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Ivan Murín

:// PETRUSEK, M. (1993): Teorie a metoda v moderní sociologii. Praha: Karolinum. SEEBOHM, T. (2004): Hermeneutics. Method and Methodology. In. Contributions to Phenomenology, Vol. 50., Springer, p. 272. UNESCO, (1989). Draft Medium Term Plan. 25, vol. C, 4. VOROPAJ, T. S. (2002): Človek vo svete slova: Michail Michailovič Bachtin (1895-1975). In. Filozofia 9, vol. 57, pp. 651-666. WENGRAF, T. (2001): Qualitative Research Interviewing: Biographic Narratives and Semistructured Methods

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Adam Uhnák


The main focus of this study is on the ‘magical villages‘ in Mexico. The magical villages were originally established based on a political project with the aim to increase travel and tourism and revitalise the culture. In the introduction, the author describes the type, function and goals of this project based on the official requirements set by its originators. Firstly, the author explains the aims and methods of the intended research supported with theoretical hypothesis to analyse the project as a whole. Secondly, the author defines the methodology used to describe locations of the researched topic. In conclusion, the author provides own hypothesis and expected outcomes of the research.

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Markéta Křížová

: A. Koníček. FRIČ, Alberto Vojtěch (1977): Indiáni Jižní Ameriky [Indians of South America]. ed. Václav Šolc, Praha: Orbis (1 st ed. 1943). FRIČ, A. Vojtěch – RADIN, Paul (1906): Contributions to the Study of the Bororo Indians. In Journal of the anthropological institute 36, pp. 382-406. GEERTZ, Clifford (1993): The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays , London: Fontana Press (1st ed. 1973). GINGRICH, André (2017): German-language Anthropology Traditions around 1900: Their Methodological Relevance for Ethnographers in Australia

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Cristina Raţ, Andrada Tobias and Valér Veres

marginalization of Roma communities in Romania]. Cluj-Napoca: Editura Fundației pentru Studii Europene. United Nations Development Programme/World Bank/European Commission – Fundamental Rights Agency (2011): The Situation of the Roma in 11 Member States , (20.12.2015). United Nations Development Programme – UNDP (2013): Integrated Household Surveys among Roma Populations. Roma Inclusion Working Papers, UNDP,

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Helga Judit Feith, Ágnes Lukács J., Edina Gradvohl, Rita Füzi, Sarolta Mészárosné Darvay, Ilona Bihariné Krekó and András Falus


Health-related attitudes can be modified and supported most effectively at young ages. Young generations require more interpersonal and interactive pedagogical methods in programs engaged in health promotion, as well. The aim of the authors was to get an insight into a relatively novel pedagogical method, called peer education. This multilateral activity is focusing the procedure on attitudes, experience, and motivation of youngsters in connection with health promotion programs and community service work. In this article, the authors describe 1) the theory, origin, and principal influences of peer education compared to traditional teaching methods and 2) the new, efficiency-oriented and science-based methodology of health education program.

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Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Social Analysis

The Journal of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania

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András Vigvári and Tamás Gerőcs

, A. (2018). Debt-Ridden Development on Europe’s Eastern Periphery. In Manuela Boatcă; Andrea Komlosy; Hans-Heinrich Nolte (eds.). Global Inequalities in World Systems Perspective. Theoretical Debates and Methodological Innovations. Routledge. Forthcoming. Gunst, P. (1987). A paraszti társadalom Magyarországon a két világháború között. MTA Történetudományi Intézet, Budapest. Kövér, Gy. (2004). Inactive Transformation: Social History of Hungary from the Reform Era to World War I. In Social history of Hungary from the Reform Era to the

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Lívia Šavelková

York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. SAID, E. W. (1979): Orientalism. New York: Vintage Books. SCHEPER-HUGHES, N. (1995): The Primacy of the Ethical: Propositions for a Militant Anthropology. In. Current Anthropology 36:3, pp. 409-20. SIKORA, S. (2012): Film i paradoksy wizualności w antropologii. Praktikowanie antropologii. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo DiG. SMITH, L. T. (1999): Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples. London: Zed Books. STRONG, P. T. (2012): American Indians and