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Transnational Parliamentarism and the Dynamics of the IPC CFSP/CSDP: Policy-making, Accountability and Cooperation

Diplomacy in EU External Relations , Edwar Elgar, Cheltenham. • Fonck Daan, 2018b, ‘Parliamentary Diplomacy and Legislative-Executive Relations in EU Foreign Policy: Studying the European Parliament’s Mediation of the Macedonian Political Crisis (2015-2017)’, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies , OnlineFirst. • Fromage Diane, 2015, Les parlements dans l’Union européenne après le Traité de Lisbonne: la participation des parlements allemands, britanniques, espagnols, français et italiens , L’Harmattan, Paris. • Herranz-Surrallés Anna, 2014, ‘The EU

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Reflections on the ‘Administrative, Not Constitutional’ Character of EU Law in Times of Crisis

): 696–718. • Lindseth Peter L., 2017, “National Parliaments and Mediated Legitimacy in the EU: Theory and History”, in Jančić Davor (ed), National Parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty and the Euro Crisis: Resilience or Resignation? , Oxford University Press, Oxford, 37-57. • Loughlin Martin, 2005, “The Functionalist Style in Public Law”, University of Toronto Law Journal , LV(3): 361–404. • MacCormick Neil, 1999, Questioning Sovereignty : Law, State, and Nation in the European Commonwealth , Oxford University Press, Oxford • Majone

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The Canadian Living Tree Doctrine as a Comparative Model of Evolutionary Constitutional Interpretation

-301. • Waluchow Wilfrid J., 2007, A Common Law Theory of Judicial Review: The Living Tree , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. • Warner La Forest Anne, 2004, ‘Domestic Application of International Law in Charter Cases: Are We There Yet?’, University of British Columbia Law Review , XXXVII: 157-218. • Waters Melissa A., 2005, ‘Mediating Norms and Identity: The Role of Transnational Judicial Dialogue in Creating and Enforcing International Law’, Georgetown Law Journal , XCIII: 487-574.

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Free Movement of Persons and European Solidarity Revisited

), Social Benefits and Migration. A Contested Relationship and Policy Challenge in the EU, Centre for European Policy Studies - CEPS, Brussels, 82-110 De Witte Floris, 2012, ‘Transnational Solidarity in the Mediation of Conflicts of Justice in Europe’, European Law Journal, XVIII(5): 694-710. Dougan Michael, 2013, ‘The Bubble that Bursts: Exploring the Legitimacy of the Case Law on the Free Movement of Union Citizens’, in Adams Maurice, de Waele Henri, Meeusen Johan and Straetmans Gert (eds), Judging Europe’s Judges. The Legitimacy of the

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Promoting solidarity in crisis times: Building on the EU Budget and the EU Funds

-greek-exitfrom-the-euro-would-be-a-very-bad-idea/. ‘Corruption Perception Index’ (CPI), 2014, available at: Dalton Matthew, 2015, ‘EU Requests France Adopt Additional Budget-Deficit Cuts’, The Wall Street Journal, New York, 25 February 2015, available at: (last accessed 26 February 2015). de Witte Floris, 2012, ‘Transnational Solidarity and the Mediation of Conflicts of Justice in Europe’, European Law Journal, XVIII(5): 694-710. Draghi Mario (Speech), 2012

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