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Il-Yeol Song and Yongjun Zhu

Modeling. His research areas include conceptual modeling, data warehousing, big data and analytics, and smart aging. Dr. Song published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in data management areas. He is a co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Computing Science and Engineering ( JCSE ) and also an Area Editor for Data & Knowledge Engineering . He won the Best Paper Award in the IEEE CIBCB 2004. He won four teaching awards from Drexel University, including the most prestigious Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Song served as the Steering Committee Chair of the ER

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Xiaoling Liu, Mihai Păunescu, Viorel Proteasa and Jinshan Wu

multiple affiliation, provided they were published in the 2009–2014 time window. We included in the population all the academics which were considered to belong to health disciplines, according to an official categorization of teaching personnel in health studies ( MS, 2009 ). We excluded only a small minority of the population we compiled e.g. English teachers employed in medicine departments. We identified a set of publication with an outstanding number of citations whose character is different from a standard research article: guidelines, medical procedure

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Kateryna Synytsya, Natalya Prokofyeva, Aleksejs Grocevs and Vladimirs Tomko

References [1] L. Nicetsky, Requirements specification for development of the RPI computer-based teaching system first version, Riga, Riga Polytechnic Institute (RTU), 1977, p. 26 [2] L. Rastrigin, M. Erenshtein, Adaptive teaching with a model, Riga, Zinatne, 1986, p. 160 [3] L. Zaitseva, L. Novitsky, V. Gribkova, Computer-aided teaching systems development and using, Riga, Zinatne, 1989, p. 174 [4] I. Galeev, Models and methods of automatized learning systems, Informatics, Edition 1, 1990, pp

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M. Hosťovecký and P. Prokop

, self-disclosure, and experiential differences: A study of computer, questionnaire, and interview assessment formats. In: Journal of Social Behavior and Personality , 10, 255–263. MATTHEWS, G., DEARY, I. J., WHITEMAN, M. C. 2009. Personality traits (3rd ed.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. In Internet addiction in adolescents: Prevalence and risk factors. In: Computer in Human Behavior . MIŠÚT, M., PRIBILOVÁ, K. 2013: Communication impact on project oriented teaching in technology supported education. In Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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John Zhang, Ming Fan, Bin Gu, Vijay Mookerjee, Bin Zhang and J. Leon Zhao

to succeed. From my point of view, the most successful application in the future would be robotics. Robotics can be defined broadly; not just machines, but automatic arms and fetches. These are also robots. Nowadays, we have teaching robots that teach children English and we have agency staff and accounting robots. Another area I have to mention is that I have just completed some blockchain research, which is obviously the frontier of IT. Not long ago, the President of China, President Xi, mentioned blockchain. Xi assigned blockchain the same rank as big data

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Beth A. Plale, Eleanor Dickson, Inna Kouper, Samitha Harshani Liyanage, Yu Ma, Robert H. McDonald, John A. Walsh and Sachith Withana

accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings, but not any of the following: preliminary analyses, drafts of scientific papers, plans for future research, peer reviews, or communications with colleagues. This “recorded” material excludes physical objects (e.g., laboratory samples), trade secrets, personnel and medical information, etc..” Federal Register 2 CFR 200.315(e)(3) Open science is frequently mistaken for open access. Open access data are freely available, free of cost, or other barriers to its access. Open science allows for