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Jaspreet Kaur, Manoj Malik, Parul Sharma, Sumedha Sangwan and S. Kulandaivelan

the management of diabetes mellitus. Indian J Sci Res 6: 171-181, 2015. 15. Tack C, Pohlmeier H, Behnke T et al. Accuracy evaluation of five blood glucose monitoring systems obtained from the pharmacy. Diabetes Technol Ther 14: 330-337, 2012. 16. Rikli R, Jones C. The reliability and validity of a 6-minute walk test as a measure of physical endurance in older adults. J Aging Phys Act 6: 363-375, 1998. 17. Chetta A, Zanini A, Pisi G, Aiello M, Tzani P, Neri M, Olivieri D. Reference values for the 6-minute walk test in

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Alphonsus N. Onyiriuka, Jackson I. Ikuren and Rita C. Onyiriuka

. Activity, inactivity and obesity: racial, ethnic and age differences among school girls. Am J Public Health 83: 1625-1627, 1993. 30. Bernard L, Lavallee C, Gray-Donald K, Delisle H. Overweight in Cee schoolchildren and adolescents associated with diet, low physical activity, and high television viewing. J Am Diet Assoc 95: 800-802, 1995.

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Shazia Qasim Jamshed, Akshaya Srikanth Bhagavathula and Abdul Kareem Al-Shami

: economic evaluation of data from the Let's Prevent Diabetes cluster-randomised controlled trial. BMJ open 7: e013592, 2017. 11. Bommer C, Heesemann E, Sagalova V, et al. The global economic burden of diabetes in adults aged 20- 79 years: a cost-of-illness study. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 5(6): 423-430, 2017. 12. American Diabetes Association. Economic costs of diabetes in the U.S. in 2012. Diabetes Care 36(4): 1033-1046, 2013. 13. Seuring T, Archangelidi O, Suhrcke M. The economic costs of type 2 diabetes: a global

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Olivia Georgescu, Cătălin Nica, Silvia Crăciun, Cristina Toader, Sorin Ioacără and Simona Fica

consumption levels with the cardioankle vascular index (CAVI) is J-shaped in healthy middle-aged Japanese men. Abstract Book EAS Meeting Expert Lyon 494, 2013. 11. Sasaki S, Yoshioka E, Saijo Y et al. Relation between alcohol consumption and arterial stiffness: A cross-sectional study of middle-aged Japanese women and men. Alcohol 47: 643-649, 2013. 12. Naka K, Papathanassiou K, Bechlioulis A et al. Determinants of vascular function in patients with type 2 diabetes. Cardiovasc Diabetol 11: 127-137, 2012. 13. Hughes TM

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Volodymyr Pankiv and Ivan Pankiv

healthy middle-aged men and women. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 121(1-2): 462-466, 2010. 15. Neo JJ, Kong KH. Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in elderly patients admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation unit in Tropical Singapore. Rehabil Res Pract. 2016: 9689760, 2016. 16. World Health Organization. Obesity and overweight. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2nd Nov 2016].

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Bondar Andrei-Cristian and Popa Amorin-Remus

. Winkler A, Dlugaj M, Weimar C, et al. Association of diabetes mellitus and mild cognitive impairment in middle-aged men and women. J Alzheimers Dis 42(4): 1269–77, 2014. 5. Christman AL, Matsushita K, Gottesman RF, et al. Glycated haemoglobin and cognitive decline: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study. Diabetologia 54(7): 1645-52, 2011. 6. Sato N, Morishita R. Roles of vascular and metabolic components in cognitive dysfunction of Alzheimer disease: short- and long-term modification by non-genetic risk factors. Front Aging Neurosci 5

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Chee Huei Phing, Lee Syeh Hoa and Tan Xue Hua

:// , 2011. 4. Park W, Lee VJ, Ku B, Tanaka H. Effect of walking speed and placement position interactions in determining the accuracy of various newer pedometers. Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness 12: 31-37, 2014. 5. Chang CT, Lee PY, Cheah WL. The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in the young and middle-aged rural population in Sarawak, Malaysia. Malays J Med Sci 19: 27-34, 2012. 6. Yunus AM, Sherina M, Nor Afiah M, Rampal L, Tiew K. Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in a rural community in Mukim Dengkil, Selangor. Malays J

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Mustapha Diaf, Méghit Boumediene Khaled and Feriel Sellam

, Stein EA et al. Role of the apolipoprotein B-apolipoprotein A-I ratio in cardiovascular risk assessment: a case-control analysis in EPIC-Norfolk. Ann Intern Med 146: 640-8, 2007. 11. Dunder K, Lind L, Zethelius B, Berglund L, Lithell H. Evaluation of a scoring scheme, including proinsulin and the apolipoprotein B/apolipoprotein A1 ratio, for the risk of acute coronary events in middle-aged men: Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men (ULSAM). Am Heart J 148: 596-601, 2004. 12. Lewington S, Whitlock G, Clarke R et al. Blood cholesterol

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Maria-Magdalena Roșu and Maria Moța

for the management of arterial hypertension. Eur Heart J , 2018. 7. Kearney PM, Whelton M, Reynolds K, Muntner P, Whelton PK, He J . Global burden of hypertension: analysis of worldwide data. Lancet 365(9455): 217-223, 2005. 8. Chow CK, Teo KK, Rangarajan S et al . Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in rural and urban communities in high-, middle-, and low-income countries. JAMA 310(9): 959-968, 2013. 9. Rosu M . Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in the Adult (Aged 40-79 Years) Romanian Population. Acta Endocrinol

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Mirela Tache, Sandra Milena Tocut and Carmen Dobjanschi

References 1. Botts A, Munshi M. Diabetes Education in Geriatric Population. In: Educating Your Patient with Diabetes.Weinger K (ed). Humana Press, Boston, pp 289-307, 2009. 2. Alagiakrishnan K1, Zhao N, Mereu L, Senior P, Senthilselvan A. Montreal cognitive assessment is superior to Standardized Mini-Mental Status Exam in detecting mild cognitive impairment in the middle-aged and elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Biomed Res Int 2013:186106, 2013. 3. Petrak F, Herpertz S, Albus C et al. Study