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Internal and External Factors in the Development of a Network Organization in the Arts: Case Study of Društvo Asociacija

References Albert, K.J., 1981. Straight Talk About Small Business . New York: McGrawHill. Albertsen, N. and Diken, B., 2004. Artworks’ networks. Field, system or mediators? Theory Culture & Society , 21(3): 35–58. Anheier, H.K. and Gerhards, J., 1991. Literary myths and social structure. Social Forces , 69: 811–830. Arquez Roth, A., 2014. La Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration: A Central Venue and National Network – An On-going Challenge. In: Innocenti, P., ed. Migrating Heritage: Experiences of Cultural Networks and Cultural

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Regulatory Patterns of the Internet Development: Expanding the Role of Private Stakeholders through Mediatized “Self-regulation”

the Regions, COM (2009) 278 final. Retrieved from [accessed May 2013] EDRI (2013), Copyright: Challenges of the Digital Era, European Digital Rights Papers , No. 7. Retrieved from [accessed April 2013] Ellison, N. B. (2007), ‘Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship,’ Journal of Computer - Mediated Communication , vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 210-230.

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The EU’s Potential Role in the Six Party Talks and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis


Discourse on the Six Party Talks has focused solely on denuclearisation. Through the power struggles of the members and the refusal of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) to return to negotiations, the Six Party Talks have been stalled since 2008. Due to current increased tensions and the use of brinkmanship tactics the Talks must be restarted, albeit under a reformed shape. This paper analyses the potential role of the EU in furthering the peace process in Northeast Asia. This paper suggests that the EU needs to be more assertive and the Talks should focus on building trust and cooperation, not on the DPRK’s nuclear program. With its impartiality, experience in integration and use of soft power, the EU can act as an effective mediator building trust.

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Alternative Methods of Collective Disputes Resolution in the Czech Republic

References Act on Mediation (Czech Republic), Act No. 2002/2012 Coll. Act on Takeover Bids (Czech Republic), Act. No. 104/2008 Coll. Balarin, J. & Tichý, L. (2013), ‘Kolektivní ochrana procesních práv v ČR: sen či skutečnost? (návrh právní úpravy a jeho odůvodnění)’ [The Collective redress of procedural rights in Czech Republic: Dream or reality?)], Bulletin advokacie [Bulletin of Advocacy], vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 17-26. Bělohlávek, A. J. (2012), Zákon o rozhodčím řízení a o výkonu rozhodčích nálezů

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Customer Perception of CSR Activities: A Comparative Study of Finnish and Russian Consumers

.1177/1077800411409884 Vlachos, P.; Tsamakos, A.; Vrechopoulos, A. & Avramidis, P. (2009) ‘Corporate social responsibility: attributions, loyalty and the mediating role of trust,’ Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 170–180. Yamagishi, T. (2005), ‘Trust,’ in G. Ritzer (ed.) Encyclopedia of Social Theory . Retrieved from http://sage– [accessed 13 Sep 2009] Yin, R. K. (2003), Case Study Research , Thousand Oaks, CA

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Determining the Priorities of the Development of EU Research Universities Based on the Analysis of Rating Indicators of World-Class Universities

, vol. 3, no. 2(14), pp. 2-16. Duke University (2018), [Homepage]. Retrieved from [accessed 22 Feb 2018] École normale supérieure (2018), [Homepage]. Retrieved from[accessed 22 Feb 2018] Eghbal, F.; Hoveida, R.; Seyadat, S. S.; Samavatyan, H. & Yarmohammadian, M. H. (2017), ‘The effect of talent management process on the research performance of faculty members with the mediating role of organizational justice,’ Foresight and STI Governance

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Narratives of Russia’s “Information Wars”

’in, Aleksey (2014): Duma Ediniglasno Prinyala Zakon Protiv Opravdaniya Natsizma. BBC, 4 April, available at: Ivanov Adrey (2015): Predchuvstvie Gibridnoj Vojni. Svobodnaya Presssa, 1 March, available at: Ivanov, Pavel (2015): Rossii ofitsialno objavlena novaya ‘holodnaya vojna?, Ria Novosti, 5 June, available: Kalinina, Ekaterina (2014): Mediated Post

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Analyzing Malaise and Mobilization: The Effects of Media on Political Support and European Identity in Old and New Member States

, May 13): From 6 to 28 members. Available at: (19 April 2016). Fuchs, D. (2011): Cultural Diversity, European Identity and Legitimacy of the EU: A Theoretical Framework, in Fuchs, D. and Klingemann, H.-D. (eds.) Cultural Diversity, European Identity and Legitimacy of the EU. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp. 27-57. Georgiou, M. (2006): Diaspora, identity and the media: Diasporic transnationalism and mediated spacialities. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton

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The Rise of Person-Based Politics in the New Democracies: The Czech Republic and Slovenia

výsledků? Případ Slovinska a České republiky. Politics in Central Europe 8 (2): 52–80. Campus, D. (2010): Mediatization and Personalization of Politics in Italy and France: The Cases of Berlusconi and Sarcozy. International Journal of Press/Politics 15(2) 219–235. Carty, R. K. (2004): Parties and Franchise Systems. Party Politics 10 (1): 5–24. Fink-Hafner, D. (1994): Sindikati v procesu oblikovanja politik. Družboslovne razprave 10 (17–18): 30–47. Fink-Hafner, D. (1995): Antistrankarsko občutje ob demokratičnem prehodu. In Toš, N. (ed

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Attitudes towards the Government’s Remembrance Policy in Poland: Results of an Experimental Study

Remembrance:The Politics of Centenary Commemoration of the South African War of 1899–1902. Journal of Southern African Politics 30 (2): 359–375. Gutwein, Daniel (2009): The Privatization of the Holocaust: Memory, Historiography, and Politics. Israel Studies 14 (1): 36–64. Guyot, Sylvain, Seethal, Cecil (2007): Identity of Place, Places of Identity, Change of Place Names in Post-Apartheid South Africa. South African Geographical Journal 89 (1): 55–63. Hjarvard, Stig (2008): The Mediatization of Society. A Theory of Media as Agents of Social and

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