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Zorica Antić

SG. Equipped for the future: A customerdriven Vision for Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning. Washington DC: National Institute for Literacy, 1995. 5. Jackson J. . An inter-university, cross-disciplinary analysis of business education: perceptions of business faculty in Hong Kong. Eng Speci Purp 2005; 24: 293-306. 6. Antic Z. Benefits of Student-Centered Tandem Teaching in Medical English.SrpArh 2015; 143: 500-4. 7. Antic Z

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ARS Medica Tomitana

The Journal of "Ovidius" University of Constanta

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Zorica Antić and Nataša Milosavljević


In recent years, medical studies in English have been organized at the Niš Faculty of Medicine. Thus, modern teaching approaches are required. It has been shown that there are many similarities between the two fields - English and medicine. As a result, it is believed that the methods and strategies used in teaching medical English language could be helpful when it comes to medical subjects.

The paper presents the principles and techniques of teaching English for medical purposes and examines the possibility of applying these principles to teaching medical subjects in English.

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V. Zhura and J. Rudova

in foreign languages classes. In: Language of Medicine: international interacademic collection of research papers in honour of V. F. Novodranova. Samara; 2015:198–203. Russian. 11. Hu G. Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying Second Language Listening Comprehension [dissertation]. Atlanta; 2009[cited 2016 Nov 11]. Available from: . Doctor of philosophy. 12. Jorgensen M, Witt K. Teaching communications skills to medical students using a reflective teaching method and access to

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Nematullah Shomoossi, Mostafa Rad and Mohammad Hasan Rakhshani

(3):263-8. PMid:15980054 3. Shomoossi N & Ketabi S. A Critical look at the concept of authenticity. Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 2007; 4(1): 149-155. Retrieved online from 4. Mozayyan MR, Mazloomi SS, & Asgarshahi M. Viewpoints of students of Shahid Sadooghi University of Medical Sciences on the order of Pre-university and general English courses. Iran J Med Educa 2005; 5(1): 89-90. Online document available in http

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Magda Kourilova-Urbanczik

L1 and L2 academic wriring, in Culture in second language teaching and learning (Hinkel E. ed.) pp. 1-40, Cambridge Univ. Press. Hinkel E. (2001). Matters of cohesion in L2 academic texts. Applied Lang Learning 12( 2): 111-132. Hyland K. (2006). Medical discourse: hedges, in Encyclopedia of language and linguistics (Brown K. ed.) pp. 694-697, 2nd ed. Elsevier, Oxford. Kies D. (1990). Indeterminacy in sentence structure. Linguistics and Educ 2( 3): 231-258. Knight J. (2003). Scientifi c

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Vivek Kumar Kankane, Gaurav Jaiswal and Tarun Kumar Gupta

References 1. Alfaro D, Levitt MA, English DK, Williams V, Eisenberg R. Accuracy of interpretation of cranial computed tomography scans in an emergency medicine residency program. Ann Emerg Med 1995; 25:169-174 2. Balasingham I, Ihlen H, Leister W, Røe P, Samset E. Communication of medical Images, text, and messages in inter-enterprise systems: a case study in Norway IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed. 2007 Jan; 11(1):7-13 3. Boochever SS. HIS/RIS/PACS integration: getting to the gold standard. Radiol Manage. 2004 May-Jun; 26(3):16-24 4

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Saša Markovič

strani 3. 5. 2011: Euro DRG. Pridobljeno s spletne strani 3. 5. 2011: Cheng P, Gilchrist A, Robinson KM, Paul L. The risk and consequences of clinical miscoding due to inadequate medical documentation: a case study of the impact on health services funding. Health Information Management J 2009; 38(1): 35-46. To Err is human: building a safer health system. Pridobljeno s spletne strani 30. 4. 2011

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A. Man, P.E. Muntean and Anca Mare

References 1. English BK, Gaur AH. The use and abuse of antibiotics and the development of antibiotic resistance. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2010;659:73-82. 2. Martin GS, Mannino DM, Eaton S, Moss M. The epidemiology of sepsis in the United States from 1979 through 2000. N Engl J Med. 2003;348:1546-54. 3. Burchardi H, Schneider H. Economic aspects of severe sepsis: a review of intensive care unit costs, cost of illness and cost effectiveness of therapy. PharmacoEconomics. 2004;22:793-813. 4. Wang HE

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Davorina Petek, Ambrož Pušnik, Polona Selič, Eva Cedilnik-Gorup, Žan Trontelj, Marine Riou and Jean Yves Le Reste

of 53 years (range 43–60). All were fluent in English. 26 experts (FMDs) participated in the Delphi part of the study. Among them, 3/26 were male and 23/26 female; their mean age was 40.7 years (range 27–60) and the mean number of years of working in the practice was 12.3 years (range 1–34). 18/26 experts were involved in teaching, and 19/26 were researchers. Of the whole group, 7/26 participants worked in a solo practice and 17/26 in a group practice, while 2/26 were still trainees; 13/26 worked in a rural or semirural environment. 3.2 WAI-SR Patient Scale