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Jakub Bogdan Drzazga

(5):527-533 [25] Viatom. Checkme Lite. . (last access: 02 2018) [26] You, Z., Liu, H., Chen, J., Ge, H. (2011). Effect of Strain on the Electrical Resistance of Carbon Nanotube/Silicone Rubber Composites. Journal Wuhan University of Technology . 26(5):812-816 [27] Young, T., Palta, M., Dempsey, J., Skatrud, J., Weber, S., Badr, S. (1993). The Occurrence of Sleep-Disordered Breathing among Middle-Aged Adults. The New England journal of medicine 328(17):1230-1235

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Milena Dobreva, Galia Angelova and Gennady Agre

Lead a Horse to Water. - In: Proc. of Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, ACM, New York, 2005, pp. 1-7. 14. Deegan, M., S. Tanner. Digital Futures: Strategies for the Information Age. London, Library Association Publishing, 2002. 15. Rasmussen G. K., G. Petersen. Personas. - In: M. Dobreva, O’Dwyer, A. P. Feliciati, Eds. User Studies in Digital Library Development. London, Facet Publishing, 2012, pp. 105-114. 16. Fox, R. Dramatis Personae. - OCLC Systems & Services: International Digital Library Perspectives, Vol. 30

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Csomós György

, New Zealand, and Ireland belong to the Anglosphere−Core. Countries in the Anglosphere−Middle sphere (e.g., Nigeria and South Africa) have several official languages, including English (which is the principal language of administration and commerce), but ‘where the primary connections to the outside world are in English’. The Anglosphere−Outer sphere consists of English-using states of other civilisations, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Arab states formerly under British control (primarily in the Middle East), and the Islamic former colonies of Britain (e

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Xiaojun Hu and Ronald Rousseau

there is a significant effect of firm scale on profits ( Chen, Jang, & Wen, 2010 ). Accordingly, only US-based multinational firms included in Fortune 500 qualify. Firm age: It has been shown that, in terms of innovation activities, older firms have a stronger foundation than younger ones. Hence, a firm’s age influences the outcome of its patents’ performance. For this reason we included only firms founded before the year 1990 ( Banerjee & Cole, 2010 ; McMillan & Thomas, 2005 ). Patent age: As the time between applying for a pharmaceutical patent and its return

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Xiao Hu, Eric M. Y. Ho and Chen Qiao

(group 3), and students who want to learn new knowledge about this splendid cultural heritage (group 4). Participants in this study were then recruited according to these considerations, through the authors’ professional and personal networks. Fourteen participants in total joined this study. There were six males and eight females, aged between 18 and 29 with an average age of 23. The occupations of the participants diverged, ranging from college students (6 of them), administrative clerks (4), school teachers (2) to multimedia professionals (2). Half of the

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Satoshi Tsutsui, Yi Bu and Ying Ding

–2004 from the MeSH terms is obviously related to AIDS/HIV. However, the results can provide more relevant observations if the characteristics of LDA are considered. Table 1 MeSH LDA results ranked by popularity. Year 1 st topic 2 nd topic 3 rd topic 4 th topic 5 th topic All Huntington disease Mental disorders Tau proteins Aging Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome (1945–2015) Parkinson disease Caregivers Amyloid beta-protein precursor Cognition Apolipoproteins E Neurons Dementia, vascular

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Il-Yeol Song and Yongjun Zhu

Modeling. His research areas include conceptual modeling, data warehousing, big data and analytics, and smart aging. Dr. Song published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in data management areas. He is a co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Computing Science and Engineering ( JCSE ) and also an Area Editor for Data & Knowledge Engineering . He won the Best Paper Award in the IEEE CIBCB 2004. He won four teaching awards from Drexel University, including the most prestigious Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Song served as the Steering Committee Chair of the ER

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Anthony F.J. van Raan

always, there is the time dimension. In the relation between science and technology particularly the speed of transfer of scientific knowledge into the patenting process is important. This time lag, mostly defined as the time lapse between the publication year of a paper and the year this paper is cited in a patent, may differ substantially between the various fields of technology. This time lapse defines the age of the SNPRs. In emerging and developing fields this time lag is mostly relatively short. Finardi (2011) finds that for nanotechnology the time lag is

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J. M. Jäger, J. Kurz and H. Müller

performance for middle-aged and older runners. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 29(1), 20-23. doi: 10.1136/bjsm.29.1.20

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Ohanyiri C. Chiemezie and Omotowo B. Aminat

.E., Hoffmann, A.S., Wemmer, K., Steeken, A. (2003): Temporal constraints on the polyphase evolution of the Sierra de San Luis Prelim­inary report based on biotite and muscovite cooling ages. In: Calabar, N., Libraries, E., Lopez de Luchi, M.G., Ostera, Panarello, H. (Eds.). Actas 15th Congreso Geo­logico Argentiso, I, pp. 309-315. [13] Gritty, G.H., Hason, A.D., Knaack, C., Johnson, D. (1994): Provenance determined by REE. In: Sc anal­yses of metasedimentary rocks, boy den cave roof pendant, central Sierria Neveda, Carlifornia. Journal of sedimentary research