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Silvia Riva and Alessandro Antonietti

-motor integration: Administration, scoring and teaching manual (4th ed.). Cleveland, OH: Modern Curriculum Press. Beitchman, J. H., Wilson, B., Johnson, C. J., Atkinson, L., Young, A. & Adlaf, E. (2001). Fourteen-year follow-up of speech/language-impaired and control children: Psychiatric outcome. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry , 40, 75-82. Berger, M. (2005). The NSF Mental Health Standard 9: the Devil is in the Delivery. Child and Adolescent Mental Health , 10, 123

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Piotr Tomaszewski, Piotr Krzysztofiak and Ewelina Moroń

. Christiansen, J. B. (2014). Fifteen cochlear implant stories. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education , 19 (4), 560. Davidson, K., Lillo-Martin, D., & Chen Pichler, D. (2014). Spoken English language development among native signing children with cochlear implants. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education , 19 (2), 238–250. da Fonseca Flores, A. & Rumjanek, V. (2015). Teaching science to elementary school deaf children in Brazil. Creative Education , 6 , 2127–2135. Day, P. S. (1986). Deaf children’s expression of communicative intentions

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Piotr Sorokowski and Magdalena Wrembel

.A., & Barton, R.A. (2008). Red shirt colour is associated with long-term team success in English football. Journal of Sports Sciences, 26, 577-582. Beall, A.T., & Tracy, J.L. (2013). Women more likely to wear red or pink at peak fertility. Psychological Science, 24, 1837-1841. Berns, R.S., (2001). Principles of Color Technology. Wiley, New York. Boynton, R. M. (1988). Color vision. Annual Review of Psychology, 39, 69-100. Camgoz, N., Yener, C., & Guvenc, D. (2003). Effects of hue, saturation, and brightness

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Dinesh Bhugra

reserved for women), there were more than 10,000 applicants, of whom only about 300 were interviewed after an initial screening test followed by an aptitude test. Joining Medical College where Armed Forces discipline prevailed with uniforms, parades, and training in rifle shooting was an interesting experience as was the language. English was the medium of instruction, and I had to polish my language. Another factor was the use of Marathi, which was the local language, so learning Marathi to communicate with patients was important. There were 3 parts of MBBS each with 3

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Danny Vumbi Likashi, Ravi Paul and Luty Jason

of the AUDIT questionnaire. To make the study beneficial to the participants, those identified as possessing some hazardous drinking patterns were advised to seek psychosocial help from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) or from other Mental Health care providers within Lusaka. By using the phone numbers provided at the end of the questionnaires, participants were contacted and advised to seek medical advice from UTH where arrangements were already made for them. Measures Data was collected through hand-delivered questionnaires (the Alcohol Use

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S.M. Yasir Arafat

was conducted from August to October 2018. The search terms used were suicide in Bangladesh, rate of suicide in Bangladesh, methods of suicide in Bangladesh, risk factors of suicide in Bangladesh, epidemiology of suicide in Bangladesh and means of suicide in Bangladesh. Selection of the articles The author considered the following criteria for inclusion of articles in the review: − Articles discussing variables of suicides − Articles in English language − Articles of suicide of Bangladeshi citizens living in Bangladesh at the time of study − Articles

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Gordon S. K. Adika

References Adika, G. S. K. (2014). Ghanaian graduate students’ knowledge of referencing in academic writing and implications for plagiarism, Frontiers of Language and Teaching , 5 (1), 75-80. Adika, G. S. K. (2012). Language teaching, critical voice and the construction of knowledge. In H. Lauer & K. Anyidoho (Eds.) Reclaiming the Human Sciences and the Humanities through African Perspective, Vol. II, (pp. 1493-1502). Accra: Sub Saharan Publishers. Adika, G. S. K., & Owusu-Sekyere, G. (1997) Standards of English in the University of Ghana and

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Natalia Borza

Sociology of Language , 35 , 5-23. Verantola, K. (1984). On noun phrase structures in engineering English . Turku: University of Turku. Vilha, M. (1999). Medical writing: modality in focus . Amsterdam: Rodopi. Weissberg, B. (1993). The graduate seminar: Another research-process genre. English for Specific Purposes , 12 , 23-35. Williams, J. M., & Colomb, G. G. (1993). The case for explicit teaching: Why what you don't know won't help you. Research in the Teaching of English , 27 , 252-264. Zamel, V. (1984). The author responds. TESOL Quarterly , 18

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Serkan Dincer and Ahmet Doganay

conference on e-learning in corporate government healthcare & higher education 2003 (pp. 1507-1510). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Beale, I., Kato, P., Marin-Bowling, V., Guthrie, N., & Cole, S. (2007). Improvement in cancer-related knowledge following use of a psychoeducational video game for adolescents and young adults with cancer. Journal of Adolescent Health, 41 (3), 263-270. Bickmore, T. W., Pfeifer, L. M., & Orlow, M. K. (2009). Using computer agents to explain medical documents to patients with low health literacy. Patient Education and Counseling, 75 (3