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Vladimír Naxera and Petr Krčál

details, see Ostřanský 2018 ). This synonymous concept appears not only in public discourse but also in the discourse of the political elites. This is evident from both the analysis of the election programs of Czech parties (cf. Krčál and Naxera 2018 ) and the analysis and interpretation on Zeman’s operationalization of the term security. Based on the whole corpus of data and the context of Czech politics, we can allude to the fact that if Miloš Zeman speaks of the threat of immigration, he also implicitly means the threat of Islam. Data and methodology

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Jiří Gazda

dialog impossible. These are probably the main reasons why linguistic violence and manipulation have ceased to be the exclusive domain of political scientists, sociologists, and psychologists. They have become an increasingly examined topic in linguistics, a science that has the methodological tools for critical text analysis and allows for a better understanding and uncovering of mechanisms of language manipulation to demystify and demythologize social and political discourse ( van Dijk 2008 ; Dubrovskiy 2003 ; Dzyaloshinskiy 2006 ; Kara-Murza 2000 ; Petrova

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Vladimír Baar and Daniel Jakubek

understand the inner connections of the only examined case” ( Hendl 2005 , 57). Specifically, it is a singular case study aimed at “holistic and deep comprehension of the complex phenomenon without ambition to contribute to the deepening of knowledge about other phenomena” ( Kořan 2008 , 34). The methodology for the creation of this work consisted of the initial gathering of a sufficient quantity of relevant information sources related to the investigated issues. Sorting and thorough analysis of the gathered information followed. After a critical evaluation of the

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Samir Hajj

those who passed the Matriculation Examination. In this class, the student learned important academic subjects, such as Arabic, English, and history, with emphasis on practical and theoretical educational material such as history of education, psychology, and teaching methodology. The system of education continued this way until 1939, when an important change took place in the development of the Arab College. Beginning with the third secondary grade, the lowest grade in the college, students were streamed into two divisions, namely, science and art. Then a sixth

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Tatiana Podolinská

to create the idea of an “eternal Roma”, which does not take into account historical positioning according to socioeconomic status. ), followed by attempts on how to reconceptualize Gypsiness as a “way of being” ( Gay y Blasco 1999 , 176), and so on. The methodological approach aimed at decontamination of ethnic and racial studies from essentialism and primordialism, In the context of essentialism, ethnic absolutism, antiessentialism and new ethnicities as the possible approach to ethnicity without denying but, rather, as a reconceptualized and renegotiated issue

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Tatiana Tökölyová

. In order to fulfill the given goal, two research questions are set here. The first research question arises from this identity building process of New Zealand after the 1970s, which gradually spread into the whole of the South Pacific region, leading to specifying New Zealand as a Pacific country (as supported by official statements and documents provided herein), i.e., whether New Zealand’s transregionalism is a reflection of a nation identity concept? The methodology is based on statistical data analysis on the ethnic diversity of New Zealand’s society, with the

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Simone Benazzo Kansteiner, Wulf. 2002. “Finding Meaning in Memory: A Methodological Critique of Collective Memory Studies.” History and Theory 41 (2): 179-197. Kansteiner Wulf 2002 “Finding Meaning in Memory: A Methodological Critique of Collective Memory Studies.” History and Theory 41 2 179 197 Kornai, Janos. 2006. “The Great Transformation of Central Eastern Europe.” Economics of Transition 14 (2): 207–244. Kornai Janos 2006 “The Great Transformation of Central Eastern Europe.” Economics of

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Ľubomír Zvada

the migration crisis, rate of use of anti-Muslim rhetoric in speech acts and how the political parties incorporated this question into their political agenda. Methodology, Data and Research Question In a wider context of this paper, I try to answer many questions that echoed in the pre-election or election discourse and can be used as a research question. How is it possible that the migration crisis took a central position in the political and societal discourse in the pre-election period and election campaign? How is it possible that Slovaks felt threatened

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Vilém Řehák

circulates in the local news discourse and who disseminates them. This analysis is by no means a complex analysis of how the presidency of Obama is perceived in Kenya. However, even with this partial scope, the analysis can reveal some important aspects of the perceptual dimension of US–African relations, which is an inseparable part of the soft power of the US on the continent. The article proceeds as follows. First, the perceptual dimension of international relations within the theoretical framework of soft power and strategic narratives and within the methodological