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Christine M. Havliček

. Berkely, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, 1983, pp. 237-277 Beckwith, Christopher. “The Impact of the Horse and Silk Trade on the Economies of T’ang China and the Uighur Empire: On the Importance of International Commerce in the Early Middle Ages.” In Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 34, 1991, pp. 183-198 Beckwith, Christopher. Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages. Leiden: Brill, 2002 Beckwith, Christopher. Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages II. Leiden: Brill, 2005

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Stephan Si-Hwan Park

Shimizu, Kaho. “Middle Aged Job Seekers Facing Age Discrimination.” In Japan Times , February 6, 2002, , accessed October 2012 Solow, Robert M. “A Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth.” In Quarterly Journal of Economics , 1, February 1956, pp. 65-94 Statistics Korea. “Population Census.” , accessed October 2012 Suro, Roberto. “Commentary on the Cheskin Added Value/The Futures Company Study of Cultural Openness.” Added

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Marlen Rein

World Bank. “Labor Force Participation Rate, Total (% of Total Population Ages 15-64) (Modeled ILO Estimate).” 2012b,, accessed May 2014 World Bank. “Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 People).” 2012c,, accessed May 2014 World Bank. “Unemployment, Total (% of Total Labor Force) (Modeled ILO Estimate).” 2012d,, accessed May 2014 World Bank. “Unemployment, Total (% of

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Martin Mandl

and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2008, pp. 121-143 Meiburg, Debra. “How Asia’s Wine Culture is Thriving in Different Ways.” In South China Morning Post, 29 October 2015,, accessed May 2016 Mennell, Stephen. All Manners of Food: Eating and Taste in England and France from the Middle Ages to the Present. Oxford: Blackwell, 1985 Mennell, Stephen, Anne Murcott, and Anneke H. van Otterloo. The Sociology of Food

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Zohar Maor

Kfula: Al ha-metach bein Artziyut le-ruchaniut ba-olam ha-yehudi, Ramat Gan 2004. Belfer E., The Jewish People and the Kingdom of Heaven: A Study of Jewish Theocracy , “Jewish Political Studies Review” 1989, No. 1(1-2), pp. 7-37. Ben Bassat Y., Rethinking the Concept of Ottomanization: The Yishuv in the Aftermath of the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 , “Middle Eastern Studies” 2009, No. 45(3), pp. 461-475. Ben-Gurion D., Mi-Mamad Le-am , Tel Aviv 1933. Bergman S.H., Religiöser Zionismus , “Europäische Revue” 1926, No. 1(12), pp. 370

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Parisa Dashtizadeh and Mohammad Taghi Farvardin

middle school age gifted students: A comparison to the general cohort. Roeper Review, 22 (3), 182–185. Pishghadam, R., Akhondpoor, F. (2011). Learner perfectionism and its role in foreign language learning success, academic achievement, and learner anxiety. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2 (2), 432-440. Preacher, K. J., & Hayes, A. F. (2008). Asymptotic and resampling strategies for assessing and comparing indirect effects in multiple mediator models. Behavior Research Methods, 40 , 879-891. Ram, A. (2005). The relationship of positive

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Efraim Sicher

: University of Delaware Press. Questier, Michael.(1996). Conversion, politics and religion in England, 1580-1625 . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ragussis, M. (1995). Figures of conversion: “The Jewish question” and English national identity . Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Ragussis, N. (2007). The Jewess in nineteenth-century British literary culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Reznick, I. (2012). Marks of distinction: Christian perception of Jews in the high middle ages. Washington DC: Catholic University of America

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Maria A. Arapova

References ALDERSEY-WILLIAMS, H. (1996, April 17). Toothsome gruesome. The New Statesman. Retrieved from AMPERSAND. (2004, September 30). Smiling at strangers [Blog post]. Retrieved from BAKHTIN, M. M. (1990). Tvorchestvo Francois Rabelais i narodnaya kultura srednevekov’ya i renessansa [Francois Rabelais and Folk Culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance]. (2nd ed.). Moskva: Hudozhestvennaya literature. BARRETT, K. C