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Phantasmic Devices: Wedding Videos and the Creation of an Imagined Transnational Community by Bulgarian Muslims in Spain

. Marcus, G. E., ed. (1997). Cultural Producers in Perilous States: Editing Events, Documenting Change. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. McLagan, M. (2002). Spectacles of Difference: Cultural Activism and the Mass Mediation of Tibet. In F. D. Ginsburg, L. Abu-Lughod, B. Larkin (Eds.) Media Worlds: Anthropology on New Terrain. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. pp. 90–111 Mol, A. (2010). Actor-Network Theory: Sensitive Terms and Enduring Tensions. Kölner Zeitschrift Für Soziologie Und Sozialpsychologie. Sonderheft 50

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Family Practices Across Generations and National Borders

». Quand les parents des migrants roumains à Toronto suivent leurs enfants dans la migration. In C. Audebert et E. (Eds.). Ma Mung, Les migrations internationales: enjeux contemporains et questions nouvelles (219-234). Bilbao: Université de Deusto/HumanitarianNet. Nedelcu, M. and Wyss, M. (2016). ‘Doing Family’ through ICT-mediated ordinary co-presence: transnational communication practices of Romanian migrants in Switzerland. Global Networks, 16(2): 202-218. Olwig, K. F. (2002). A respectable livelihood: Mobility and identity in a Caribbean family. In N

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Labour Relations and Labour Structures in Mediterranean Capitalism. Caporalato and Romanian Migration in the Southern Italian Agriculture


In this paper I will examine the structural and social features of the gang-mastered labour system (caporalato) as it appears in the agricultural production process in Italy. I will discuss the functions of this type of labour regime through an analysis of the role (Romanian) migrant labour plays in the Italian agriculture process and its need for the (informal) labour market mediation in agriculture. My aim is to critically map the function of caporalato within a production circuit that starts with the low price imposed on agricultural goods, and ends up at the top of the production process, namely with the food empires and corporate retail and distribution chains. The economic constraint for an ever cheaper labourforce, and its social context, will guide our critique of caporalato

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A Refugee Crisis Without Refugees: Policy and media discourse on refugees in the Czech Republic and its implications

Frameworks and Immigrant Target Groups in Denmark in the 1970s and 2000s. Journal of International Migration and Integration . King, R., & Wood, N. (2013). Media and Migration: Constructions of Mobility and Difference . Routledge. Krzyżanowski, M. (2017). Discursive Shifts in Ethno-Nationalist Politics: On Politicization and Mediatization of the “Refugee Crisis” in Poland. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies , 1–21. Lawlor, A., & Tolley, E. (2017). Deciding Who

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Budget transparency innovation in the Czech local government

:// Frýdek Místek (2017). Dodatek číslo 26 ke smlouvě číslo SWR/95/35 ze dne 22.2.1995 . [online]. [cit.2017-06-29]. Available from Grimmelikhuijsen, S. G., & Welch, E. W. (2012). Developing and testing a theoretical framework for computer-mediated transparency of local governments. Public administration review , 72(4), 562-571. Halachmi, A., & Greiling, D. (2013). Transparency, E-Government, and Accountability. Public Performance & Management Review , 36(4), 562-584. Heald

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Family and fertility: does kin help influence women’s fertility, and how does this vary worldwide?

): 105–14. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2015.01.012. Snopkowski, Kristin, and Rebecca Sear. 2016. “Does Grandparental Help Mediate the Relationship between Kin Presence and Fertility?” Demographic Research 34 (17). Sohn, Kitae. 2017. “The Null Relation between Father Absence and Earlier Menarche.” Human Nature 28 (4). Springer US: 407–22. doi:10.1007/s12110-017-9299-6. Strassmann, Beverly, and Wendy Garrard. 2011. “Alternatives to the Grandmother Hypothesis: A Meta-Analysis of the Association between Grandparental and Grandchild Survival in Patrilineal

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