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Łukasz Kotynia, Piotr Amrozik and Andrzej Napieralski

Integration Initiative, Inc., 2009. "Liberty user guide, vol. 1 version 2009.06," Synopsys, Inc., 2009. M. Keating and P. Bricaud, Reuse Methodology Manual for System-on-a-Chip Designs , 3rd ed. Springer, 2007. T. R. Shiple and H. T. G. Berry, "Constructive analysis of cyclic circuits," in Proc. European Design and Test Conference (ED&TC) 1996 , Paris, France, Mar. 1996, pp. 328-333. A. Gupta and C. Selvidge, "Acyclic modeling of combinational loops," in Proc. IEEE

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Filip Lewandowski, Mateusz Paluszkiewicz, Tomasz Grajek and Krzysztof Wegner

References [1] C. Fehn, “Depth-image-based rendering (DIBR), Compression and Transmission for a New Approach on 3D-TV,” Proceedings of SPIE , vol. 5291, pp. 93-104, January 2004, CA, U.S.A. [2] J. W. Shade, S. J. Gortler, L.-W. He, and R. Szeliski, “Layered depth images,” Computer Graphics , vol. 32, pp. 231-242, July 1998, Annual Conference Series. [3] ITU-R Rec. BT.500-11, “Methodology for the Subjective Assessment of the Quality of Television Pictures,” 2002. [4] Z. Wang, A. C. Bovik

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Grzegorz Łabiak, Marian Adamski, Michał Doligalski, Jacek Tkacz and Arkadiusz Bukowiec

UML Modelling in Rigorous Design Methodology for Discrete Controllers

The paper presents an application of UML technology in a discrete system development process. In the process at the analysis stage UML diagrams are fundamental tool. The outcome of this stage is a basis for formal models exploited at the design stage, where the design is symbolically verified and treated as a rule-based system. Two formal models of good graphical appeal are proposed: Petri nets and state machine diagrams. Both are heavily using Boolean expressions what makes that design can easily be implemented in modern programmable structures.

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Eduardo Ortigueira, Ivan Bastos, Luís Oliveira, Joăo Oliveira and Joăo Goes

A Simplified Design Methodology for MOSFET-Only Wideband Mixer

In this paper we present a MOSFET-only implementation of a wideband Gilbert Cell. The circuit uses a commongate topology for a wideband input match, capable to cover the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) frequency bands of 600 MHz and 1.4 GHz. In this circuit the load resistors are replaced by transistors in triode region, to reduce area and cost, and minimize the effects of process and supply variations and mismatches. In addition, we obtain a higher gain for the same DC voltage drop, with a reduced impact on the noise figure (NF). The performance of this topology is compared with that of a conventional mixer with load resistors. Simulation results show that a peak gain of 20.6 dB (about 6 dB improvement) and a NF about of 11 dB for the 600 MHz band. The total power consumption is 3.6 mW from a 1.2 V supply.

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Mohamed Raouf Kousri, Virginie Deniau, Marc Heddebaut and Sylvie Baranowski

. Solas and J. Rodriguez, "Rolling stock emission testing methodology assessment for Balise Transmission Module system interoperability," Measurement, vol. 77, pp. 124-131, January 2016. [8] European Railway Electromagnetic Compatibility (EUREMCO), "D2.2 - Transients Characteristic Parameters," November 30, 2012. [9] A. Mariscotti, A. Marrese and N. Pasquino, "Time and frequency characterization of radiated disturbance in telecommunication bands due to pantograph arcing," Measurement, vol. 46, no. 10, pp. 4342-4352, December 2013

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Mariusz Węgrzyn and Janusz Sosnowski

input/output tiles in Virtex-5, FPGAs,” in IEEE Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, 2009, pp. 235-239. [26] S. K. Venishetti, A. Akoglu, and R. Kalra, “Huerarchical built-in selftesting and FPGA based healing methodology for system on chip,” in IEEE 2nd NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems, 2007.

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Andrzej Pułka and Adam Milik

An Efficient Hardware Implementation of Smith-Waterman Algorithm Based on the Incremental Approach

The paper presents optimized hardware structure applied to genome alignment search. The proposed methodology is based on dynamic programming. The authors show how starting from the original Smith-Waterman approach, the algorithm can be optimized and the evaluation process simplified and speeded-up. The main idea is based on the observations of growth trends in the adjacent cells of the systolic array, which leads to the incremental approach. Moreover various coding styles are discussed and the best technique allowing further reduction of resources is selected. The entire processing unit utilizes fully pipelined structure that is well balanced trade-off between performance and resource requirements. The proposed technique is implemented in modern FPGA structures and obtained results proved efficiency of the methodology comparing to other approaches in the field.

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Jacek Wojciechowski, Juliusz Modzelewski, Jan Ogrodzki, Leszek Opalski and Krzysztof Zamłyński

Computer-Aided Multi-Layer Design of Switch-Mode Power Circuits

Switch-mode circuits are used as power processors, e.g. DC/DC converters, synchronous rectifiers, high-frequency resonant power amplifiers. Their efficient computer-aided design is a technical problem only partly resolved so far. This paper presents a multi-layer CAD methodology for switch-mode power circuits. It discusses several levels of modeling of switching devices. First rough design verification is feasible using ideal switch models. It gives a satisfactory first-cut design. Then full models and general-purpose tools provide more exact verification of the design. At this exact step the design procedure makes use of interactive improvement followed by automatic optimization of some quality based objective functions. The proposed methodology is shown to be especially useful for high power class-D voltage-switching resonant amplifiers, where the so far used experimental optimization is extremely cost consuming.

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Giacomo Capizzi, Grazia Lo Sciuto, P. Monforte and Christian Napoli


In this paper, air pollutants concentrations for NO2, NO, NOx and PM10 in a single monitoring station are predicted using the data coming from other different monitoring stations located nearby. A cascade feed forward neural network based modeling is proposed. The main aim is to provide a methodology leading to the introduction of virtual monitoring station points consistent with the actual stations located in the city of Catania in Italy

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Andrzej Miękina and Andrzej Podgórski

Digital-Filter-Based Compensation of Case Effect in Sound-Level Meters

The methodology for the design of a digital filter, which should compensate the effect of reflections and diffraction from the sound-level meter's casing (the so-called case effect), is presented. The coefficients of the family of the finite impulse response (FIR) filters, which were selected to fulfill the requirements of the compensation, were obtained in the MATLAB environment using the Remez algorithm. The frequency response of the selected designed filter are given. The chosen FIR filter was implemented in an on-chip Enhanced Filter Coprocessor of a fixed point 24-bit digital signal processor of a sound-level meter.