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Mediation: Framing a Clil Course

REFERENCES Chapman University (n.d.) Chapman’s Mediation Clinic-Course. Information for students. Retrieved August 29, 2017 from Cooper, L.J. 2003. ‘Teaching ADR in the Workplace Once and Again: A Pedagogical History’, J. Legal Educ. 1. Retrieved August 29, 2017 from Feasley, A. 2011. ‘Regulating Mediator Qualifications in the 2008 EU Mediation Directive: The Need for a Supranational Standard’. J. Disp. Resol. Retrieved August 29, 2017

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Practicing the Skill of Mediation in English for Legal Purposes

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Mediation in Legal English Teaching

Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. Language Policy Unit, Strasbourg, Do, Coyle, P. Hood and D. Marsh (2010) CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Dendrinos, Bessie (2006) “Mediation in communication, language teaching and testing”. JAL 22, 9-35. Dörnyei, Zoltán (2007) Research methods in applied linguistics: Quantitative

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Mediation in Different Areas of Chinese Legal Reality – Parametrisation of Selected Terminology

przekładzie chińskop̄olskim i polskoc̄hińskim. Studium badawcze terminologii z zakresu arbitrażu. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Contact. Guo, X. (2013). [Minshi susong tiaojie xinlun]. : . Jopek-Bosiacka, A. (2006). Przekład prawny i sądowy. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Kaufmann-Kohler G., Fan K. (2008). Integrating Mediation into Arbitration: Why It Works in China? In Journal of International Arbitration 4. Kierzkowska, D. (2002). Tłumaczenie prawnicze. Warszawa:Wydawnictwo TEPIS. Kubacki

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Scaffolded Minds And The Evolution Of Content In Signaling Pathways


Hutto and Myin (2013) famously argue that basic minds are not contentful and content exists only as far as it is scaffolded with social and linguistic practices. This view, however, rests on a troublesome distinction between basic and scaffolded minds. Since Hutto and Myin have to account for language purely in terms of joint action guidance, there is no reason why simpler communication systems, such as cellular signaling pathways, should not give rise to scaffolded content as well. This conclusion remains valid even if one rejects the view of language as mediated through public symbols and embraces global antirepresentationalism. Content evolves spontaneously in complex regulatory systems, such as human, animal, and cellular communication.

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Intercultural Competence in EMP Training: A Case Study and Implications for Syllabus Design

and practical approaches. Commonwealth Fund Field Report. Byram,M. 1997. Teaching and Assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Chin, J. L. 2000. Culturally competent health care. Public Health Reports, Vol. 115 (1). Meyer, M. 1991. Developing Transcultural Competence: Case Studies of Advanced Foreign Learners. in: D.Buttjes and M. Byram (eds.). Mediating Languages and Cultures. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Office of Minority Services. 2000. National standards

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Octo- ber 19, 2013, from: Teply, Larry L. (2003). Law School Competitions in a Nutshell. (Nutshell series). West group. The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. (2013). Retrieved October 19, 2013, from What is the Mediation Week? (2013). Retrieved October 19, 2013, from: Zhalinskii, A. (1997

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Polish Preparatory Proceedings in Civil Cases: Written or Oral? Lessons to be Learned from Some Other Jurisdictions

). The Three Paths of Justice: Court Proceedings, Arbitration, and Mediation in England. Dordrecht-Heidelberg-London-New York: Springer Science + Business Media. Andrews, N. (2013). Civil Procedure. In A. Burrows (Ed.), English Private Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1324-1373. Arkuszewska, A.M. & Kościołek, A. (2012). Nowelizacja Kodeksu postępowania cywilnego - wybrane zagadnienia. Cz. 1. Przegląd Sądowy 5, 5-14. Backer, I.L. (2007). The Norwegian reform of civil procedure. Scandinavian Studies in Law, 41

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Initial Study on Cancer-Related Cognitive Dysfunction With the Implementation of QEEG

Clinical Neurophysiology, 66(4), 376-382. Isenberg-Grzeda, E., & Ellis, J. (2017). Cancer-related cognitive impairment. Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care, 11(1), 17-18. doi: 10.1097/SPC.0000000000000256 Jiang, M., Zhang, W.-W., Liu, P., Yu, W., Liu, T., Yu, J. (2017). Dysregulation of SOCS-Mediated Negative Feedback of Cytokine Signaling in Carcinogenesis and Its Significance in Cancer Treatment. Frontiers in Immunology, 8:70. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00070 Johns, S. A., Von, Ah. D., Brown, L. F., Beck

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The Computer-Assisted Web Interview Method as Used in the National Study of ICT Use in Primary Healthcare in Poland – Reflections on a Case Study

/article/10989-eng.pdf Bosnjak, M., & Tuten, T. L. (2001). Classifying Response Behaviors in Web-based Surveys. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , 6(3), 0. DOI: 10.1111/j.1083-6101.2001.tb00124.x Carini, R. M., Hayek, J. C., Kuh, G. D., Kennedy, J. M., & Ouimet, J. A. (2003). College student responses to web and paper surveys: does mode matter? Res Higher Educ , 44(1), 1–19. de Vries, H., Elliott, M. N., Hepner, K. A., Keller, S. D., & Hays, R. D. (2005). Equivalence of mail and telephone responses to the CAHPS Hospital Survey. Health Serv

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