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Honey between traditional uses and recent medicine

Unwin, 1937. 5. Grossman R. The other medicines: the penicillin of bees. Pan Books, 1986:177. 6. The Bee (Nahl), surah XVI, verse- 69. In: The Holy Qur’an (text, translation and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali). 2nd edn. American Trust Publications, 1987. 7. Irving TB, Ahmad K, Ahsan MM. The story of creation. In: The Qur’an-basic teachings, ch 5. Bath: Pitman Press, 1987:79. 8. Guthrie D. A history of medicine. Thomas Nelson, 1958:57-8 9. Majno G. The healing hand: Man and wound in the

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Prevention of diabetes in Bangladeshis in East London: experiences and views of young people

seen between people who believed exercise was socially and religiously unacceptable and those who thought it was supported by the religious teaching [ 5 ] . Furthermore, while apparent motivation to prevent diabetes was high, barriers to prevention included social expectation of “special” foods, the wife’s role as provider of tasty meals versus guardian of family health, and the desire to exercise versus fear of social disapproval. Little is known about the cultural and situational risk factors for T2D in younger South Asians. The aim of this study was to develop

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