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Language MOOCs

Providing Learning, Transcending Boundaries

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António Moreira Teixeira and José Mota

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Penny Ur

. Robinson, Peter (2011). Task-based language learning: A review of issues. Language Learning 61 (Issue supplement s1): 1–36. Skehan, Peter (2003). Task-based instruction. Language Teaching 36: 1–14. Swan, Michael (2005). Legislation by hypothesis: the case of task-based instruction. Applied Linguistics 26.3: 376–401. Ur, Penny (2002). The English teacher as professional. Richards, J. C., & Renandya, W., eds. Methodology in Language Teaching . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 399–392. Walters, JoDee, & Neval Bozkurt (2009). The effect

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Explorations in English Language and Linguistics

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Jakov Sabljić and Tina Varga Oswald


Unterstadt (2009) by Ivana Šojat-Kuči can serve as an example of a literary and artistic intervention in the process of cultural oblivion. It is a novel that has won numerous literary awards in Croatia for its innovativeness. For the first time, it tells a story in which minority culture members themselves narrate about their ideologically suppressed family memory in order to imaginatively (re)construct the past, considering the needs of re-examining the destiny of a bourgeois family of German ancestry in the town of Osijek. Themes such as reminiscence, remembering and raising awareness of the town space are a textual polygon for telling the story as a family saga about the destiny of women in four generations – great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and daughter. Remembering and reminiscence are considered as social and cultural constructs that arise out of mutual interaction between the members of a specific family and community. Thereunto, the role of remembering and forgetting in the process of establishing historical events, female identity and the town’s toponymy as cultural/material objects should be determined, and vice versa, the role of culture-moulded objects in memory formation should be defined. There are three methodological approaches or perspectives to the reading of the novel. First, the historiographic layer of the novel is analysed, followed by the analysis of the town as a physical givenness and a cultural construct – a point of intersection of different identities, but also as an area of trauma. The issue of oblivion and reminiscence of the German national minority in the context of specifically female history is tackled as the third perspective. The novel Unterstadt is an example of a text presenting the mechanism of official remembering and forgetting and re-creation of the past by using the discursive act of narrating human fates conditioned by great historical events.

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Nadide Özgüç Akdeniz

report, 36: 153-160 Katchen, Johanna E. (1991). Video cameras in EFL classrooms: Utilizing the new technology. Viewpoints, Speeches and Conference Papers . Conference on Explorations and Innovations in English Teaching Methodology. Chulalongkorn University Language Institute International (2nd, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2-4, 1991). Kinzer, Harold J. (1985). Video feedback in the classroom: Possible consequences for the communication apprehensive. Western speech communication association convention Fresno. February 17,1985 Lide F.; Lide, B. (1986

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Silvia Pokrivcakova

Dissertations. Available at: Barker, P. & King, T. (1993). Evaluating interactive multimedia courseware - a methodology. Computers in Education. 21(4), 307-319. Oxford: Elsevier Science. Bax, S. (2003). CALL-Past, Present, and Future. System: An International Journal of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics . 31(1), 13-28. Available at Bratitsis, T., Kotopoulos, T., & Mandila, K. (2012). Kindergarten

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Miloš Blahút

. Cimermanová, I. (2012). Building interactions in online courses. In: Language, literature and culture in a changing transatlantic world II : part II : literature and methodology of English language teaching. Prešov: Filozofická fakulta Prešovskej univerzity v Prešove. Dresang, E.T. (2008). Radical Change Theory, Postmodernism, and Contemporary Picturebooks. In: Postmodern Picturebooks: Play, Parody, and Self-referentiality (Eds. L.R.Sipe and S. Pantaleo). New York: Routledge. Fang, Z. (1996). “Illustrations, Text, and the Child Reader: What are Pictures in

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Valerija Malavska

References Al-Jubouri, A. J. R. (1976). Concurrent Validity of Three EFL Tests of Reading Comprehension. (Unpublished M. A. thesis). Leeds University, London, England Artemeva, N., Freedman.A. ed. (2008). Rhetorical Genre Studies and Beyond . Inkshed Publications, Winnipeg, Manitoba Athanasiou, T. (2010). Key Topics in Surgical Research and Methodology , Berlin, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Retrieved from Bakhtin, M.M. (1986). Speech Genres and Other Late