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European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation

The Journal of CiTUR Centre of Tourism Research, Development and Innovation

Open access

Anshul Garg and Jeetesh Kumar

-224 [7] Chang, M. D., Suki, N. M., & Nalini, A. (2014). A Structural Approach on Students’ Satisfaction Level with University Cafeteria. Asian Social Science, 10(18), 202-209 [8] Churchill, A. G. (1995). Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations (6th ed.). New York: Dryden Press [9] Churchill, G. A. (1979). Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations. Hinsdale, Illinois: Dryden Press [10] DellaValle, D. M., Roe, L. S., & Rolls, B. J. (2005). Does the consumption of caloric and non-caloric beverages with a meal affect energy intake? Appetite

Open access

Evangelia Kasimati

, 36(1), 64-74. [30] Khan, H., Seng, C.F., & Cheong, W.K. (1990). Tourism Multiplier Effects on Singapore. Annals of Tourism Research, 17(3), 408-409. [31] Lagos, D. (2009). Multiplier Analysis and Tourism Development. 2nd International conference: Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies in the Economic and Administrative Sciences, TEI of Athens: 25-27 May 2009. [32] Lee, C.C., & Chang, C.P. (2008). Tourism development and economic growth: a closer look at panels. Tourism management, 29, 180-192. [33

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Sotiroula Liasidou

destination, Phileftheros, 17 May, p. 11 (In Greek) [38] Liasidou. S 2015, Tourism policy rhetoric and practice: a methodological approach to exploring the Cyprus context, Tourism Analysis vol. 20, no 1, pp. 111-116 [39] Limassol Municipality 2006. The Mayor of Lemesos. Retrieved 2 May 2016 from . [40] Lockhart, D. 1993, ‘Tourism and politics – the example of Cyprus’, in Lockhart, D.G., Drakakis-Smith, D. and Schembri, J. (Eds), The Development Process in Small Island States, Routledge, London and New York, NY

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Tannaz Alizadeh Ashrafi and Øystein Myrland

psychological, behavioral and demographic variables. Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing, 2(2), 93-109. [64] Witt, S. F., & Witt, C. A. (1995). Forecasting tourism demand: A review of empirical research. Interational journal of forecasting, 11(3), 447-475. [65] Cox, D. R. (1972). Regression Models and Life-Tables. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society-Series B (methodological), 34(2), 187-220.

Open access

Raouf Ahmad Rather and Jyoti Sharma

). Antecedents and purchase consequences of customer participation in small group brand communities. International Journal of research in Marketing, 23(1), 45-61 [5] Berman, B., & Evans, J.R., (2007), Retail Management, A Strategic Approach, (8th Eds) Macmillan Publishing, New York [6] Bentler, P. M. (1992). On the fit of models to covariances and methodology to the Bulletin. Psychological Bulletin, 112(3), 400-404 [7] Bentler, P. M., & Bonnett, D. G. (1980). Significance tests and goodness of fit in the analysis of covariance structures. Psychological

Open access

Maria Amelia and Anshul Garg

.1037/1528-3542.6.2.269 [9] Bitner, M. (1992). Servicescapes: The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees. Journal Of Marketing, 56(2), pp. 57-71. doi:10.2307/125204 [10] Churchill, A. G. (1995). Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations (6 ed.). New York: Dryden Press. [11] Cousins, J., Foskett, D. & Gillespie, C. (2002). Food and beverage management. Harlow: Prentice Hall [12] Davis, L. (2014). Why Perception Means Everything To Generation-Y. Retrieved from : http