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Swagato Chakravorty

. Carruthers, Mary J. 2010. Bhetoric Beyond Words: Delight and Persuasion in the Arts ofthe Middle Ages. Cambridge, LIK and New York: Cambridge University Press. Crossley, Paul. 2010. Ductus and Memoria: Chartres Cathédral and the Workings of Rhetoric. In Rhetoric Beyond Words: Delight and Persuasion in the Arts of the Middle Ages, ed. Mary J. Carruthers, 214-249. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press. Casetti. Francesco. 2015. The Lumière Galaxy: Seven Key Words for the Cinéma to Corne. New York: Columbia University Press

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Zsolt Győri

B. R. 2011. Remaking the Middle Ages: Methods of Cinema and History in Portraying the Medieval World. Jefferson: McFarland. Higson, Andrew. 2003. English Heritage, English Cinema: Costume Drama Since 1980. Oxford-New York: University Press. Higson, Andrew. 2011. Film England: Culturally English Filmmaking Since the 1990s. London/New York: I.B.Tauris. Lowenthal, David. 1985. The Past is a Foreign Country. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Luckett, Moya. 2000. Image and nation in 1990s British

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Mediating the Web as a Public Space

A Local Experiment in the Creation of Online Civic Genres

Seija Ridell

: Blackwell Publishers. Charity, Arthur (1995) Doing Public Journalism. New York: The Guilford Press. Coleman, Stephen (1999) Cutting Out the Middle Man: From Virtual Representation to Direct Deliberation. In Hague, Barry N. & Loader, Brian D. (eds.) Digital Democracy. Discourse and Decision Making in the Information Age. London & New York: Routledge, 195-210. Coleman, Stephen (2001) The Transformation of Citizenship. In Axford, Barrie & Huggins, Richard (eds.) New Media and Politics. London etc.: Sage Publications, 109

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More Cold Case Than Hot Spot

A Study of Public Opinion on Political Advertising in Swedish Television

Marie Grusell and Lars Nord

morgonpress och TV . Göteborg: JMG. Gustafsson, K-E. (2005) Reklamens makt över medierna. Stockholm: SNS förlag. Hallin, D.C. & Mancini, P. (2004) Comparing Media Systems. Three Models of Media and Politics . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. van Heerde, J. (2007) ‘Political Communication: Party Advertising in the General Election’, in Wring, D. et al. (eds.) Political Communications, The General Election Campaign of 2005 . Basingstoke: Palgrave. Holbert, R.L. et al. (2002) ‘The Role of Communication in an Age of Television’, Journalism

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Symbolic Spaces of Everyday Life

Work and Leisure at Home

Stina Bengtsson

References Andersson, Magnus & André Jansson (1998) ‘The Blurring of Distinctions: Media Use and the Progressive Cultural Lifestyle’, Nordicom Review nr 2 1998: 63-77. Campbell, Colin (1987) The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism. Oxford, Basil Blackwell. Castells, Manuel (1996/2000) The Rise of the Network Society 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell. [The information age: Economy, Society, Culture. Vol. 1]. Connell, John & Chris Gibson (2003) Sound Tracks: Popular Music, Identity and

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Anders Bo Rasmussen

Revengefulness?]’, Journalisten, (May). Sørensen, N.A. (2009) ’Kulturmøder, selvkolonisering og imperialisme Om USAmerikaniseringen af Europa [Cultural Encounters, Self-Colonialization and Imperialism: About USAmericanization of Europe]’, in A. Magnussen, S. Bjerrum Fossat, K. Petersen, N.A. Sørensen, (ed.) Transnationale historier [Transnational Histories] Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag. Talese, G. (1962) ‘Joe Louis: The King as a Middle-Aged Man’, Esquire. Wolfe, T. (1996) The New Journalism: With an Anthology edited by

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Mats Bergman

Myers’, Communication Theory 11:2, 231-240. Craig, Robert T. (2007) ‘Pragmatism in the Field of Communication Theory’, Communication Theory 17:2, 125-145. Dewey, John (1976-83) The Middle Works of John Dewey, 1899-1924. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1978. (Identified in the text as MW, followed by volume and page number) Dewey, John (1981-9) The Later Works of John Dewey, 1925-1953. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. (Identified in the text as LW, followed by volume and page number

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Intermedial Passages in Time and Space

Contexts, Currents and Circuits of Media Consumption

Johan Fornäs

-of-the-Month Club, Literary Taste, and Middle- Class Desire. Chapel Hill/London: University of North Carolina Press. Ricoeur, Paul (1983/1984, 1984/1985, 1985/1988) Time and Narrative, 3 volumes, Chicago/London: University of Chicago Press. Stallybrass, Peter & White, Allon (1986) The Politics and Poetics of Transgression. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Svedjedal, Johan (2000) The Literary Web: Literature and Publishing in the Age of Digital Production. Stockholm: Kungl. Biblioteket [Acta Bibliothecæ Regiæ Stockholmiensis

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Anu Kantola

., & Amiridis K. (2008) Managerialism, the Therapeutic Habitus and the Self in Contemporary Organizing’, Human Relations 61(5): 661-685. Clegg S. (2011) Under reconstruction: Modern bureaucracies’, in Clegg S., Harris M. and Höpfl, H. (eds.) Managing Modernity. Beyond Bureaucracy? (pp. 202-29), Oxford: Oxford University Press, Couldry N. (2000) The Place of Media Power: Pilgrims and Witnesses of the Media Age. London: Routledge. Couldry N. (2003) Media Rituals: A Critical Approach. London: Routledge. Courpasson D. (2000) ‘Managerial Strategies of Domination

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The Rise and Fall of NWICO

From a Vision of International Regulation to a Reality of Multilevel Governance

Ulla Carlsson

References A Documentary History of a New World Information and Communication Order Seen as an Evolving and Continuous Process 1975-1986. Paris: UNESCO (Communication and Society 19). Amin, S. (1997) Capitalism in the Age of Globalization. London: Zed. Bakdikian, B.H. (1997) The Media Monopoly (5th edition). Boston: Beacon Press. Baran, P. (1957) The Political Economy of Growth. New York: Monthly Review Press. Bartelson, J. & Ringmar, E. (1985) Två fallstudier: USA lämnar ILO och