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Filler and Water Reducer Effects on Sedimentation, Bleeding and Zeta-Potential of Cement Paste

978-82-326-0103-5 (electronic), 2014, NTNU, Norway 18. O’Brien R.W., Cannon D.W., Rowlands W.N.: “Electroacoustic Determination of Particle Size and Zeta-potential”, Journal of Coll. Inter. Sci ., V.173, 1995, pp. 406-418 19. Lank J., C. Hirsch: “Impact of zeta-potential of early cement hydration phases on superwater reducer adsorption”, Cem. Conc. Res ., Vol.. 37, 2007, pp. 537-542 20. Lesti M., Ng S., Plank J.: “Ca 2+ Ion – Mediated Interaction between Microsilica and Polycarboxylate Comb Polymers in Model Cement Pore Solution”, Journal of

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Structure and Properties of Polyacrylonitrile/Polystyrene and Carbon Nanoparticle-Based Nanocomposite Foams

/polystyrene latex particles that contain platinum. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 132 (2015). 9. Kim, Y., Kim, S., Noh, S., Kim, S., Park, G., Le, T.H., Han, H., Kim, Y.A., Yoon, H.: Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Mediated Physical Gelation of Binary Polymer Blends: An Efficient Route to Versatile Porous Carbon Electrode Materials. Chemical Engineering Journal 353 (2018) 849-857 10. Zhang, H., Quan, L., Shi, F., Li, C., Liu, H., Xu, L.: Rheological Behavior of Amino-Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Polyacrylonitrile Concentrated Solutions and Crystal

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Impact of g-Load Shift on Temporal Expression Pattern of Apoptosis-linked Proteins in the Rat Mammary Gland

functionally differentiates during the key postnatal stages of pregnancy and lactation in mammals. The Caspase family of cysteine proteases plays a crucial role in the downstream signaling and execution of the cell death pathway ( Barman et al., 2018 ; Zimmermann et al., 2001 ). Among the Caspases, CC-3 is regarded as the primary mediator of the apoptotic machinery ( Barman et al., 2018 ; Zimmermann et al., 2001 ). Moreover, there is a strong correlation between CC-3 immunostaining intensity and cellular apoptosis ( Arai et al., 2005 ; Bressenot et al., 2009 ). In

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Investigation of Murine T-Cells and Cancer Cells under Thermal Stressors and 2D Slow Rotating System Effects as a Testbed for Suborbital Flights

necessary to document all procedures for reproducibility and research integrity purposes. Figure 1 depicts cells before T-cell activation and preparation for thermal and centrifugation testing. T-cell activation is an essential component of the adaptive immune response, mediating many responses including cytokine and antibody production, killing of infected or transformed cells, and tolerance to self-antigens. Therefore, it is critical to have appropriately activated cells. Some indicators of proper T-cell activation include the change of color and the formation of T

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Ultrasound mediated synthesis of CuS nanocrystallites


We present a unique ultrasonication based method for the preparation of copper sulphide nanoparticles in ambient air using a single precursor complex, which acts as a source of both metal and sulphur. The nanoparticles of 3.31 nm have been prepared successfully by the method and characterized using powder X-ray diffractogram (PXRD), dynamic light scattering (DLS) analysis UV-Vis spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. The results proved that copper sulphide nanoparticles of hexagonal structure (covellite phase) can be prepared by sonochemical method within a very short reaction time of ~5 min. The band gap of the nanomaterial has also been calculated from absorption spectrum and was found to be 2.36 eV.

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Microbial corrosion of metallic materials in a deep nuclear-waste repository

LITERATURA 1. Zegeye, A., et al., Bacterial and iron oxide aggregates mediate secondary iron mineral formation: green rust versus magnetite. Geobiology 2010, 8 (3), 209-222. 2. Diósi, G., et al., Corrosion influenced by biofilms during wet nuclear waste storage. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 2003, 51 (2), 151-156. 3. Li, F.-s., et al., Corrosion inhibition of stainless steel by a sulfate-reducing bacteria biofilm in seawater. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy, and Materials 2012, 19 (8), 717

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The Effects of ACMI Flight Crew’s Long Term Outstation Hotel Stay on Accumulated Fatigue

. [9] A. Bandura, Self-efficacy: The exercise of control. New York: Freeman, 1997. [10] U. Kinnunen, T. Feldt, M. Siltaloppi, and S.Sonnenberg, “Job demands-resources model in the context of recovery: Testing recovery experiences as mediators,” European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, vol. 20(6), pp. 805-832, 2011. [11] S. Sonnentag and E. Natter, “Flight attendants’ daily recovery from work: Is there no place like home

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Aviation Crew Recovery Experiences on Outstations

York: Freeman. Worth Publishers. 1997. ISBN 9780716728504. [17] U. Kinnunen, T. Feldt, M. Siltaloppi and S. Sonnenberg, “Job demands-resources model in the context of recovery: Testing recovery experiences as mediators,” European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, vol. 20, issue 6, pp. 805-832, 2011. [18] S. W. Samn and L. P. Perelli, “Estimating Aircrew Fatigue: A Technique with Application to Airlift Operations,” No. 82-21, ADA125319. Brooks AFB, TX: USAF School of Aerospace

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Temperature study of magnetic resonance spectra of co-modified (Co,N)-TiO2 nanocomposites

and other oxide materials could produce RTFM. The proposed model, called the Free Carrier Mediated Exchange Model, explained the FM by the exchange interaction between carriers and the localized spins, i.e. the magnetic property was mediated by the charge carriers of the materials. As this particular model can be applied only to materials having high hole concentration, it is not suitable for low carrier concentration materials, like TiO2. The double exchange mechanism, modelled by Sato et al. [ 9 ], is more suitable in that case. According to this model the

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Effect of humic-rich peat extract on plant growth and microbial activity in contaminated soil / Ar humusvielām bagāta kūdras ekstrakta ietekme uz augu augšanu un mikroorganismu aktivitāti piesārņotā augsnē

in Agronomy, 2014, Vol. 124, pp. 37-89. 11. Perminova, N.A. Kulikova, D.M.Zhilin, N.Yu., Grechischeva, D.V.Kovalevskii, G.F.Lebedeva, D.N., Matorin, P.S.Venediktov, A.I.Konstantinov, V.A. Kholodov, V.S.Petrosyan. Mediating effects of humic substrances in the contaminated environments. In: Soil and Water Pollution Monitoring, Protection and Remediation. NATO Science Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2006, Vol. 69, pp. 249-273. 12. Fava F., Berselli S., Conte P., Piccolo

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