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A Study about Internet Addiction of University Students

dependency. Online available at , was accessed on 9/8/2017 [ in Greek ]. Mitchell, P., (2000). «Internet addiction : Genuine diagnosis or not». Lancet , Vol 355, No 9204, 632. Zhang, Y., Mei, S., Chai, J., Li, J., and Du, H., (2015). “The relationship between impulsivity and internet addiction in Chinese college students : A moderated mediation analysis of meaning in life and selfesteem”. PLoS One , 10(7). Piperopoulos, G., (2002). Dependencies and deviations: Gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction

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Managing Organizational Conflicts: A Study among Organizations in Kosovo

References Al-Ajmi, R. (2007). The effect of personal characteristics on conflict management style: A study among public sector employees in Kuwait. Competitive Review: An International Business Journal, 181-192. Augsburger, D. W. (1992). Conflict Mediation Across Cultures: Pathways and Patterns. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press. Baron, R. A. (1989). Personality and organizational conflict: Type A behavior pattern and self-monitoring. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 281–297. Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B

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Homesickness Experience, Distress and Sleep Quality of First-Year University Students Dealing with Academic Environment

Psychopathological Behavior Assessment. Lombardo, C., Mallia, L., Battagliese, G., Grano, C., & Violani, C. (2013). Perfectionism mediates the relationship between insomnia and depressive symptoms. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 11 (2), 90-98. Lund, H.G., Reider, B.D., Whiting, A.B., Prichard, J.R. (2010). Sleep patterns and predictors of disturbed sleep in a large population of college students. Journal of Adolescent Health , 46(2), 124–132. McKnight-Eily, L.R., Eaton, D.K., Lowry, R., Croft, J.B., Presley-Cantrell, L., Perry, G.S. (2011). Relationships

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Locus of Control as Correlate of Career Decision Making among Secondary School Students in Delta State of Nigeria

-making of nurses in Rivers state of Nigeria: implication for counselling. Journal of Psychology and Counselling, 1(8), 134-138. Lease, S.H. (2004). Effects of LOC, work knowledge and mentoring on career decision making difficulties: Testing the role of race and academic institution. Journal of Career Assessment, 12(3), 239-254. Martin, R. Thomas, G. Charles, K. Epitropaki, O. and McNamara R. (2005). The role of leader-member exchange in mediating the relationship between locus of control and work reactions. Journal of Occupational and

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Cognitive Strategies, Motivation to Learning, Levels of Wellbeing and Risk of Drop-out: An Empirical Longitudinal Study for Qualifying Ongoing University Guidance Services

., & Glazebrook, C. (2014). Computer-delivered and web-based interventions to improve depression, anxiety, and psychological well-being of university students: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of medical Internet research , 16(5). De Marco, B., & Albanese, O. (2009). Le competenze autoregolative dell’attività di studio in comunità virtuali. Querty-Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education , 4 (2), 123-139. Diseth, A., & Kobbeltvedt, T. (2010). A mediation analysis of achievement motives, goals, learning strategies, and

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What are the Adequate Pedagogical Approaches for Teaching Scientific Disciplines? Physics as a Case Study

marocains, 6 (8). De Jong, T., Linn, M. C., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2013). Physical and virtual laboratories in science and engineering education. Science , 340 (6130), 305–308. Droui, M., & El Hajjami, A. (2014). Simulations informatiques en enseignement des sciences: Apports et limites. EpiNet , (164). Retrieved from Dumas-Carré, A., & Weil-Barais, A. (1998). Les interactions didactiques: Tutelle et/ou Médiation. Tutelle et Médiation Dans l’Éducation Scientifique (1-15). Berne: Peter Lang . Dupays

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The Relationship between Attachment, Stress and Academic Success in Albanian Students

(3), 399-415. doi: 10.1177/0265407505052443 McCarthy, Ch. J., Lambert, G. G., & Moller, N. P. (2006). Preventive Resources and Emotion Regulation Expectancies as Mediators Between Attachment and College Students’ Stress Outcomes, International Journal of Stress Management, 13, 1, 1-22. DOI 10.1037/1072-5245.13.1.1 Misra, R., & Castillo, L. G. (2004). Academic stress among college students comparison of American and international students, International Journal of Stress Management, 11(2), 132-148.

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From Audit-Phobia to Shared Governance Philosophies: Librarians Meet Auditors at the European University Institute

). Principles of Business : Cengage Learning, Mason. Gibson, D., (2014). Managing Risk in Information Systems : Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC. Grover, I, A., (2012). Can Leaders Influence a Learning Organization? An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Leadership, Organizational Learning Capability and the Mediating Role of Trust . M.Sc., University of Ottawa (Canada), Ann Arbor. Henricks, S. A. and Henricks-Lepp, G. M., (2014). Desired Characteristics of Management and Leadership for Public Library Directors as Expressed in Job Advertisements

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Improving Social Initiations of Children with Autism Using Video Self-Modeling with Video Feedback: A Case Study

initiations by children with autism, Education and Treatment of Children, 33(3), 475-488. DiSalvo, C.A. & Oswald, D.P. (2002). Peer-mediated interventions to increase the social interaction of children with autism: Consideration of peer expectancies. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 17(4), 198-207. Donaldson, A.L., & Stahmer, A.C. (2014). Team Collaboration: The use of behavior principles for serving students with ASD. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 45, 261-276. Feldman, E. K. & Matos

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Elements of Content and Presentation of School History Textbooks for Vth Grade of Basic Education in Albania From 1946 to 1991

for the Study of Reading, Technical Report No. 432 Carney, N.R. dhe Levin, R.J. Pictorial Illustrations Still Improve Students’ Learning From Text . Educational Psychology Review, (14) 1, March 2002 (°C 2002) Competency-Based Curriculum . Education Development Institute, Tirana, 2016 De Baets, A (1994) “ Profile of the History Textbook Author as a Mediator between Historiography and Society ”, Internationale Schulbuchforschung, 16, pp. S 1 S-S34 De Baets, A. A Theory of the Abuse of History. Revista Brasileira de História (33), 65 São

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