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Vegetation Succession Along New Roads at Soqotra Island (Yemen): Effects of Invasive Plant Species and Utilization of Selected Native Plant Resistence Against Disturbance

., Wing, A., Rew, L. J., (2012). Human-mediated long-distance dispersal: an empirical evaluation of seed dispersal by vehicles. Diversity Distrib., 18: pp. 1-10. ter Braak, C., Šmilauer, P., (2002). Canoco reference manual and Canodraw for Windows user’s guide: software for canonical community ordination, version 4.5. Microcomputer power, Ithaca, NY, US. Theisen, M.S., (1992). The role of geosynthetics in erosion and sediment control: An overview. Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 11 (4-6): pp. 535-550. Young, K. R., León, B., (2007). Tree

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Forest Fragmentation and Connectivity in Virginia Between 2001 and 2011

Ebola virus disease outbreaks. Scientific Reports . 7: 41613. Serra‐Diaz, J. M., Scheller, R. M., Syphard, A. D., and Franklin J. (2015). Disturbance and climate microrefugia mediate tree range shifts during climate change. Landscape Ecology . 30, 1039–1053. . Sheppard, E. and Barnes, T. J. (1990). The Capitalist Space Economy : Analysis after Ricardo, Marx, and Sraffa. Unwin Hyman, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA. Smail, R. A. and Lewis, D. J. (2009). Forest-land conversion, ecosystem services, and economic

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Integrative Research and Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production: A Review of Barriers and Bridges

Biosphere Reserve Sweden. Ecology and Society , 12(1): 28. Pereira, A. G., Funtowicz, S. (2006). Knowledge representation and mediation for transdisciplinary frameworks: tools to inform debates, dialogues and deliberations. International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research , 1: 34-50. Perritt Jr, H. H. (1998). The Internet as a threat to sovereignty? Thoughts on the Internet's role in strengthening national and global governance. J. Global Legal Stud. , 5: 423-442. Peters, B. G. (2000

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The Occurence of Ecological Traps in Bird Populations: Is our Knowledge Sufficient? A Review

, E. K. (1996). Reproductive success of grassland birds at east-central Illinois airports. American Midland Naturalist 136. (2), pp. 358-366. Klein, Á., Nagy, T., Csörgő, T., Mátics, R. (2007). Exterior nest-boxes may negatively affect Barn Owls Tyto alba survival: An ecological trap. Bird Conservation International. 17 , pp. 273-281. Kokko, H., Sutherland, W. J. (2001). Ecological traps in changing environments: Ecological andevolutionary consequences of a behaviourally mediated Allee effect. Evolutionary Ecology Research. 3

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Problems of the social non-acceptance of mining projects with particular emphasis on the European Union – a literature review

-238. Azapagic A. 2004. Developing a framework for sustainable development indicators for the mining and minerals industry. J. of Clean. Prod. , 12, 6: 639-662. Azinger K. 1998. Geology – Methodology for developing a stakeholder-based external affairs strategy. CIM Bull. , 91, 1019: 87-93. Bacci D., Diniz T. 2013. Mining in urban areas: methodological proposal for the identification and mediation of socio-environmental conflicts. Revista Escola de Minas , 66, 3: 369-374. Badera J. 2008. Opinie i postawy społeczności lokalnej wobec projektu górniczego na

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Beautiful, but also potentially invasive


