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Vegetation Succession Along New Roads at Soqotra Island (Yemen): Effects of Invasive Plant Species and Utilization of Selected Native Plant Resistence Against Disturbance

., Wing, A., Rew, L. J., (2012). Human-mediated long-distance dispersal: an empirical evaluation of seed dispersal by vehicles. Diversity Distrib., 18: pp. 1-10. ter Braak, C., Šmilauer, P., (2002). Canoco reference manual and Canodraw for Windows user’s guide: software for canonical community ordination, version 4.5. Microcomputer power, Ithaca, NY, US. Theisen, M.S., (1992). The role of geosynthetics in erosion and sediment control: An overview. Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 11 (4-6): pp. 535-550. Young, K. R., León, B., (2007). Tree

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Integrative Research and Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production: A Review of Barriers and Bridges

Biosphere Reserve Sweden. Ecology and Society , 12(1): 28. Pereira, A. G., Funtowicz, S. (2006). Knowledge representation and mediation for transdisciplinary frameworks: tools to inform debates, dialogues and deliberations. International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research , 1: 34-50. Perritt Jr, H. H. (1998). The Internet as a threat to sovereignty? Thoughts on the Internet's role in strengthening national and global governance. J. Global Legal Stud. , 5: 423-442. Peters, B. G. (2000

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Forest Fragmentation and Connectivity in Virginia Between 2001 and 2011

Ebola virus disease outbreaks. Scientific Reports . 7: 41613. Serra‐Diaz, J. M., Scheller, R. M., Syphard, A. D., and Franklin J. (2015). Disturbance and climate microrefugia mediate tree range shifts during climate change. Landscape Ecology . 30, 1039–1053. . Sheppard, E. and Barnes, T. J. (1990). The Capitalist Space Economy : Analysis after Ricardo, Marx, and Sraffa. Unwin Hyman, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA. Smail, R. A. and Lewis, D. J. (2009). Forest-land conversion, ecosystem services, and economic

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The Occurence of Ecological Traps in Bird Populations: Is our Knowledge Sufficient? A Review

, E. K. (1996). Reproductive success of grassland birds at east-central Illinois airports. American Midland Naturalist 136. (2), pp. 358-366. Klein, Á., Nagy, T., Csörgő, T., Mátics, R. (2007). Exterior nest-boxes may negatively affect Barn Owls Tyto alba survival: An ecological trap. Bird Conservation International. 17 , pp. 273-281. Kokko, H., Sutherland, W. J. (2001). Ecological traps in changing environments: Ecological andevolutionary consequences of a behaviourally mediated Allee effect. Evolutionary Ecology Research. 3

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Dissolution of lead matte and copper slag upon exposure to rhizosphere-like conditions

trace elements from slag produced by base- and precious-metal smelting at abandoned mine sites. Applied Geochemistry 19, 1039–1064. [34] Piatak N.M. & Seal R.R. (2010). Mineralogy and the release of elements from slag from the Hegeler Zinc smelter, Illinois (USA). Applied Geochemistry 25, 302–320. [35] Potysz A., Grybos M., Kierczak J., Guibaud G., Lens P.N.L., van Hullebusch E.D. (2016a): Bacterially-mediated weathering of crystalline and amorphous Cu-slags. Applied Geochemistry 64, 92–106. [36] Potysz A., Lens P.N.L., van de Vossenberg J

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Structure Analysis and Diversity of Bacterial Community and their Resistance Determinants in a Nickel-Contaminated Soil in Southwest Slovakia

ies D. H. 2003. Efflux-mediated heavy metal resistance in prokaryotes. FEMS Microbiol. Rev. 27: 313-339. P alleroni N. J. 1997. Prokaryotic diversity and the importance of culturing. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek Int. J. Gen. Mol. Microbiol. 72: 3-19. R emenár M., K arelová E., H arichová J., Z ámocký M., K amlárová A. & F erianc P. 2015. Isolation of previously uncultivable bacteria from a nickel contaminated soil using a diffusion-chamber-based approach. Appl. Soil Ecol. 95: 115-127. S alvador M., C arolina G. & J ose E. 2007. Novel nickel

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