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Screening of flavonoid aglycons’ metabolism mediated by the human liver cytochromes P450

, C. Cornett and L. O. Dragsted, In vitro biotransformation of flavonoids by rat liver microsomes, Xenobiotica 28 (1998) 389–401; 8. V. M. Breinholt, E. A. Offord, C. Brouwer, S. E. Nielsen, K. Brøsen and T. Friedberg, In vitro investigation of cytochrome P450-mediated metabolism of dietary flavonoids, Food Chem. Toxicol. 40 (2002) 609–616; 9. A. Gradolatto, M. C. Canivenc-Lavier, J. P. Basly, M. H. Siess and C. Teyssier, Metabolism of apigenin by rat

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Development of a selective biopharmaceutical from Herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoproteins E and I for blocking antibody mediated neutralization of oncolytic viruses

for cancer treatment, J. Natl. Cancer I.   98 (2006) 298-300; DOI: 10.1093/jnci/djj111. S. Meerani and Y. Yao, Oncolytic viruses in cancer therapy, Eur. J. Sci. Res.   40 (2010) 156-171. Z. S. Guo, S. H. Thorne and D. L. Bartlett, Oncolytic virotherapy: molecular targets in tumor-selective replication and carrier cell-mediated delivery of oncolytic viruses, Biochim. Biophys. Acta   1785 (2008) 217-231; DOI: 10.1016/j.bbcam.2008.02.001. S. Naik and S. J. Russel, Engineering oncolytic

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Hippocampal electrophysiological responses and changes in oxidative stress marker and serum lipid profile to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments of high-fat-fructose diet induced metabolic syndrome

, Solfrizzi V, Seripa D, Capurso C, Santamato A, Sancarlo D, Vendemiale G, Pilotto A, Panza F: Metabolic-cognitive syndrome: a cross-talk between metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Ageing Res Rev 1. 2010; 9:399–417. [12] Govindaraj J, Sorimuthu Pillai S: Rosmarinic acid modulates the antioxidant status and protects pancreatic tissues from glucolipotoxicity mediated oxidative stress in high-fat diet: Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Mol Cell Biochem . 2015, 404:143–159. [13] Grundy SM, Barlow CE, Farrell SW, Vega GL, Haskell WL: Cardiorespiratory

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Beneficial effects of baicalein on a model of allergic rhinitis

-activated receptor gamma-mediated attenuation of the nuclear factor-kappaB pathway, Immunology 143 (2014) 241–257; 11. T. T. Bui, C. H. Piao, C. H. Song, C. H. Lee, H. S. Shin and O. H. Chai, Baicalein, wogonin, and Scutellaria baicalensis ethanol extract alleviate ovalbumin-induced allergic airway inflammation and mast cell-mediated anaphylactic shock by regulation of Th1/Th2 imbalance and histamine release, Anat. Cell Biol . 50 (2017) 124–134; 12. H. Yin, L. Huang, T. Ouyang and L

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Influence of flavonoids’ lipophilicity on platelet aggregation

, Y. Lim, J. H. Chung and Y. P. Yun, Antiplatelet activity of hesperetin, a bioflavonoid, is mainly mediated by inhibition of PLC-gamma2 phosphorylation and cyclooxygenase-1 activity, Atherosclerosis 194 (2007) 144–152; 8. P. Pignatelli, F. M. Pulcinelli, A. Celestini, L. Lenti, A. Ghiselli, P. P. Gazzaniga and F. Violi, The flavonoids quercetin and catechin synergistically inhibit platelet function by antagonizing the intracellular production of hydrogen peroxide, Am. J. Clin. Nutr . 72 (2000) 1150

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Antithrombotic activity of flavonoids and polyphenols rich plant species

. 75 (1996) 945‒949; 21. T. J. Neiva, L. Morais, M. Polack, C. M. Simões and E. A. D’Amico, Effects of catechins on human blood platelet aggregation and lipid peroxidation, Phytother. Res. 13 (1999) 597‒600;<597::AID-PTR512>3.0.CO;2-Z 22. S. L. Hwang and G. C. Yen, Modulation of Akt, JNK, and p38 activation is involved in citrus flavonoid-mediated cytoprotection of PC12 cells challenged by hydrogen peroxide, J. Agric. Food. Chem. 57 (2009) 2576

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Actualities in the phytochemical research on selected terpenes

antifeedants: Effects on two polyphagous lepidopterans, J. Appl. Entomol . 112 (1991) 194–201; 25. M. Dekić, N. Radulović, N. Stojanović and M. Mladenović, Analgesic activity of dehydrofukinone, a sesquiterpene ketone from Senecio nemorensis L. (Asteraceae), Facta Universitatis 16 (2018) 119. 26. Q. I. Garlet, L. da Costa Pires, L. H. Milanesi, J. R. Marafiga, B. Baldisserotto, C. F. Mello and B. M. Heinzmann, (+)-Dehydrofukinone modulates membrane potential and delays seizure onset by GABAa receptor-mediated

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Antiproliferative evaluation of various aminoquinoline derivatives

. Han, H. Yu, W. Zhu, H. Cui, L. Zheng, C. Zhang and L. Yue, Chloroquine inhibits cell growth in human A549 lung cancer cells by blocking autophagy and inducing mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis, Oncol. Rep. 39 (2018) 2807–2816. 14. A. Kamal A. Aziz, S. Shouman, E. El-Demerdash, M. Elgendy and A. B. Abdel-Naim, Chloroquine synergizes sunitinib cytotoxicity via modulating autophagic, apoptotic and angiogenic machineries, Chem. Biol. Interact. 217 (2014) 28–40; 15. G. W. Soo, J. H. Law, E. Kan, S. Y. Tan, W

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Anticancer effects of olive oil polyphenols and their combinations with anticancer drugs

mechanisms to therapies, prevention, and protection against toxicity of anti-cancer treatments, Curr. Med. Chem. 16 (2009) 3943–3965; 20. J. Węsierska-Gądek, M. P. Kramer and M. Maurer, Resveratrol modulates roscovitine-mediated cell cycle arrest of human MCF-7 breast cancer cells, Food Chem. Toxicol. 46 (2008) 1327–1333; 21. W. Zhou, X. Feng, Han Han, S. Guo and G. Wang, Synergistic effects of combined treatment with histone deacetylase inhibitor suberoylanilide

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Nutrition – facts and myths

. Prescilio and M. R. de Oliveira, Resveratrol and brain mitochondria: a review, Mol. Neurobiol. 55 (2018) 2085–2101; 55. I. Kang, M. Okla and S. Chung, Ellagic acid inhibits adipocyte differentiation through coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1-mediated chromatin modification, J. Nutr. Biochem. 25 (2014) 946–953. 56. M. Parnham and D. Verbanac, Mild Plants and Dietary Immunomodulators , in Principles of Immunopharmacology, 3rd ed. (Eds. F. Nijkamp, M. Parnham), Springer Basel AG, Basel 2011

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