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Peter Lloyd-Sherlock

gerontology, pp.379-388. London: Sage Publications. Lloyd-Sherlock, P. (2014). Beyond neglect: Long-term care research in low and middle income countries. International Journal of Gerontology, 8(2):66-69. Lloyd-Sherlock, P. (2016) Managing the ‘cost’ population ageing in low and middle income countries: health and social care. In UNFPA Investing in an ageing world. UNFPA, forthcoming. Morley, J.E. (2012). Aging in place. JAMDA: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 13(6): 489-92. OECD

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Pearl A. Dykstra and Gunhild O. Hagestad

References Abendroth, A. K., Huffman, M. L., & Treas, J. (2014). The parity penalty in life course perspective: Motherhood and occupational status in 13 European countries. American Sociological Review, 79(5): 993–1014. American Bar Association (2014). Default Surrogate Consent Statutes. Accessed May 27, 2016 Anttonen, A., & Sipilä, J. (1996). European social care services: Is it possible to identify models? Journal

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Jasmine Fledderjohann and Celia Roberts

:// Inhorn, M. C. (2002). Sexuality, masculinity, and infertility in Egypt: Potent troubles in the marital and medical encounters. The Journal of Men’s Studies , 10 (3), 343–359. Inhorn, M. C. (2003). “The Worms Are Weak” Male Infertility and Patriarchal Paradoxes in Egypt. Men and Masculinities , 5 (3), 236–256. Inhorn, M. C. (2012). The new Arab man: Emergent masculinities, technologies, and Islam in the Middle East . Princeton University Press. Inhorn, M. C., & Patrizio, P. (2015). Infertility around the globe: new thinking on gender, reproductive

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900 million and counting

Epidemiologic data for demographic and policy transitions

Paul Kowal and Julie E. Byles

., Foreman, K.T., et al. (2012) ‘Global and regional mortality from 235 causes of death for 20 age groups in 1990 and 2010: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010’, Lancet, vol. 380, pp. 2095-2128. Lloyd-Sherlock, P., Beard, J., Minicuci, N., Ebrahim, S., & Chatterji, S. (2014) ‘Hypertension among older adults in low- and middle-income countries: prevalence, awareness and control’, International Journal of Epidemiology, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 116-128. Lu, Z., Cao, S., Chai, Y., Liang, Y

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Sasha Frade and Clifford Odimegwu

.11564/23-1-310 Sneeringer, S.E., 2009. Fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative analysis of cohort trends in 30 countries. Vavrus, F. and Larsen, U., 2003. Girls’ education and fertility transitions: an analysis of recent trends in Tanzania and Uganda. Economic development and cultural change, 51(4), pp.945-975. Wulifan, J. K., Brenner, S., Jahn, A., & De Allegri, M. (2015). A scoping review on determinants of unmet need for family planning among women of reproductive age in low and middle income countries. BMC women’s health, 16(1), 2. 10.1186/s12905

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Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi, Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi and Peter McDonald

-Party Donation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, 4(2): 1-28. Akhondi, M.M., Kamali, K., Ranjbar, F., Shirzad, M., Shafeghati, S., Behjati Ardakani, Z., Goodjani, A., Parsaeian, M., and Mohammad, K., 2013, Prevalence of Primary Infertility in Iran in 2010, Iranian Journal of Public Health, 42(12):1398-404. Amani, M. (1996) ‘An attempt on historical outlook of the trends of births and death rates and study of the stage of demographic transition in Iran’ [in Persian], Journal of Population, vol. 1314, pp. 7183