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Radka Vaníčková

. Lišková Dvořáková, Z., Klufová, R., & Škodová Parmová, D. (2016). Rozvoj cestovního ruchu v Hodrušskom regióne - Best practices. In 11th International Conference of Topical Issues of Tourism. Local heritage and tourism. 24-25 February 2016 (pp. 72-78), Jihlava: College of Polytechnics Jihlava. Marcelino-Sádaba, S., Pérez-Ezcurdia, A., Echeverría Lazcano, A. M., & Villanueva, P. (2014). Project risk management methodology for small firms. International Journal of Project Management. 32(2), 327-340. Politika Regionální (2013). Activity

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Borna Abramovic, Vladislav Zitricky and Pavol Mesko

References [1] European strategies. (2011). White paper 2011 - Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system, from . [2] Černá, L. & Mašek, J. (2015). The proposal the methodology of the supply chain management in transport and logistic company. Transport means 2015: proceedings of the 19th international scientific conference, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. ISSN 1822-296X. [3] Nedeliakova, E., Sekulova

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Jeff Hughes and Joe McDonagh

performance ( Leidner et al., 2011 ; Ravichandran and Lertwongsatien, 2005 ), as well as being a key enabler of business strategy ( Preston and Karahanna, 2006 ). IS strategy has been a significant concern for practice, dominating management agendas in recent decades ( Teubner, 2013 ) and becoming integral to business positioning and processes ( Stace et al., 2012 ). The specific purpose of this article is to elucidate the methodological approach employed to achieve the wider study’s goal. The strategy-as-practice (SAP) and SISP literature sets are the two core strands

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Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak

. Szymczak, PWN, Warszawa 1999, Stachak S., 2006, Podstawy metodologii nauk ekonomicznych (Fundamentals of methodology of economic sciences), Ksiazka i Wiedza, Warszawa Ustawa z dnia 24 marca 1920 r. o nabywaniu nieruchomości przez cudzoziemców, Dz. U. z 2004 r. nr 167, poz. 1758, z późn. zm. (Act of 24 March 1920 on the purchase of real estate by non-citizens, Journal of Laws, 2004, No. 167, item 1758, as amended). The Appraisal of Real Estate, The Appraisal Institute of Canada

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Mariusz J. Ligarski

REFERENCES [1] M. Jackson. Systems methodology for the management sciences . Plenum Press, New York, 1990. [2] M.C. Jackson. Systems thinking: Holism for managers . Wiley, Chichester, 2003. [3] R. Floor and M. Jackson. Creative problem solving: Total systems intervention . Wiley, Chichester, 1991. [4] J.P. Kawalek. “Systems thinking and knowledge management: positional assertions and preliminary observations”, Systems Research and Behavioral Science , no 21, 2004, pp. 17-36. [5] M.J. Ligarski. „Ocena systemu zarządzania jakością

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Aleksandar Erceg, Predrag Dotlić and Monika Mikuš

context perspectives on learning and knowledge creation in quality management, Journal of Operations Management, 25 (4): 918–931. Comoglio, C., Botta, S. (2012) The use of indicators and the role of environmental management systems for environmental performances improvement: a survey on ISO 14001 certified companies in the automotive sector, Journal of Cleaner Production, 20 (1): 92-102. Dabić, M., Orac, M., Tugrul, U. D. (2016) Targeting sustainable competitiveness in Croatia by the implementation of “20 Keys” methodology, Journal of Innovation and

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Martin Angelovič and Robert Ištok

: Bačová, V. editor, Kvalita života a sociálny capital. Acta Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Prešoviensis, pp. 42-70. Bacsó, P., 2007: K teoreticko - metodologickým aspektom kvality života (The theoretical - methodological aspects of quality of life - in Slovak). In: Geografické informácie 11 - Problémy geografického výskumu Česka a Slovenska, Nitra (FPV UKF), pp. 20-26. Bacsó, P., 2008: Quality of life context of the population in Štúrovo ward. In: Svatoňová, H. editor, Geography in Czechia and Slovakia. Theory and practise at the

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Bojan Morić Milovanović, Tomislav Krišto and Stjepan Srhoj


This paper proposes team building methodology for project managers in virtual teams as means to develop swift trust between new team members in the inception phase of the project life cycle. Proposed methodology encompasses activities within the first three days after the team formation and proposes the measuring tools for monitoring and managing trust development within the project team. Aim of this paper is to provide new insights to various decision makers potentially interested in increasing the performance of project teams operating in virtual environment, such as: investors, business owners and project managers working in virtual environment.

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Jerzy Dudziński

Internal and External Aspect of Changes in Exchange Rate (Methodological and Theoretical Analysis)

In the paper the phenomena related to the tendencies in the exchange rate have been analysed basing on a new methodological approach to the category of foreign trade. The approach includes the so-called internal and external aspect of foreign trade. The approach proposed in the paper proves to be very helpful in the analysis of the phenomena in today's economy.

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Daniela Yordanova

- university activity. Reference point - the market, Retrieved from: McLoughlin, C., Luca, J. (2002). A learner-centred approach to developing team skills through web-based learning and assessment, British Journal of Educational Technology Vol 33 No 5, 2002 Naydenov, N.,Yordanova, D.,Kolev, N.,Petkov, A.,Trifonov, E. (2016). Methodology for study of the problems of cooperation "universities - enterprises" in order to increase student’s employability, Proceedings from International