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Adomas Pūras


In this paper, I argue that contemporary political and intellectual conflicts over the right course for European integration are reflected in the historiography of Jean Monnet, the so-called founding father of the European Union (EU). Multiple and mutually antithetical representations of Monnet are explored across the central themes of the contemporary European debate: nationalism, sovereignty, political methodology, and economic ideology. I investigate how the different faces of Monnet are constructed and used to legitimate contradictory scholarly standpoints regarding these central themes. Along the way, I attempt to decipher the puzzle of Monnet’s elevation to the status of a theoretical pioneer in EU Studies. Finally, I also explore how different roles assigned to Monnet in the various narratives of the EU’s origins contribute to the construction of European identity.

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Jan-Erik Lane

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Vitalis Nakrošis

methodology for conducting integrative mixed methods research and data analysis. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 4(4), pp.342-60. Cohen, M. D., March, J. G. and Olsen, J. P., 1972. A garbage can model of organisational choice. Administrative Science Quarterly, 17, pp.1-25. Dan, S. and Pollitt, C., 2014. NPM Can Work: An Optimistic Review of the Impact of New Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Public Management Review, 17(9), pp.1305-1332. De Vries, M. and Nemec, J., 2013. Public sector reform: an

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Greta Mackonytė, Catalina Lomos and Wim van Oorschot

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Vitalis Nakrošis and Sabina Bankauskaitė-Grigaliūnienė

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