Introduction of non-indigenous exotic species to new areas, where they may establish viable populations and become invasive, is a considerable problem in the protection of nature worldwide, as these species may alter the indigenous species population structure and potentially even decrease the biodiversity. The European fauna underwent through major negative changes on the continent and nowadays, it experiences another new treat, represented by the expanding aquarium pet trade, and with it, associated species (and disease) introductions. Exotic freshwater crustaceans are one of the taxa widely incorporated in the business, counting a remarkable number of species. Recent records of the exotic marbled crayfish or Marmorkrebs (Procambarus fallax f. virginalis) in German in open ecosystems in Slovakia pointed to human-mediated introductions associated with aquarium pet trade in the country. In this regard, a study of the aquarium pet trade both in expositions and shops and online was assessed. Several crustacean taxa are available both in pet trade exhibitions and online through the Internet. Altogether 26 different species were identified in the aquarium trade in Slovakia. These are Procambarus fallax f. virginalis, P. clarkii, P. alleni, Cherax quadricarinatus, C. destructor, C. holthuisi, C. peknyi, Cambarellus patzcuarensis and C. diminutus occurring in the aquarium pet trade in Slovakia (n = 9). Procambarus fallax f. virginalis, P. clarkii and C. patzuarensis are the most common in this regard. There is also a quantity of other related taxa in the aquarium pet trade in Slovakia, mainly Caridina spp. (n = 5), Neocaridina spp. (n = 4), Atyopsis moluccensis, Atya gabonensis, Arachnochium kulsiense and several taxa of exotic crabs (n = 5) belonging to three different genera (Cardiosoma, Geosesarma and Gecarinus) present. Neocaridina davidi is identified as the most frequent in this regard. As some of the species can become established and form viable populations in natural ecosystems in Europe, we alert the public to handle the animals responsibly and thus maintain and protect indigenous European fauna.

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Succession of Periphyton and Phytoplankton Assemblages in Years with Varying Amounts of Precipitation in a Shallow Urban Lake (Lake Jeziorak Mały, Poland)

-based water quality indices. Hydrobiologia, 646, 33-48. DOI: 10.1007/s10750-010-0178-y. Nōges, T., Nōges, P. & Laugaste R. (2003). Water level as the mediator between climate change and phytoplankton composition in a large shallow temperate lake. Hydrobiologia, 506-509: 257-263. DOI: 10.1023/B:HYDR.0000008540.06592.48. Odum, E.P. (1969). The strategy of ecosystem development. Science, 164, 262-270. DOI: 10.1126/science.164.3877.262. Reynolds, C.S. (1988). The concept of ecological succession applied to seasonal periodicity of freshwater phytoplankton

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The Influence of Transport Infrastructure Development on Bird Diversity and Abundance

. Curry, C.M., Antze, B., Warrington, M.H., Des Brisay, P., Rosa, P. & Koper N. (2018a). Ability to alter song in two grassland songbirds exposed to simulated anthropogenic noise is not related to pre-existing variability. Bio-acoustics , 27(2), 105−130. Curry, C.M., Des Brisay, P.G., Rosa, P. & Koper N. (2018b). Noise source and individual physiology mediate effectiveness of bird songs adjusted to anthropogenic noise. Scientific Reports , 8(1), 3942. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-22253-5. Díaz, L. (2006). Influences of forest type and forest structure on bird

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Dissolution of lead matte and copper slag upon exposure to rhizosphere-like conditions

trace elements from slag produced by base- and precious-metal smelting at abandoned mine sites. Applied Geochemistry 19, 1039–1064. [34] Piatak N.M. & Seal R.R. (2010). Mineralogy and the release of elements from slag from the Hegeler Zinc smelter, Illinois (USA). Applied Geochemistry 25, 302–320. [35] Potysz A., Grybos M., Kierczak J., Guibaud G., Lens P.N.L., van Hullebusch E.D. (2016a): Bacterially-mediated weathering of crystalline and amorphous Cu-slags. Applied Geochemistry 64, 92–106. [36] Potysz A., Lens P.N.L., van de Vossenberg J

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Estimating Trends of Mean Monthly Ozone Emission in Urbanised Areas of Malaysia

. cv. Albis) grown at different ozone concentrations in open-top field chambers. Physiologia Plantarum, 77, 389 – 394 DOI:. /10.1111/j.1399-3054. Grantz, D.A., Yang, S.Y. (2000). Ozone impacts on allometry and root hydraulic conductance are not mediated by source limitation or developmental age. Journal of Experimental Botany, 51, 919 – 927 DOI:. 10.1093/jexbot/51.346.919. Henze, D.K., Seinfeld, J.H., Ng, N.L., Kroll, J.H., Fu, T.M., Jacob, D.J., Heald, C.L. (2008). Global modeling of secondary organic aerosol formation from aromatic hydrocarbons: high

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