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Walking Through, Going Along and Scrolling Back
Ephemeral mobilities in digital ethnography

thousand plateaus: Capitalism and schizophrenia . London: Bloomsbury Publishing. Ess, C. & the AoIR Ethics Working Committee (2002). Ethical decision-making and Internet research: Recommendations from the AoIR Ethics Working Committee . Retrieved from [accessed 2018, April 8]. Guillemin, M. & Gillam, L. (2004). Ethics, reflexivity, and “ethically important moments” in research. Qualitative Inquiry , 10(2): 261-280. Handyside, S. & Ringrose, J. (2017). Snapchat memory and youth digital sexual cultures: Mediated

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Mediatization of Power: Corporate CEOs in Flexible Capitalism

References Alexander, J. (2011) Performance and Power. Cambridge: Polity Press. ALF-CIO (2012) Executive paywatch. Available at: Trends-in-CEO-Pay (Accessed 18 January 2013) Altheide D.L., & Snow R.P. (1988) ‘Toward a theory of mediation’, in Anderson, J.A. (eds.) Communication Yearbook 11 (pp.194-223). Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Alvesson M. (2004) Knowledge Work and Knowledge-Intensive Firms . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Alvesson M., & Sveningsson S. (2003) ‘Managers Doing Leadership: The

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Encounters with Self-Monitoring Data on ICT Use

-Gartland, B. & Neff, G. (2015). Communication, mediation, and the expectations of data: Data valences across health and wellness communities. International Journal of Communication , 9: 1466-1484. Kennedy, H. & Hill, L. R. (2017). The feeling of numbers: Emotions in everyday engagements with data and their visualisation. Sociology , 1-19, pre-publication. Kennedy, H., Hill, R. L., Allen, W. & Kirk, A. (2016). Engaging with (big) data visualizations: Factors that affect engagement and resulting new definitions of effectiveness. First Monday , 21

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Making Sense of Small and Big Data as Onlife Traces

References Baym, N. K. (1995). The emergence of community in computer-mediated communication. In S. Jones (eds.) CyberSociety: Computer-mediated communication and community (pp. 138-163). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc. Bechmann, A. (2019). Inequality in posting behaviour over time: A study of Danish Facebook users. Nordicom Review , 40 (Special Issue 1): 31-49. Bechmann, A. & Bowker, G. C. (2019). Unsupervised by any other name: Hidden layers of knowledge production in artificial intelligence on social media. Big Data & Society

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The Meaning of Links
On the interpretation of hyperlinks in the study of polarization in blogging about climate change

). A measure of polarization on social media networks based on community boundaries. In Proceedings of the seventh international AAAI conference on weblogs and social media . Retrieved from [Accessed 2018, March 28]. Himelboim, I., McCreery, S. & Smith, M. (2013). Birds of a feather tweet together: Integrating network and content analyses to examine cross-ideology exposure on Twitter. Joutnal of computer-mediated communication , 18(2): 40-60. Hulme, M. (2009). Why we disagree about climate change

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Inequality in Posting Behaviour Over Time
A study of Danish Facebook users

among “online experts”: Experience, skills and psychological factors as predictors of college students’ web content creation. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , 16(1): 71-92. Deursen, A. J. A. M. van & Dijk, J. A. G. M. van. (2015). Internet skill levels increase, but gaps widen: A longitudinal cross-sectional analysis (2010-2013) among the Dutch population. Information, Communication & Society , 18(7): 782-797. Ertiö, T., Kukkonen, I. & Räsänen, P

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Tracing Communicative Patterns
A comparative ethnography across platforms, media and contexts

M. A. Falzon (ed.), Multi-sited ethnography, theory, praxis and locality in contemporary social research. New York: Routledge. Couldry, N., Livingstone, S. & Markham, T. (2007). Media consumption and public engagement – Beyond the presumption of attention. London: Palgrave Macmillan UK. Garcia, A. C., Standlee, A. I., Bechkoff, J. & Cui, Y. (2009). Ethnographic approaches to the Internet and computer-mediated communication. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 38(1): 52-84. doi: Geddes, A., Parker

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The Difference Culture Makes
Comparing Swedish news and cultural journalism on the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris

). Terrorism and news narratives. In D. Freedman & D. Thussu (eds.) Media & terrorism: Global perspectives (pp. 257-270). Los Angeles: Sage. Liebest, T. & Blondheim, M. (2005) Myths to the Rescue: How live television intervenes in history In E. W. Rothenbuhler & M. Coman (eds.), Media Anthropology (pp. 188-198) London: Sage. MMS (2015). MMS årsrapport 2015 . Retrieved from: [accessed 2019, April 1]. Nacos, B. (2016). Mass-mediated

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Nordicom Review
Journal from the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (Nordicom)
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The Fall of the Queen of Nordic Skiing
A comparative analysis of the Swedish and Norwegian media coverage of the Therese Johaug scandal

References Adut, A. (2005). A theory of scandal: Victorians, homosexuality, and the fall of Oscar Wilde. American Journal of Sociology, 111(1): 213-248. Allern, S. & Pollack, E. (2012) Mediated scandals. In S. Allern & E. Pollack (eds.), Scandalous! The mediated construction of political scandals in four Nordic countries (pp. 9-28). Gothenburg: Nordicom. Amegashie, J. A. (2006). The 2002 winter Olympics scandal: Rent-seeking and committees. Social Choice and Welfare, 26(1): 183-189. Anderson, B. (1983). Imagined communities

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